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Chat Radio #3 - All-night special!
written : 04/10/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.

This time we tried to go all night. You'll see how that ends up come the end of the session. There are a lot of chili jokes in this one, so if you're the kind who get hungry when he/she reads about food, you'd better grab a snack or two now. We actually did the show on March 29, but due to my PC being uber-fudged, I wasn't able to actually post it until tonight. Or this morning, if you will. Right now it's 4:13AM, yet another sleepless night for me. Thank God I only have to work(go to school) half-days now. Well, I'll let you read it now, and I'll write a little follow-up at the end. Have fun!

As usual, I've color-coded the names for easy identification. Once again, I'm cyan(?) and Edwin the Great had decided on white for this round.

Edwin The Great : Hiya

Ryan Man: Hey all

Edwin The Great : Tonight we have a special show. We're going to try and stay awake all night.

Ryan Man: Yes indeed. And so are some other people...

Edwin The Great : Really???

Ryan Man: My family is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...

Edwin The Great : Really?

Ryan Man: Sort of. They aren't gonna stay up all night, but they're gonna be up late

Edwin The Great : Lucky you, my sister's the only one still up, and she goes to bed at 2 at the latest. Tonight's a school night so she probably just went to bed

Ryan Man: Well they're watching a movie, so I only have to put up with them hanging around for another hour or so

Edwin The Great : Oh well. So, onto the show

Ryan Man : Yup

Edwin The Great : Shall we stay with the basic structure? Or just break into useless right now?

Ryan Man: We can do useless right now and then get to the normal

Edwin The Great : Sweet. So, anything important for tonights reader's to know?

Ryan Man: Well, they should know that unless you've got a need for headphones, GameBoy SP is worth every penny. Speaking of which, time to put the light to use

Edwin The Great : Hmm... Speaking of headphones, I'm going to get mine so I can listen to music get some of that sensory overload

Ryan Man: Ah yes. Excellent idea

Edwin The Great : Ah, a steady blast of music. If this high energy music doesn't keep me awake, nothing will

Ryan Man: Let's see... What do we have here today? Ooh, Metroid Prime soundtrack. Very good.

Edwin The Great : I'll check the old e-mail for ideas. Oh, here's a good bit of info; whatever you do, don't put anyone's E-mail in those matchmaker sites, you'll just give them spam

Ryan Man: Yeah. Actually, unless you want to spam someone(or yourself), don't put their(or your) E-mail address anywhere

Edwin The Great : Hmm... That's true. But you can't put more than one of the same E-mail addresses. It seems I've gotten military spam... "Let Military.com help take your education, your career and your life to the next level."

Ryan Man: Who to blame?

Edwin The Great : Hmmm?

Ryan Man: Who sends military spam?

Edwin The Great : Probably the government

Ryan Man: Yeah....

Edwin The Great : "Win Hooked on Phonics for your child" ...My mommy won my education! I have 4 viral E-mails, it's down this week. usually I get at least 10

Ryan Man: I just get bombarded by pr0n. Stupid junk

Edwin The Great : I get that in the other account. Worst of both worlds

Ryan Man: Yeah, v2 is more or less spam-free

Edwin The Great : Good for you. @Shaw is good for me, and even if i get any, Outlook Express gets rid of them pretty well

Ryan Man: OK

Edwin The Great : I get all mine for matchmaker.com and McAfee

Ryan Man: ...This is great. Golden Sun never looked so... clear

Edwin The Great : ??? Golden Sun?

Ryan Man: GBA

Edwin The Great : Are you playing GameBoy now???

Ryan Man: Was

Edwin The Great : Oh, okay

Ryan Man: I saved, because I was reading something before I decided to test the light

Edwin The Great : There's a switch for it right?

Ryan Man: Yup

Edwin The Great : That's nice

Ryan Man: More like a button

Edwin The Great : Okay

Ryan Man: But it's there. You should see Batman: Dark Tomorrow(GC, PS2, Xbox). Incredible graphics

Edwin The Great : I've seen it in pics

Ryan Man: The rest seems to be a bit lacking though. Here to read a review of it

Edwin The Great : Gameplay and such?

Ryan Man: Yeah

Edwin The Great : So, we played Contra: Shattered Soldier tonight, very good game. Harder than anything i've played in a while

Ryan Man: It wasn't so hard, once you know what's coming. But indeed, a nice change from the usual

Edwin The Great : We only got a C rating though. You almost died. Anyways, onto something else.

