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Chat Radio Numberoni 4 - It's Been A While!
written : 04/17/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.

Today, we had a special guest on the show. Well, actually, he's not that special, but don't tell him I said(typed?) that! It's been a long time since we actually did one of these. Back in March by my count, I just posted the 3rd one after my PC got fixed. Also, this one is a bit shorter than the others, but after that big long one, we were totally out of ideas for quite some time. So not a lot of content or funny in this one. Well, there might be some funny, it all depends on your sense of humour.

AS always, I, Ryan Man SP, am represented by this colour. Edwin the Great is white again, and our guest, Steve, is in blazing red.

Edwin The Great : Hello and welcome to CHAT RADIO! *applause* *minor hooting*

Ryan Man SP : Hi

Steve: Hello?...

Ryan Man SP : Today we even brought along a special guest

Edwin The Great : Indeed we have

Ryan Man SP : Who doesn't seem to know what's going on...

Steve: ???

Edwin The Great : Not in the least

Ryan Man SP : Here's an idea of what we're doing

Edwin The Great : Well, to give sort of a disclaimer here, I've gotten a job with horrible hours, so I'm low on food and low on energy. so I can't be held accountable for my actions

Steve : So, what do we do now?

Ryan Man SP : Well, basically, we just talk about stuff and I put it on my site so people can read it

Steve : I see

Edwin The Great : Man, I hate these pop-up ads... I'm getting a blocker. Rotten XP and it's vulnerabilities!!!

Ryan Man SP : Yes, we all hate ads, don't we?

Steve : Yeah, they suck.

Ryan Man SP : But good ol' Opera does the blocking for me!

Steve : Does it?

Ryan Man SP : Yup

Steve : That's awesome.

Ryan Man SP : That's more or less the only reason I continue to use it. And I like the mouse gestures

Edwin The Great : Well, if you know how it's done, yes. XP has this stupid program that was supposed to be an informative thing, now people pipe in ads through it. Even when not surfing the web

Steve : Just like telemarketers...

Ryan Man SP : Hey... OK, I still hate them, even if my future is being one

Steve : Poor Perry...

Ryan Man SP : Who gets fired from telemarketing?

Edwin The Great : I wouldn't say so, he does drugs, he's dumb, nothing more to say

Steve : Yeah, he just didn't show for about a week.

Ryan Man SP : That explains it

Steve : And sometimes he went blasted.

Edwin The Great : back to the show

Ryan Man SP : OK

Edwin The Great : As we've said, we have a special guest

Ryan Man SP : Yes ...That would be you, Steve

Steve : Score!

Ryan Man SP : Say hi to the nice readers

Steve : Hi nice readers.

Edwin The Great : So perhaps we will start with something envolving him?

Ryan Man SP : Right-o! Weather report it is!

Edwin The Great : Hmm... works for me

Ryan Man SP : So it snowed today. Again.

Edwin The Great : Yup, and part of last night...

Steve : Yeah, but I really didn't mind, it melted pretty quick.

Ryan Man SP : That damn snow just keeps coming back. I guess it's true what they say about us. "Two seasons, winter and July"

Steve : At least it wasn't just one long winter.

Edwin The Great : Stupid contenental climat...

Ryan Man SP : At least if the ice caps melt we'll be the last to go

Edwin The Great : I hate it so much! Hey RyanMan, some time in the future, can you make a show plan, so I know what topics are coming next?

Ryan Man SP : OK, I'll do that right after we're done

Edwin The Great : Can I have a Phrase of the Day?

Ryan Man SP : Isn't it word?

Edwin The Great : Yes, but I though "Gravy train" was too much to pass up

Ryan Man SP : I concur

Edwin The Great : I mean come on! picture it!

Ryan Man SP : Choo-choo

Edwin The Great : "All aboard! French fries and potatos only please!" Hmm... They're both potatos... Damn...

Ryan Man SP : It's really more of a term than a phrase

Edwin The Great : Hmm... term of the day then?

