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The J List

Last Update : 10/14/05

Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Title: Futures
Tracks/Duration: 11/49:28
Best Song: 23
Worst Song: Nothingwrong

I never really listened to Jimmy Eat World before this CD. I heard it was good from a couple people whose opinions I respect, and upon listening to it, I couldn't help but agree. It's a great CD and, as you'll often find, the "worst song" isn't actually bad. I picked "23" as the best song because it's got so much emotion and a great message in it. The problem with the CD is that I have a hard time listening to it, because it's got some very touchy memories associated to it. But that shouldn't be a problem for anyone but myself. Highly recommended.

Artist: Jonny Lang
Title: Lie To Me
Tracks/Duration: 12/50:54
Best Song: Lie To Me
Worst Song: Rack 'Em Up

My dad gave me this CD for Christmas some many years ago (sometime between '97 and '99), and I'll be honest, I didn't really appreciate the music back then. As a gift, sure it was nice, but the blues/country style didn't exactly match my taste back in the day. Years later, I do rather enjoy the album. It's still not something I'd place at the top of any list, but I enjoy a lot more diverse selection of music these days, so I listen to it every now and then. It's a great listen if you like the genre, but otherwise, maybe skip it. Recommended.

Artist: Journey
Title: Greatest Hits Live
Tracks/Duration: 16/1:11:16
Best Song: Don't Stop Believin'
Worst Song: Still They Ride

I love Journey. Live CD's are almost always at least ten times superior to studio albums. Put those two fact together, and you've got a winner here. Almost all the songs sound so much better live, you won't believe it. Especially the power version of "Any Way You Want It", which is absoultely flooring. I've never much liked "Still They Ride" though, and unfortunately, the live version of "Wheel in the Sky" ain't so good either. There's also a 17th track, but it's just cheers and fireworks. There's no way I could not recommend this to the fullest.

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