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The O List

Last Update : 09/01/06

Artist: the Offspring
Title: Americana
Tracks/Duration: 13/43:36
Best Song: Staring at the Sun
Worst Song: Why Don't You Get a Job

I think this is where fans started getting mad at the Offspring for starting to sell out. At least that's what I've heard. Turns out when you write a song that makes the big time, you've sold out. I'll admit it, I loved "Pretty Fly" just as much as everyone else at the time, though I've always felt that most of the other songs on the CD are so much better. Can't say I'm a huge Offspring fan, but this CD was popular at the time when I would do anything to fit in. And maybe it's just me, but I like how a lot of their songs have a sort of "egyptian" sounding guitar riff here and there. Recommended for all the songs that didn't see radio play.

Artist: OK Go
Title: Oh No
Tracks/Duration: 13/41:41
Best Song: Television Television
Worst Song: Oh Lately It's So Quiet

At the time of this writing, i've only been listening to OK Go for about two weeks, but i've really come to enjoy them. Enough to buy a CD, anyway. It's kinda funny, because like the day after I first heard of them, the frontman showed up as a special guest on The colbert Report. That was nifty because there are very rarely musicians on The Colbert Report. Also, the msuic is pretty good. It's a little farther into the realm of pop than I generally like to venture, but denying the increibleness of some of the guitar riffs and solos featured on the disc is impossible. Seriously. Most of the songs are pretty damned catchy too, which is always a plus. And they release their (super low-budget) videos on YouTube exclusively. Crumbelievable.

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