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From the mind of the Steve

Started : 02/26/04
Last Update: 04/25/05

Since I do not rant angrily often enough, here's a bunch of angry rants and other stuff by my friend Steve. Do not challenge his word, for it is mightier than the mightiest pen which is mightier than the mightiest sword. Apparently. The word "mighty" has lost all meaning to me.

All About Ryan
- The original letter to Internet Blocking bastards

Why Penguins Are Stupid
- Well they are.

An Uneducated Paper on Apes
- Why we should fear the apes. And ally with aliens.

Why AstroBoy Sucks
- The title says it all, baby.

Anime Sucks
- A rant about the inferiority of anime to everything else.

People Who Piss Me Off
- Steve hates approximately 6,243,296 people

5 to 10 a Day
- Proving that vegetables cannot be defeated

The Evils of RPGs
- But Tales of Symphonia is still cool, right?

The Best and Worst Colours of All Time
- Whatever happened to green?

The Asshole, the Best Thing Ever to Happen to the Internet
- Either I'm an idiot, or I defy categorization

Missy Elliot, A Natural Disaster
- Ryan agrees wholeheartedly

An Uneducated Paper on Ghosts
- Dammit! Not the turtles!! I trusted them...

How to be an Asshole at Super Mario World
- Witness' report: These techniques work.

- Sugary-sweet yellow blobs.

The Delicate and Deadly Art of Shaving
- News you can use!

BMQ Part 1 : The Basics
- Army daze. I'm not feeling creative.

NERF Awesomeness
- Hard to argue with logic like this.

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