Ryan Man SP : OK, enough about that! Let's get to a game review

Edwin The Great : Okay

Ryan Man SP : Any ideas?

Edwin The Great : Amplitude? I like that one

Ryan Man SP : Scary goblin thing...

Edwin The Great : Indeed. Good music too

Ryan Man SP : Well, for those of us who like Garbage

Edwin The Great : For a Garbage song, it's not bad. And that Quadrashi band, they're good too

Ryan Man SP : Only one song of theirs I like "The World Is Not Enough"

Steve : Isn't that that game I sucked at?

Edwin The Great : Unfortunatly, yes

Steve : It's a pretty good game, but it would seem that once you mastered it, it would get boring fast

Ryan Man SP : Not unlike many others

Edwin The Great : You'd think, and unfortuantly, you'd be right. Hmm... it would seem my new favorite word is unfortunately

Steve : my favorite word is Dinosaur.

Ryan Man SP : My favorite word is pickle

Edwin The Great : I had a good one a few days ago, but I forgot it

Ryan Man SP : Me too

Steve : That and Sombrero.

Edwin The Great : Or peanut!

Ryan Man SP : I concur. OOH! I got one! Explicate

Edwin The Great : ???

Ryan Man SP : Means the same thing as explain, it just sounds smarter

Edwin The Great : I see...

Ryan Man SP : So are we done with the game review then?

Edwin The Great : Sure

Steve : Kay

Edwin The Great : What's next on our little agenda?

Ryan Man SP : I'll take a stab at a music review

Edwin The Great : I think he might fight back

Ryan Man SP : I heard two really great songs within the last 3 days. First is "Kaze wo Tsukinukete", but you'll probably have more success finding it as "Theme of RockMan" or something like that. Needless to say, it's the theme for the RockMan.EXE anime

Steve : I see

Edwin The Great : Indeed it was needless... And the next song?

Ryan Man SP : The second great song of the week is "Copa Cabana" by Barry Manilow

Steve : Nice

Ryan Man SP : It's really catchy and all that. And it's a bit more English than my first pick

Edwin The Great : STEVE! What's the limbo song!?!

Steve : Limbo Rock?

Edwin The Great : Okay, thanks!

Steve : You guys hear "In A World Called Catastrophe" by Matt Good Band?

Ryan Man SP : Yep. And it's just Matthew Good now, the band broke up

Steve : True

Edwin The Great : Haha! Pronounce it like it's spelt "catastrofe"!

Ryan Man SP : Yeah...(coo-coo)

Steve : I think that's their point.

Edwin The Great : YES! LIMBO ROCK!!! I love this song!

Ryan Man SP : I'll be sure to check it out right now. Well well well, if it isn't my old friend Chubby Checker...

Edwin The Great : *Dances*

Steve : My dad listens to KY58 am on the radio, and that's always on there.

Edwin The Great : Dangerous use of the word limbo... It's in there like 100 times

Steve : Hence the name.

Edwin The Great : *Pondering tone* I suppose so...

Steve : Wait, Ryan, did you see the video for In a World Called Catastrophe?

Ryan Man SP : "At the Copa, Copa Cabana, music and passion were always the fashion" Yup

Steve : Damn, I was hoping to confound you as to the meaning of the song.

Ryan Man SP : I have it on my HDD

Edwin The Great : "Every limbo boy and girl, all around the limbo world!"

Ryan Man SP : Well I think it's pretty self-explanitory anyway

Edwin The Great : How anyone could hate this song is beyond me.

Ryan Man SP : "Copaaaaaaaaa! Copa Cabanaaaaaaa! Have a bananaaaaa!"

Steve : It is quite easy going. Both of them.

Edwin The Great : So, now that the music section is out of the way... What's next?

Ryan Man SP : Software

Edwin The Great : Someone else can do this one

Ryan Man SP : I got nothin

Edwin The Great : Steve?

Steve : My computer sucks, so I bought an inflatable hammer to hit it with...

Ryan Man SP : Sweet. That's as good as the paper hats

Edwin The Great : No software then?