Ryan Man: I've been playing Zelda: the Wind Waker for almost 3 days straight. Beautiful game

Edwin The Great : That's just sad... 3 days!

Ryan Man: Very, very close to perfection, theonly flaw is the having to travel over the huge sea. But personally, I like it. So I say it is the perfect game, even perfecter than Metroid Prime

Edwin The Great : That can become tedious. I say Pikmin is pretty good too

Ryan Man: Yeah, but way too short

Edwin The Great : And Metal Gear Solid. All of them

Ryan Man: Yeah, but Zelda is astounding. Nowhere else will putting a pear on your head let you fly a seagull

Edwin The Great : Wow! That's just crazy!

Ryan Man: And fun

Edwin The Great : Next time you come over, you're bringing the Cube

Ryan Man: Plus, fighting is even better than Ocarina/Majora. At one point, there was a room filled with like 20 bad guys and I'm like "Oh please let me get to fight them!" And it was all Moblins and IronKnuckles (those are tough bad guys)

Edwin The Great : Does your GC have AV jacks?

Ryan Man: Yep

Edwin The Great : Okay, no problem then

Ryan Man: The best part is that you can pick up weapons that enemies drop, and they'll either run, fight with their fists, or find another weapon

Edwin The Great : Of course, people can argue that that's not that hard to find in many of today's games

Ryan Man: True, but the hilt(handle) of the IronKnuckle's sword alone is as tall a Link

Edwin The Great : That's pretty funny

Ryan Man: Yeah, that's another thing, the game is chock full of comedy. Well, maybe not chock full, but there's a lot more than all the other Zelda entries combined. All made possible by the beautiful cel-shading

Edwin The Great : I have to say, it's the best cel- shading engine I've seen so far

Ryan Man: But I think I've rambled on about it for ling enough... if you want to see more, go play the game

Edwin The Great : Yeah

Ryan Man: You'll not be disappointed. Maybe we should get to the staying up thing? After all, that is the "special" topic of today's show

Edwin The Great : That's true. Hey, the cyan verses white works extremely well. Anyways...

Ryan Man: OK

Edwin The Great : The top thing to do if you want to stay awake is sensory overload. Drink something cold, listen to something loud, etc...

Ryan Man: WHEEE!!!! Tha muzac iz in mah head!

Edwin The Great : Mine too...

Ryan Man: And above all else, find something to do that will take a long time to do, and you can't sleep till it's done, like editing this conversation

Edwin The Great : Indeed. Or a question you'll never answer, then try to figure it out

Ryan Man: Or play Bahamut Lagoon. Damn that game is addictive. The one big no-no to staying up is to stay away from any and everything pillow. (I think I phrased that wrong!)

Edwin The Great : Or anything too comfortable for that matter. (meh)

Ryan Man: Yes. Like a bed, or a couch. Even a rug could do you in

Edwin The Great : Yeah, so take a long cold shower or something. Helps to keep urges away

Ryan Man: Or eat ice. It's entertaining as well as a good way of staying awake

Edwin The Great : Oh, hey, I'll go get me some ice water now

Ryan Man: Well, when one of us goes to get food, that means it's time for Tech Tips, that's just the way it works. Today's question comes from Mr. Frgmatessquatsetmalanitamo (Don't even try to pronounce it) from Chile

Edwin The Great : Back

Ryan Man: He asks: "My computer gets real hot real fast, what's a good way to keep it cool?"

Edwin The Great : Putting it in a bar fridge is a good way(no joke, and it works extreamly well)

Ryan Man: Well Mr. F, I don't think you should have a problem, what with you live in Chile and all! Get it? Chile? Chilly? LOL!!11!!1 Im so funnie

Edwin The Great : Yeah... You can make a radiator too, that's what I'm going to try and do

Ryan Man: Actually, it seems that it's more like chili down there. Hot an' beany. I personally would use a fan. But that might not spread enough cool

Edwin The Great : My chili is always beefy. It needs to slim down. LAMO

Ryan Man: It's LMAO

Edwin The Great : GDMF... all this time... and nobody told me

Ryan Man: They changed that too... now it's GDMoFo! You know, now that everyone uses "homie" slang

Edwin The Great : To me it's GDMF. It shall always be that way to me

Ryan Man: Actually, they didn't change it. It sounded a lot funnierer in my head, really. Ha! Funnierer! Typos will never cease to amuse me

Edwin The Great : Oh! A great way to stay awake is to get the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack and listen to that

Ryan Man: *shiver*

Edwin The Great : Hey RyanMan, do you want the soundtrack?

