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Chat Radio 5 -
Once again, we're off schedule
written : 05/25/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.
Once again, we've taken a long break from doing Chat Radio, but we're making up for it. This episode is not exactly ground breaking, as it doesn't really have anything special like the last couple shows. It's pretty much your plain old run-of-the-mill Chat Radio. No special guests, no special themes, no special anything. Though, I think it is a bit longer than the last one we did. Yup... Okay, I can't think of anything else to say about it. Enjoy!

As usual, I'm the one in the pretty cyan, whereas this time my co-host is changed his screen name to Explosive Tendencies. It's still us though. Don't worry about anyone taking over. Who would want to?.

Explosive tendencies : Hey everybody!

RyanMan SP: Hello... again

Explosive tendencies : I'll be today's MC. I have the schedule. Mwhahaha!

RyanMan SP: Indeed you do

Explosive tendencies : Indeed. Okay, first we start off with Ryan and the weather

RyanMan SP: Yay! I think it's also worth noting that this is the first show in a long time

Explosive tendencies : Meh, nobody truely cares... We have no following as of yet... Well, one reader as of a few months ago

RyanMan SP: Oh, right. But anyway, the weather has been pretty nice lately, with the exception of a few rain showers

Explosive tendencies : All May long weekend...

RyanMan SP: And I just bit my cheek. F***ing Nintendo gum

Explosive tendencies : Where did you pick that up?

RyanMan SP: The gum?

Explosive tendencies : No, the cheek

RyanMan SP: ...In my face?

Explosive tendencies : Perhaps the gum too...

RyanMan SP: The gum I got in a Buck Store in Lac du Bonnet. Read all about it in my latest article

Explosive tendencies : I have to help me dad... be right back

RyanMan SP: Well, since he's gone, I guess it's time for Tech Tips. So today's letter comes from Burt in Arizona.

Explosive tendencies : I'm back. I though it was just when I got hungry

RyanMan SP: No

Explosive tendencies : Alright. Problem answering time

RyanMan SP: Burt asks: "My hard drive is going crazy. Sometimes it fails to load, and when it does, some of the files don't work properly" I think there's viral activity afoot?

Explosive tendencies : Edwin answers: You should try scandisk, and if that doesn't help... I'd reccomend a new hard drive

RyanMan SP: The letter continues "Scandisk doesn't do S***. And I don't ahve the cash to drop on another drive

Explosive tendencies : I'd tell burt to move the h to the begining of 'have' and borrow my virus scan

RyanMan SP: I'd tell him to watch his mouth

Explosive tendencies : Poor Burt... You're really out to get him.

RyanMan SP: I can't help it... this damn gum has made me so bitter

Explosive tendencies : Understandable... I once got some bad Double Bubble... Wait a second... It's all bad.

RyanMan SP: The Hell are you talking about? Double Bubble is the best

Explosive tendencies : For about 30 seconds. After a while it starts tasting so very very bad... If you have a whole tub, it's great

RyanMan SP: Whatever. I'm not a big gum person anyway. Besides that, my personal favorite is Fruit Stripe

Explosive tendencies : I think we should move on to the Word of the Day...

RyanMan SP: Go nuts. Wait... I'm the one who gets WotD E-mails...

Explosive tendencies : Yeesh... The gum truly has mad you one angry kid hasn't it

RyanMan SP: Just a second then

Explosive tendencies : Alrighty

RyanMan SP: Seems I already deleted today's word, so we'll take a look at the word from May 15

Explosive tendencies : Works for me

RyanMan SP: panoply \ PAN-uh-plee\, noun; A splendid or impressive array. Ex: that's quite the panoply of cleavage

Explosive tendencies : Array? I only know the programming array

RyanMan SP: Hard to explain

Explosive tendencies : I'll get a dictionary

RyanMan SP: Sure. Panoply also means 1.Ceremonial attire and 2.A full suit of armor

Explosive tendencies : array: 2. a fine or imposing display

RyanMan SP: So I was right about the panoply of cleavage

Explosive tendencies : Yup. Good choice of example might I add

RyanMan SP: Heh heh... I had a little inspiration

Explosive tendencies : Looking at some... interesting wallpapers again?

RyanMan SP: Damn pop-ups

Explosive tendencies : Opera, man. It's great

RyanMan SP: I was but links elsewhere make for opening of IE

Explosive tendencies : Okay...

RyanMan SP: That and iMesh throws you a pop-up every hour or so

Explosive tendencies : Ah. I see. Onto Software?

RyanMan SP: Sure

Explosive tendencies : Okay, my personal favorite for this week is Microsoft DirectX and it's wide variety of examples that come with the Software Developement (or SDK is you prefer). Or, if you're rather confused by that, Kazaa Lite. Kazaa without ads

RyanMan SP: I think DivX is stupid. It won't help me at all and my videos are all too fast

Explosive tendencies : That's something else my friend.