Ryan Man SP : Well it is soft

Edwin The Great : Very true

Steve : And I get in nowhere near as much trouble for hitting my computer with it than say, dousing it in gas and throwing it at a bonfire

Ryan Man SP : I would hope

Edwin The Great : *puts away gas can* indeed! *throws match*

Steve : I just rembered something, another easy-going (but somewhat anti-feminin) song is "If You Wanna Be Happy" by Jimmy Soul

Ryan Man SP : No problem with that

Edwin The Great : Hmm... so, should I find something to review?

Ryan Man SP : I just found something

Edwin The Great : Okay

Ryan Man SP : It's called WinRoids. It's basically 3-D Asteroids for Windows. Props to my good buddy Justin for hooking me up with this game.

Edwin The Great : Haha! Seroids for Windows! Oh...

Steve : Oh dear...

Ryan Man SP : I love arcade games, so it's good for me!

Edwin The Great : Damn it! I think I spelt it wrong... Oh, and if you want to rip MP3s, get Music Match, it works well

Ryan Man SP : "Stere-o's" Hmm.. and why am I not a marketing genius?

Steve : Wait, Astroids, as in with the S.S. Triangle?

Edwin The Great : No, ster-oyds

Ryan Man SP : Like triangel ship shooting space rocks? And "Stere-o's" like my new cereal idea *runs out to get patent*

Steve : My dad's got that on Atari

Ryan Man SP : Me too

Edwin The Great : I had an atari, then my cat peed all over it... So no more atari for me

Ryan Man SP : Poor soul

Edwin The Great : *unhappy dance*

Ryan Man SP : Damn straight. The Sad Dance is MINE

Edwin The Great : I'm like crispy rice!

Steve : ???

Ryan Man SP : ???

Edwin The Great : It's the name of the generic Rice Crispies

Ryan Man SP : Oh right

Steve : Ah

Ryan Man SP : I knew it sounded familiar

Edwin The Great : Yup

Steve : Not as good as Shredded Wheat.

Edwin The Great : There's a lot of those...

Ryan Man SP : OH! Speaking of sounding familiar, I found something out today

Edwin The Great : What?

Steve : ???

Ryan Man SP : Well, it's mostly theory, but... Avril Lavigne is a fake name. In French, it's "April the wine", and as us classic rock fans know, April Wine is a band

Steve : Nice work

Ryan Man SP : I know. I'm smrt.(Simpsons humour)

Edwin The Great : I need to get a free ISP for my laptop, then I can have internet in my room

Steve : "What's a battle"

Edwin The Great : ?

Ryan Man SP : The Hell?

Steve : (simpsons humour)

Ryan Man SP : Maybe I didn't see that one...

Edwin The Great : I think I missed that one too

Steve : "Did that boy say what's a battle?" "No no superintendent, he's referring to the rattle..."

Ryan Man SP : *Thinks* ...................................*gives up*

Edwin The Great : I didn't try from the start. *Looks proud of self*

Steve : It's one of the really old ones.

Ryan Man SP : Then I probably have seen it...

Edwin The Great : Me too

Ryan Man SP : But while we're speaking of humour, I'm listening to a song with a somewhat funny title

Steve : ???

Ryan Man SP : "Loving All Night -Octopus Style-"

Edwin The Great : Dot dot dot.

Ryan Man SP : Though I presume that somewhere along the file sharing way, somebody just added the "-Octopus Style-" for kicks

Edwin The Great : That makes sense

Steve : True

Ryan Man SP : Cause it's never mentioned in the song

Steve : Wait, Edwin, shouldn't you be at work?

Ryan Man SP : Good point

Edwin The Great : Got off early

Ryan Man SP : Excellent rebuttal

Steve : Nice

Edwin The Great : I'm using the Mircosoft Narrator! "Progrom Window"

Steve : ???

Ryan Man SP : And in other news...