Ryan Man: I don't think I have room. How big?

Edwin The Great : I'll check

Ryan Man: (and that concludes Tech Tips...)

Edwin The Great : 63.5 MB

Ryan Man: Well, no harm in trying. If I can't fit it, I'll just have to get rid of something...

Edwin The Great : Okay. I'll send you the scarry stuff only then

Ryan Man: No, all please

Edwin The Great : Okay...

Ryan Man: *clears 16MB*

Edwin The Great : I'll zip it so it sends faster

Ryan Man: There's an idea

Edwin The Great : Oh, don't get the new winzip, it harasses you every time you start it up now... get WinRAR

Ryan Man: Bye bye Galaga... I'll miss you dearly

Edwin The Great : Galaga?

Ryan Man: Awesome game. Either version(arcade or new) is worth the DL. As good as Star Fox(new) and Space Invaders(arcade)

Edwin The Great : *sneds SH2 OST* This is going to take some time...

Ryan Man: Yup

Edwin The Great : Oh well. We've got all night

Ryan Man: Yay! The movie is over! Now I can vegetate in peace

Edwin The Great : Yup

Ryan Man: Another little hint for the download-crazed. Make sure you have lots of CD-R's. Half my hard drive is movies... Maybe I'll get some this week to free up some space...

Edwin The Great : Holy pile of puke! I have 10 hours of music enqueued. 190 songs

Ryan Man: I have 44. But hey, 2 CD's can only hold so much. Speaking of which, will the SH2 soundtrack fit onto one?

Edwin The Great : One of my CDs holds...170 songs (MP3 CD). It should...

Ryan Man: Good

Edwin The Great : If you're going to burn it as a music CD

Ryan Man: That's the plan

Edwin The Great : It's 54 minutes

Ryan Man: Definetly. When the MP soundtrack finishes, I have 328 songs lined up. That should hold me

Edwin The Great : 328!!!? When I get a big HDD in my room, it's getting filled with songs

Ryan Man: I guess we kind of inavetedly started the music segment

Edwin The Great : hmm... i guess so... There's not much to say now that we're here...

Ryan Man: Wait! I have notes!

Edwin The Great : Okay

Ryan Man: Ok, first a music video. It's an FF8 vid of Linkin Park's "Run Away". Excellent vid. I usually don't like LP, but this song is pretty good, and I love FF8. Download it now! Even if you have it, DL it again! It's that good!

Edwin The Great : Love it or love it?

Ryan Man: Uhh... you know, like really enjoy playing it...

Edwin The Great : I've done that before

Ryan Man: Not anything physical or anything...........

Edwin The Great : Yeah

Ryan Man: .................

Edwin The Great : Okay, anyways...

Ryan Man: And as for music music, Max Raabe's cover of "We Will Rock You" is the shiznit, and almost any remixes of MegaMan music is good too

Edwin The Great : I'll get that now...

Ryan Man: And while we're talking about music, since I've been playing Zelda non-stop for 3 days, I haven't really listened to any lately, and let me tell you, going too long without any Leppard can drive a man crazy!

Edwin The Great : Find some 16 Volt stuff for me okay?

Ryan Man: ?

Edwin The Great : Band, called 16 Volt

Ryan Man: But why I findy?

Edwin The Great : WinMX has nothing

Ryan Man: Oh

Edwin The Great : Man, I wish I had a sound system with good subs and R n'L inputs, or... auxilary inputs i think they're called

Ryan Man: I do. Well it's not the best, but it is pretty damn good

Edwin The Great : I want to hook up my PC to it. Another 4 hours to SH2 soundtrack in my playlist. Let's move it up some...Tell me when you're going to start litening to them, I'll move it up so we listen at the same time

Ryan Man: Another billion hours in mine... Actually, I'm just running my entire library

Edwin The Great : Billion is a bit over the top...