RyanMan SP: I know, but DirectX reminded me of it

Explosive tendencies : I see.

RyanMan SP: But that Microsoft Word's pretty cool

Explosive tendencies : If you want Kazaa without the ads go to Kazaalite.com

RyanMan SP: My PC crashed last might while I was typing up a project and it recovered it

Explosive tendencies : Yup... The only true good part. Well... I suppose there are other good points, but all I have to say to the rest is meh.

RyanMan SP: It's all good

Explosive tendencies : Oh no it isn't. The WordXP speech interpreter doesn't work at all for me

RyanMan SP: Word '97 then

Explosive tendencies : But it's best not to ramble on about the bad side of things. Yes. Or 2000

RyanMan SP: Speaking of crash, I'm going to try to open Winamp, and it hasn't been working too well lately, so bear with me if I suddenly go offline

Explosive tendencies : Should I not expect you back for a wile then?

RyanMan SP: Nevermind... It just says caused an error and must shut down

Explosive tendencies : Your computer? Or Winamp?

RyanMan SP: Winamp

Explosive tendencies : Okay. Speaking of music programs, the Music section is now! Hmmm... That had some little grammatical issues didn't it...

RyanMan SP: Probably... I'm too angry to notice right now

Explosive tendencies : Ah. I see. I'm off to get a little snack. I leave music to you

RyanMan SP: Ok. So I haven't really listened to a lot of new music since last time.

Explosive tendencies : Back. Mmm... Chef Boyardee

RyanMan SP: I'm just listening to POD and B'z mostly

Explosive tendencies : B'z?

RyanMan SP: Japanese group

Explosive tendencies : 80s or now?

RyanMan SP: Hard to tell with those Easterners. Probably 90's

Explosive tendencies : Okay. Damn JPop...

RyanMan SP: More like JRock actually

Explosive tendencies : Okay

RyanMan SP: And they do some English songs too. Such as the famed "Loving all Night ~Octopus Style~"

Explosive tendencies : Ah, I see

RyanMan SP: Damn, it's been a long time since the last Chat Radio

Explosive tendencies : My dad's making a boat

RyanMan SP: For what?

Explosive tendencies : Himself mostly

RyanMan SP: Sailing the great prairies?

Explosive tendencies : Nah, the muddy waters known as the Red River

RyanMan SP: Oh

Explosive tendencies : So, how long has it been since the last chat rad?

RyanMan SP: Ummmm.... More than a month

Explosive tendencies : Holy. No, wait a sec... that's not right

RyanMan SP: 4/17

Explosive tendencies : Oh wait... Yes it is, the last one was when I had just started work

RyanMan SP: And when Steve co-starred

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. Shall I have our one reader co-star? She's online right now

RyanMan SP: Maybe next time... It's a bit too late now

Explosive tendencies : Alright. That's true

RyanMan SP: We'll have to set a date and make sure we're all available

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. Tommorow?

RyanMan SP: Why not?

Explosive tendencies : Alrighty. We're onto Classic Game Review now

RyanMan SP: OK! It's my time to shine!

Explosive tendencies : Shine away.

RyanMan SP: I guess today I'll review the Transformers game for NES

Explosive tendencies : They had a game!?!

RyanMan SP: In a word: it sucks. Wait... That's two words. It was only available in Japan. And thank some kind of diety for that, because it sucks. If you want to play the ROM, it's on X-E somewhere, but I suggest not doing that

Explosive tendencies : Diety? I'm off to get the dictionary again

RyanMan SP: Diety: God. Holy person/s who many a people worship

Explosive tendencies : Oh. Sweet

RyanMan SP: Think Jabu-Jabu

Explosive tendencies : Ah yes, the fat fish thing. Damn fat fish... I hated waiting for him to move his ass out of the way.

RyanMan SP: He never moved... That was the King Zora

Explosive tendencies : Oh... heh... heh... heh...

RyanMan SP: Tisk tisk tisk. For someone who sees that game as a standard you have a lot to learn about it

Explosive tendencies : Well, I forget names every now and again

RyanMan SP: We all do. What was that word I forgot earlier?

Explosive tendencies : Damn it... Lemme think... Definition again?

RyanMan SP: Out of the blue; not planned

Explosive tendencies : Haphazard... SPONTANIOUS!

RyanMan SP: That's the ticket

Explosive tendencies : Indeed. So... Are we past the game review?

