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The L List

Last Update : 02/15/06

Artist: Lostprophets
Title: Start Something
Tracks/Duration: 13/59:29
Best Song: Burn Burn
Worst Song: We Are Godzilla - You Are Japan

Sometimes you think maybe you'll like a band because they've been associated with another band you already like. That's essentially how I got into Lostprophets. I mean, I'd heard one song from the album, but I really picked it up because at the time they were touring with Story of the Year and My Chemical Romance, two bands which I adore. In any case, the gamble was well worth it, because Start Something has been on the top ten list of CDs I own since the first time I listened to it. It's an incredibly fast and rock-tastic disc that belongs in any good punk/emo library. For the record, "We Are Godzilla - You Are Japan" is a good song, and it's kind of funny too, but there's just a bit too much screaming for me. Otherwise, screaming comes in acceptable amounts throughout the rest of the disc. One last note is that "Sway" is a fucking awesome song.

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