Ryan Man: Meh. OK, regarding 16 Volt, I found Turning Japanese(cover)and Crush. Not much else, all other bands

Edwin The Great : Oh, another way to keep you up, keep all the lights on

Ryan Man: Oops. I'm sitting in the dark

Edwin The Great : And do afternoon type stuff, eat lunch, 'n' stuff

Ryan Man: Play music at an outdoor volume

Edwin The Great : Yeah.

Ryan Man: Or not, if there are other people in the building who want to sleep

Edwin The Great : Oh well. All they can do is call the cops. Oh, I reccomend listening to 'Hell March' on the Command and Conquer soundtrack. That ought to keep you awake. So, listening to SH2 yet?

Ryan Man: Umm.. did you send me the whole ST?

Edwin The Great : All that I have

Ryan Man: Oh. Well I'll have to fill the gaps then

Edwin The Great : Okay... Listen to them now though

Ryan Man: The "Lisa" track is from SH1, is it not?

Edwin The Great : Probably... Enqueued yet?

Ryan Man: No. Oh frick. You're missing a lot. So is everyone else... But then again, I had to go to great lengths to get the whole MP soundtrack too....

Edwin The Great : Anyways, listen to what you've got

Ryan Man: Yeah, this "Lisa" thing is from SH1

Edwin The Great : Yes...

Ryan Man: Poor Lisa

Edwin The Great : Are they enqueued now?

Ryan Man: No. Hold on

Edwin The Great : Okay

Ryan Man: That's the second saddest game ever

Edwin The Great : Forrest Gump had a sad ending... I cry rarely, but right then...

Ryan Man: So did Conker's Bad Fur day. I'll send you the ending song. It's pretty depressing *sends*

Edwin The Great : Okay, enqueued now?

Ryan Man: No, still unzipping

Edwin The Great : Holy crap, I forgot about the unzipping. Sorry about that

Ryan Man: Meh. It only makes you seem like an impatient, obsessive fool.

Edwin The Great : Enque them alphabetically when you're done. Hmm... it's spelt enqueue... Ah well, my way's faster. It doesn't pronounce the same way, but I don't care

Ryan Man: Just say Q

Edwin The Great : Or enQ

Ryan Man: Same deal

Edwin The Great : *receives BFD ending track* It'd be sadder if I had played the game

Ryan Man: Yeah, very true. But the "music" is very atmospheric

Edwin The Great : I suppose... The end of Good Will Hunting was pretty good too. It was a happy sad, not a sad sad

Ryan Man: Well, I'm on song 6 of 328

Edwin The Great : Where is Silent Hill finding itself?

Ryan Man: I'll listen to SH2 when it's done

Edwin The Great : Okay

Ryan Man: Is it really scary?

Edwin The Great : Oh Hell yeah. Some are terrible. Especially if you remember what parts of the game it's from

Ryan Man: Well I didn't play (most of) it! Better turn on the lights and get the baseball bat then

Edwin The Great : Yeah, you'll feel safer. I'm halk(*half) way desensitized, but I think it'll still creep me out. Hmm... Halk, that's a cool word...

Ryan Man: Like Hulk

Edwin The Great : Except with an 'a'

Ryan Man: Which reminds me, I won't be getting my Hulk Hands any time soon. *sad dance*

Edwin The Great : Why not *inqusitive dance*

Ryan Man: Cause I spent all my cash on Zelda and the Gameboy SP

Edwin The Great : Oh...

Ryan Man: Aw crap... just when it was getting to Black Sabbath... Oh well, time to listen to the horrors that will likely keep me up

Edwin The Great : I'm on Hell March. Okay. In 3

Ryan Man: 2

Edwin The Great : 1. Good start...

Ryan Man: I think I have them in different order though

Edwin The Great : Okay, we'll stop. Are they in alphabetical?

Ryan Man: I have "Theme of Laura" at #1, and I downloaded "Sadness" which is at 2. The rest are numerical/alphabetical

Edwin The Great : Okay, skip to track 16. Scary shat

Ryan Man: but I like 1...

Edwin The Great : No! 16! In 3

Ryan Man: 2

Edwin The Great : 1. Scary no?

Ryan Man: 10 seconds in... It's not so bad. 30... Losing interest.... 40... Putting lights back off

Edwin The Great : They'll get worse

Ryan Man: If you say so

Edwin The Great : I took my feet of the ground I'm so scared

Ryan Man: That makes little to no sense

Edwin The Great : Well, when I'm tense, I'll make myself as little as possible. On to next song...

