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What CJayC doesn't want you to see...

Written : 04/10/03

Welcome back, you pitiful slime. Don't be offended. What other kind of person would actually read my site and then come back for more? See, you are pitiful slime. Unless this is your first visit, then you're in the clear. Otherwise, pitiful slime. And not good slime like Slimer either. Bad slime like... errr... bad slime.

Ok, to get back on topic, I made this page because I keep submitting things to GameFAQs and they never get posted. Well, my review of Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse got posted, but that doesn't count. In reality I've only submitted two other things, but it pains me that I can't contribute to something that has helped me so much over the years. It's not like I made any prize-winning guides, but I tried my damnedest.

So to get to the point, these are the guides/reviews that CJayC doesn't wan't you to see. Whether it's because they really suck or they're too good for human eyes is beyond me. All I know is that there's some kind of conspiracy going on at GameFAQs that involves keeping stuff that I poured my heart into off the site. So I'm going to post them here instead.

Keep in mind that somewhere along the line, one of these guides might make it to the pages of GameFAQs. I'll be sure to alert you if that happens, but remember, you saw 'em here first!

Click here to read my guide for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's Savage Labyrinth.

Click here to read my multiplayer/minigame FAQ for Bomberman Generation.
Score!! It's on GameFAQs!

This is a review I wrote for Monopoly Party.

Here is another review I wrote. This time for the horrible Batman: Dark Tomorrow.
This also made it to GameFAQs

This one is a guide for MegaMan X4.

A short review of MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge for the GBA.
Oh yeah, it's up there baby.

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