Edwin The Great : "backspace, backspace, backspace" This is a little annoying... Wow, this guy is crazy with the "bigger than, smaller than" See you in Hell narrator!!!

Ryan Man SP : OK. Now where are we? We've done weather, WotD, games, music, software...

Steve : Buisness!

Ryan Man SP : A new segment could be risky... Let's do it!

Edwin The Great : I'm not giving my keen business ideas, I'll let you 2 do this...

Steve : I have plans to make a hat koisk at school.

Ryan Man SP : OOH! I want to be in marketing. We'll call it "Beaner's Hat Haven" so everyone knows who owns it

Steve : How much would you pay for a quality paper hat?

Edwin The Great : 50 cents at most

Ryan Man SP : No more than a quarter

Steve : That's what I thought, but, if we give them out for free, lots of people will have them.

Ryan Man SP : Yes... but where are the profits? I know! The hats are free, but it costs 10 cents to see the Kulbaba Dance

Edwin The Great : We could crush pebbles and sell it to dumb kids as drugs!

Ryan Man SP : ...In a hat

Steve : Nice

Ryan Man SP : Which?

Steve : Both.

Ryan Man SP : Thought so

Edwin The Great : Well, it's an idea I'll never do... but it's stll an idea

Steve : You guys can dance backup, and if you dance poorly, it just looks more funny.


Edwin The Great : Works for me. Alright marketing.

Ryan Man SP : Woo-hoo! Finally, an excuse to post something on the bulletin board

Edwin The Great : What board?

Ryan Man SP : Downstairs, by the elevator

Edwin The Great : Ah hell... I really think that's a bad idea... Oh well...

Steve : I think word of mouth would be better, when people see others in hats and want them, they'll come' a runnin'

Edwin The Great : Yeah

Ryan Man SP : But I don't wanna talk to people...

Edwin The Great : I'll do the P.R.

Steve : Now, we need newspaper and staples.

Edwin The Great : I can get loads of staples

Steve : We need a stapler, we can't expect to use Binne's indefinetly.

Ryan Man SP : But what will I do in marketing? Sit around and do noth... nevermind.

Edwin The Great : I've got a stapler too

Steve : Nice, I had one... Damn Maes...

Ryan Man SP : Indeed

Edwin The Great : Yes yes. So what else will we need?

Steve : Well, we can get lots of paper from the library, and that`s about it.

Edwin The Great : Yes, or go to one of those news paper holders at 1AM and take all that's left of that days papers

Steve : Damn, I gotta go soon.

Ryan Man SP : Hmmm...

Edwin The Great : I just realized we went way off today's show's track...

Steve : Before I go, are you guys free at 11 tommorrow?

Edwin The Great : Yes

Ryan Man SP : I may or may not be. It depends on how much Ikaruga costs, and how much cash I have

Steve : Ikaruga?

Ryan Man SP : Shoot em up. GCN. Hard. New.

Steve : Nice

Edwin The Great : kkdmmndkkldlldhjkdiuoweuidkk,dkwmwiijjdkfle';ldlkfnd

Steve : Well, adios!

Edwin The Great : Bye

Ryan Man SP : Sayonara

Edwin The Great : Wait! Something to go out on?!

Ryan Man SP : Yes.

Edwin The Great : Oh. Hmmmm...

Ryan Man SP : "Copaaaaaaaa! Copa Cabanaaaaaaa! Have a Bananaaaaaaa!"

Edwin The Great : Pickles and cheese are good separate, but together they are horrible. Oh, okay, that sort of works Bye!

Ryan Man SP : Later.

So it was very short compared to the other three. Big deal. There will be more next time around, I promise. To make up for it, I'm going to give you a picture of my GameBoy Advance SP. Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words!


Look at the beautiful Cobaltyness. Mmmmm. I want a car that colour. Also, everyone should play MegaMan Zero! It's a great game! Oh, and as for the original transcript, I've decided that if you want to see them, from now on you'll have to ask me for them. It's no big deal. Just E-Mail me or ask me in person and it'll be in your inbox promptly. That's my promise to you!