Ryan Man: Making more sense...

Edwin The Great : Oh this one's not so bad

Ryan Man: Nope

Edwin The Great : Wait for the one with clanking

Ryan Man: Yeesh, you're missing at least 16 tracks. I have a feeling this won't fit on one CD when I'm done

Edwin The Great : Nope

Ryan Man: Crap

Edwin The Great : Probably not. An MP3 CD yes

Ryan Man: Well how much is that going to set me back?

Edwin The Great : An MP3 CD?

Ryan Man: Yeah

Edwin The Great : Nothing if you have a RW lying around

Ryan Man: Eh?

Edwin The Great : An MP3 CD is a CD that has MP3s on it instead of music tracks

Ryan Man: Oh... You had me a bit confusled there

Edwin The Great : But it can only be played on certain players or computers

Ryan Man: That won't do

Edwin The Great : I always listen to CDs on my computers anyways... So it's fine for me

Ryan Man: I don't. Very rarely

Edwin The Great : Oh...

Ryan Man: Almost always in my player or discman

Edwin The Great : Okay. I'm thankful, my way saves CDs

Ryan Man: But, back to the show in a minute here. We've gotten a little bit off track

Edwin The Great : Okay. Ah, the scarry song(in my opinion)

Ryan Man: I don't think this is going to scare me... I've played through SH like 3 times in pitch black

Edwin The Great : Well, then you're pretty close to being desensitized then...

Ryan Man: Yeah

Edwin The Great : Ah, the squeaky boots. Listen in the background

Ryan Man: Sounds more like a broken couch or piano

Edwin The Great : The slowed down clock... of the Coo-coo variety

Ryan Man: Ok, now back to the show. Where were we?

Edwin The Great : No idea. Waiting a second. Oh, a minute. So, what did we have to wait for?

Ryan Man: I dunno. That means.... *pulls number out of arse* Classic Gaming time! Today I'm gonna talk about the classic NES game that nobody's ever heard of, Nuts & Milk!

Edwin The Great : Haha! Nuts! And milk! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ryan Man: Now I don't know what the hell the game has to do with nuts or milk, but it's damn fun

Edwin The Great : I think I'm going to bust a gut

Ryan Man: Not a nut? The objective it to get your little dome guy to save your little dome girlfriend, but, you have to collect all the fruit on the level and avoid the evil blue dome guy. It's pretty simple, but can get frustrating when the second blue dome guy appears. Like I said, nobody's ever heard of it, but I think it's pretty cool. I've wasted hours with it, so it can't be too bad, tight? So if you're in the neighborhood, DL the ROM. Checking out this obscure little gem will definetly be worth your time

Edwin The Great : Tight things can never be bad, when they're vinyl, and being worn by women...

Ryan Man: right*

Edwin The Great : Mmm... I'll refrain from looking up pictures for now...

Ryan Man: Enough with your sick fetishes. Your turn to do the software review

Edwin The Great : Okay. I strongly reccomend not getting WinZip now. It harrases you every time it starts up with some odd picture

Ryan Man: Unless you get an older version...

Edwin The Great : Hmmm... Very true...

Ryan Man: Gold Star

Edwin The Great : Get WinRAR instead. It's better anyways. I don't use it, but my sister says it's great

Ryan Man: Or, get both, just incase.

Edwin The Great : Good plan. Windows XP comes with WinZip support too. So i'm in zip paradise

Ryan Man: I see

Edwin The Great : Indeed

Ryan Man: That it?

Edwin The Great : Pretty much...

Ryan Man: Don't you have something else to yak about *coughSunEditcough*

Edwin The Great : Meh. It's okay, but it glitches up a lot... You go ahead. You know quite a bit too

Ryan Man: Well, basically, if you want to "hack" tiberian Sun, get SunEdit2K

Edwin The Great : Yeah. It's got tons of stuff

Ryan Man: It's pretty good, but beware, some things are not what they seem. Some how "Hit Points" means how much points the enemy gets for killing the unit

Edwin The Great : Just keep the mouse over the fields for brief explanations and it's not too confusing

Ryan Man: Other than that, the fact that a lot of good ideas won't work, and there's a time limit, it's the best TS editor I've seen so far. Prettiest too. TibEd is okay, but seems to be lacking some sort of panache.