RyanMan SP: Long ago

Explosive tendencies : Okay. We're at links right now

RyanMan SP: Hmmm... Ooh! I got Site of the Day

Explosive tendencies : I think that falls under the same category

RyanMan SP: I know. Go here if you like scary stories. Some of these'll keep you up for weeks at a time

Explosive tendencies : Is this the 'stay awake all night' stories?

RyanMan SP: You lost me

Explosive tendencies : You said there was some site a while back where there were really scary stories

RyanMan SP: This is more than likely it

Explosive tendencies : The first time you tried to stay up 3 days straight

RyanMan SP: Might have been

Explosive tendencies : Okay. So we're onto the Special topic now...

RyanMan SP: Of which there is none

Explosive tendencies : I have 2 ideas for this. 1 is a test topic; Compare Spam. So we'll do that now. Find your most original spam for this. You can choose 2 E-mails. I've got a real contender here

RyanMan SP: Awww.... I already deleted all my spam. But it was mostly just tax something and "mr_hotshot64, do you want larger, firmer breasts?"

Explosive tendencies : Okay, here's the best one here. Subject reads: "Got Waste?"

RyanMan SP: Oh my

Explosive tendencies : "Want to keep your septic system running like new for years? We’re so confident in our product that we’re giving it away! Click here for A FREE Trial of the SPC Septic Cleaner"

RyanMan SP: Hmmmm

Explosive tendencies : Be afraid. The rest reads: "Made with the strongest enzymes and harmless bacteria, our product is 100% environmentally safe, and in no way can harm you, your children, pets or your septic system." I think it could eat a child if you left it in that stuff for long enough

RyanMan SP: Probably

Explosive tendencies : I got another good one. Subject reads: "Get 4 Free Months of Dish Network *Limited Time*"

RyanMan SP: ...

Explosive tendencies : Oh! Satelite dish

RyanMan SP: OK

Explosive tendencies : I imagened eating dishes

RyanMan SP: As did myslef

Explosive tendencies : I got a few more ads for that female viagra again

RyanMan SP: Don't we all

Explosive tendencies : Lets see what's in the other E-mail account... "Become a highly paid refund processor" How much could they possibly make?

RyanMan SP: Who knows

Explosive tendencies : A highly paid refund processor might know

RyanMan SP: Indeed, if such a thing exists

Explosive tendencies : It might...

RyanMan SP: We may never know

Explosive tendencies : I think I'll do a little research on this...

RyanMan SP: You'd better

Explosive tendencies : And the second special topic is- Personal Annoyances

RyanMan SP: I personally can't stand internet slang

Explosive tendencies : I personally can't stand today's 'ideal woman'. The last 2 movies I saw had women who looked way to thin to be good looking

RyanMan SP: Which were?

Explosive tendencies : "The Matrix" and a movie called "It Runs In The Family"

RyanMan SP: Hmmm

Explosive tendencies : I've always said when women have smaller breasts then men, it's not freakin' right

RyanMan SP: So true

Explosive tendencies : I mean, women NEED at least some body fat, not too much, but enough so that you can't see every bone in their back during a sex scene... It's a definite turn off.

RyanMan SP: Yeah. And the ribs. Not a big fan of the ribs

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. Oh! I found something on that refund processing crap "I really thought most people would have no problem seeing this spammail scam was clearly a ripoff. After about three posts in the last couple of weeks on Clark Howard's Boards, I was clearly wrong. This is a scam, plain and simple. There is no need for this service. First of all, let me share something with you- those packages and envelopes are rarely late. I've used most of them and never...not even once...did anything not arrive when it was not suppose to..except one time with Airbourne Express. Now...even if it was late..guess what..it's easy and free for anybody to track packages via their websites. Fed Ex and UPS have wonderful systems I've used many times. And it's free. Pass on this scam, please!"

RyanMan SP: Hmmmm

Explosive tendencies : That's it. I'm not going to look into it anymore

RyanMan SP: Good idea. It's mighty confuzzleing

Explosive tendencies : Indeed. A Megan word that confuzzeling. Or was that cunfusted?

RyanMan SP: Bah. Who knows

Explosive tendencies : Anyways, we're onto random insanity now

RyanMan SP: Yes indeed

Explosive tendencies : The best (and typically longest) section

RyanMan SP: That would be it

Explosive tendencies : Well, the weather certainly isn't the longest

RyanMan SP: Maybe it will be one day...

Explosive tendencies : Oh! The summer, when you me and Steve try to stay up those 3 days. We need to buy a couch from Vaule Village and sit on it by a bus stop and talk to people

RyanMan SP: Sounds good. How much?

