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The Numeral List

Last Update : 12/05/05

Artist: 3 Doors Down
Title: The Better Life
Tracks/Duration: 11/40:44
Best Song: Duck and Run
Worst Song: Down Poison

3 Doors Down is a pretty popular band, right? I know they get a respectable amount of radio play, but you never hear anyone talk about them. At least, they used to get radio play. Haven't listened to much radio in ages, so I don't know how it's going these days. Anyway, this was actually a pretty hard CD to pick a best song for. It's never easy, but I had a time deciding between "Duck and Run", "Better Life" and "So I Need you". The one thing that bugs me about this CD is that all the songs are written with the exact same formula. Lots of bands do it, I guess, but I never notice when other bands do it. Didn't notice if they continued the trend on subsequent releases... Recommended.

Artist: 3 Doors Down
Title: Away From The Sun
Tracks/Duration: 11(+1)/46:51
Best Song: Going Down in Flames
Worst Song: Changes

Why is it that every second band has a song called "Changes"? That's the one thing that always runs through my head when I listend to this CD, or even look at the track list. I don't know why, but often enough, the first time I do something, whatever I was thinking or listening to at the time will pop into my mind whenever I do that something again. What does this have to do with 3 Doors Down? Nothing, really. I just needed to get that out of me. Does that happen to you too? As for the CD, it's pretty good, and they sufficiently make up for the lack of slow songs on their first disc. One just isn't enough. Recommended, particularly if you like The Better Life.

NB - Includes a bonus DVD with videos and junk.

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