Edwin The Great : There's a way to make it have no time limit, but there's no hacking section. I have it for at least another 20 years... Anyways... Any other software?

Ryan Man: Not in my notes...

Edwin The Great : I'm drawing a blank myself

Ryan Man: Well, then I'll whip out my virtual weather chart and pointer stick

Edwin The Great : okay

Ryan Man: OK, Today was a good day.(Ataris reference!) Actually, weather-wise, it's been a pretty good week here. Nice weather except for a chilly wind.

Edwin The Great : Yeah. Watch the beans on the way out. HAHAHA!

Ryan Man: Enough with the chili jokes. I'm gonna bet that there won't be anymore snow this year, so get ready to bust out the lawn care products, boys.

Edwin The Great : Or the tobogans for those die-hards. I think I'll do that sometime this week

Ryan Man: Good luck

Edwin The Great : Thanks

Ryan Man: ...to your carcass!

Edwin The Great : He'll do just fine. He'll carry on in my absence

Ryan Man: Nobody will know the difference

Edwin The Great : Exactly. He looks just like me

Ryan Man: You know, Ozzy sounds a lot different when he's singing. I know most people do, but this is a big difference here. You can actually tell what he's saying!

Edwin The Great : Yeah. Bryce explained that to me

Ryan Man: I should have known

Edwin The Great : Yup. He's Bryce, i mean, come on. It had to come up sometime

Ryan Man: Yeah

Edwin The Great : So, are there any sections left?

Ryan Man: Not sure. It's been a while

Edwin The Great : Yeah. A good week and a half...

Ryan Man: Ah! Word of the Day!

Edwin The Great : Oh yeah

Ryan Man: But I already deleted today's e-mail, so today's word is.... doom

Edwin The Great : Good choice

Ryan Man: I think everybody knows what it means, but I just really like the word

Edwin The Great : Good game engine

Ryan Man: Yup, one of the originals. One of the good ones.

Edwin The Great : Yup

Ryan Man: I figured out something else we missed.

Edwin The Great : What?

Ryan Man: Links!

Edwin The Great : I really don't use the internet much... I'll look in my ones in Opera though

Ryan Man: Nor do I, but there are a few regulars

Edwin The Great : Never mind... You choose one

Ryan Man: Becasue of the recent release, you could try http://www.zelda.com. Lots of good movies and info! And I've been on Newground's message board a lot lately

Edwin The Great : Hmmm... I wonder were Explosives.com will go... Good god!

Ryan Man: And my Site of the Day 03/30/03 is.... NinjaTurtles.com!

Edwin The Great : Real explosves!

Ryan Man: Wheee! I missed half of today's show, but oh well. I'll catch it next week.

Edwin The Great : I played FF10 instead. Not a bad game...

Ryan Man: Every TMNT or used-to-be-TMNT fan should check it out. Nothing better than a little Turtle Power!

Edwin The Great : But I hate the sphere grid....

Ryan Man: Sounds like a dumb idea to me

Edwin The Great : It is... Play it, and you'll realize how bad t is

Ryan Man: So does turn-based sports, but people say it's fun

Edwin The Great : It's not all turn based. Only when you get caught

Ryan Man: Every time, the story changes...

Edwin The Great : Really?

Ryan Man: About how Blitzball is played, that is

Edwin The Great : ...Okay...

Ryan Man: Every person I ask says something different

Edwin The Great : That's not right. It's turn based to a certain degree. I have it for a week, I'll show you some time

Ryan Man: After NHL Hitz, I don't think I can go back to slower-paced sports games

Edwin The Great : Never played it...

Ryan Man: Great game. Best sports game(s) ever, in my humble opinion. Except for Blades of Steel

Edwin The Great : Well, I don't play sports games

Ryan Man: (Expect to see a review of that on the site someday) So how many actual articles do I have up? 3?

Edwin The Great : Not sure, that seems about right...

Ryan Man: Better get to work on that MM4 one. I still need to find a copy of Airplane! though

Edwin The Great : MM4?

Ryan Man: And a way to take pictures

Edwin The Great : Oh NM. I miss the MTN kids club

Ryan Man: Well, I think we could profit from a little more pointless ramble. I barely remember it

Edwin The Great : Me too. That's the problem, I miss it 'cause I can't remember it. It was part of every Manitoba kid...

Ryan Man: Yeah

Edwin The Great : Back when it was 24... Then 31... Then 22... I think it was channel 20 at a time too...