Explosive tendencies : Usually cheap... 40$. That's about 13.33 dollars from all of us

RyanMan SP: I have 3 bucks

Explosive tendencies : Well, you've got a month to get another 10 dollars and 33 cents. It might be less

RyanMan SP: Arrrr. Me need to find some booty... and bootae

Explosive tendencies : I'm up for some of the latter. I need to make an official looking document to be able to stay in Steve's Pre-cal class

RyanMan SP: what?

Explosive tendencies : I'm hoping I can trick Castelli into letting me stay in the class one day

RyanMan SP: OK

Explosive tendencies : Brilliant, no?

RyanMan SP: Sure

Explosive tendencies : Sweet. We need to think of something else to do... buy some Dad's Root Beer, peel off the labels and drink it in front of seniors.

RyanMan SP: In front of anyone

Explosive tendencies : Perhaps act drunk too?

RyanMan SP: Actually, we need to find cheaper things to do

Explosive tendencies : Ah yes. We could carry the couch around town

RyanMan SP: ...Like get to the roofs of as many buildings downtown as possible and put up flags

Explosive tendencies : Ah yes. That's a good plan indeed

RyanMan SP: I wanna flag Xentel

Explosive tendencies : Flag? As in the flap in wind kind?

RyanMan SP: Or windsock, whichever is cheaper

Explosive tendencies : Flag. I've got the bamboo rods to do it too. Do they have washrooms?

RyanMan SP: Most do

Explosive tendencies : Free soap for me! Do they have a back exit?

RyanMan SP: Xentel?

Explosive tendencies : Yeah

RyanMan SP: Not that we can get to

Explosive tendencies : Damn... Fire exit?

RyanMan SP: Why? We can just go out the front, and we can't get to their bathroom anyway

Explosive tendencies : But the secertary will look at us funny. Shall I bring the cap gun?

RyanMan SP: NO

Explosive tendencies : It's bright green with the barrel obviously plugged wth orange

RyanMan SP: Oh. OK

Explosive tendencies : If they think it's real they are truely idiots

RyanMan SP: Yeah

Explosive tendencies : Hmm... Maybe just the root beer. Do they have an elevator?

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : What are those people that push the buttons for other people called

RyanMan SP: I dunno

Explosive tendencies : Well, we can stay in the elevator greeting people

RyanMan SP: AFTER we flag as many buildings as possible

Explosive tendencies : Okay. I think it should be a group flag. it's not fair if only one of us is on the flag

RyanMan SP: Awww... I wanted an R flag

Explosive tendencies : RES is good. Or SER? Nah, RES is best


Explosive tendencies : Ah! There's a great idea! Perfect!

RyanMan SP: I am a genius after all

Explosive tendencies : Or at least psedo genious. I'm not too bad myself. I just have absolutely horrible spelling

RyanMan SP: SEE-do genn-y-ows

Explosive tendencies : I tohugh it was soo-dow

RyanMan SP: It is, if you spell it "pseudo"

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. Oopies. Or... oopsies

RyanMan SP: No, no. Oopies is OK. Kinda like when a kid misses the toilet

Explosive tendencies : Ah, I think it's a mutual understanding that I CANNOT spel

RyanMan SP: Much like my good friend Justin

Explosive tendencies : I think i'm a tad better than that, but yes

RyanMan SP: Meh, anyone can make typos, especially if they type fast

Explosive tendencies : To you have a drink container that isn't see-through?

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : Closeable?

RyanMan SP: Yes. OH MY GOD!!!

Explosive tendencies : Can I put hand soap in it?

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : Yes!

RyanMan SP: I just figured out what Sudowoodo's name means

Explosive tendencies : *Draws a blank*

RyanMan SP: A Pokemon. It pretends to be a tree

Explosive tendencies : Oh

RyanMan SP: And you pronounce "pseudo" as "soodo"

Explosive tendencies : I was hoping my brilliant hand soap stealing idea was the the that merited the "Oh my God!"

RyanMan SP: So it's fake wood

Explosive tendencies : Yes. I have to leak. brb

RyanMan SP: OK. Now that the world makes more sense for all of us, I think it's time we put an end to today's show

Explosive tendencies : Okay. I need to think up something absurd... Give it a few minutes

RyanMan SP: "Love is overrated, it leaves you devastated" -The Ataris

Explosive tendencies : Ah! Staples are NOT good earings

RyanMan SP: That too

Explosive tendencies : Or... Batteries are only good to eat if you're a robot. That's what I'll use

RyanMan SP: Well, good night everybody. Just remember, telemarketing is NOT the answer

Explosive tendencies : Bye!

What did I tell ya? It really wasn't much this time around. I'd love to give you another bonus picture or something to make up for it, but truth be told, I'm just too damn lazy. In any case, stay tuned for the next show, where we'll have another special guest! I'm trying to get it done by Wednesday at the lastest, but you know how I am with the procrastinating.


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