Ryan Man: 12? Which is A-Channel now, and A-Channel was MTN

Edwin The Great : Thanks. Crap... I just listed the YTV chanels...

Ryan Man: Yeah, you did. Becasue of several hours of scouring the deepest depths of the internet, I'm confident that the MTN Kids Club has disappeared completely off the face of the Earth

Edwin The Great : That's too bad...

Ryan Man: I'm sure if it were American though, someone would have a fansite at least

Edwin The Great : We should think up some random topic then look for it on the internet, but first, I've gotta leak

Ryan Man: OK. During that time, I'll think. Well... Even MTN is gone completely. Only popping up in some people's resumes.

Edwin The Great : Okay. back. So, what should we look for?

Ryan Man: Try "robot pirate island" and see how many results you get that are related to Spongebob Squarepants

Edwin The Great : Okay

Ryan Man: Wow, at least half of the first page...

Edwin The Great : 402 results for that exact phrase

Ryan Man: I got about 20100

Edwin The Great : Put ""s for it to be an exact phrase

Ryan Man: OK. Holy cow. Now the whole first page is Sponge-related. WHAT KIND OF WORLD DO WE LIVE IN!!!!!

Edwin The Great : "Psycho bean" got 206 results. Good God this sucks! "Last updated 4/30/02 (A day on which I ate many Chinese things.)" ...I may have been far too harsh, this site is hilarious

Ryan Man: Oh. My. God.

Edwin The Great : "The fish? The squirrels? THEY'RE ALL FINE!!! FIIIIINE!! HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAAAAAA I can't BELIEVE how much my feet smell." "I sense I've gone off on a tangent. I don't care. This is MY page, and if I want to rant about PUDDING (which I don't,) I WILL!!"

Ryan Man: Remember that man who had the "virus"?

Edwin The Great : Find the site?

Ryan Man: Looks like the sucker was payin' for his porno

Edwin The Great : Poor sap...

Ryan Man: Someone should teach him not to go to those sites.

Edwin The Great : Yeah. I'm lucky, my sites aren't even classified as porn! Ah, it's great to be me

Ryan Man: Although... there are some pretty girls at this one...

Edwin The Great : Oh?

Ryan Man: But that's a bit inapropriate. I should not be visiting sites like this... Someone might actually read this one day and think I'm a pervert

Edwin The Great : Meh, that's okay. Every guy i know does it, so... it's normal. Hell, even some girls do it

Ryan Man: Yes, but I'd prefer to stay respected by my readers

Edwin The Great : Okay, so what do we do know...?

Ryan Man: I dunno.

Edwin The Great : I'm starting to feel the lack of sleep

Ryan Man: Maybe that means the end of today's show

Edwin The Great : But our special will have failed...

Ryan Man: Not really. The show doesn't have to be all night. Besides, for all they know, this could have taken all night

Edwin The Great : You know, maybe you shouldn't bother editing this... It's like... 50 pages long (rough esimate)

Ryan Man: No! It is my duty to enforce good spelling and grammar!

Edwin The Great : By the way, the font is still italic from one of the other <>'s you did

Ryan Man: That's why I need to edit...

Edwin The Great : Yeah. I'd strongly reccomend spell check

Ryan Man: Meh. Manual is a better way to kill time

Edwin The Great : That's true. So, you're going to attempt to stay up?

Ryan Man: Yup

Edwin The Great : Well, I'll be damned if I give up this early

Ryan Man: So I think we should just say goodnight to the readers. They want to go to bed.

Edwin The Great : Okay... I'll accept that

Ryan Man: G'night, readers!

Edwin The Great : So, anything to go out on tonight?

Ryan Man: Ummmm... Nope. You?

Edwin The Great : I'll think of something... Got one! Orange toothpaste always has and always will be a bad idea

Ryan Man: So very true. See you next week, anyone who reads this tripe!

Edwin The Great : Yup, seeya

As for the follow-up, this obviously ended before the night was over. Plain and simple, it was getting too long. 28 pages before editing. As things turned out, it did snow again, and neither of us made it through the night. Maybe next time. Actually, I'm looking to get a special guest for next time. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, you never know until it happens.

I'm not putting up the original transcript this time. If you really want to read it, you can just E-mail me and I'll gladly send it to you. So that's it for today folks!