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Chat Radio 6 -
More special guest fun!
posted : 05/30/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.
ATTENTION! It's come to my attention that some people don't read the intro because the first paragraph is always the same. Well I always go out of my way to type a little summary of what happens in each episode after said paragraph. So as for today's episode, we've enlisted yet another special guest, making the total number of special guests 2. This time around, it's Edwin's friend Piriya(hope I spelled that right!), who seems to be from some other continent. It's definetly a change of pace to get the opinions of a girl on what we usually talk about, so... I can't really finish that sentence. In any case, I also manage to to get ganged up on by the two who bring a "new, exciting" topic to the show. Just read on, and try not to think too hard about anything we say. It might cause brain cramps.

I, RyanMan SP, am standard fare cyan as always. Don't worry, I'll never change. Explosive tendencies is sticking with white, and Piriya is pretty in pink. ...Once again, I get bonus points for alitteration!

Explosive tendencies : Hey everybody!

RyanMan SP: Hi there

Innocent_babi : ;) ...How did that happen?

Explosive tendencies : Emoticons don't work for this

RyanMan SP: Yeah

Innocent_babi : Oh! Is this the convo already!??

Explosive tendencies : Yes...

RyanMan SP: That it would be

Innocent_babi : Oh. lol ...sorry

RyanMan SP: Meh

Explosive tendencies : As you can se, we have a new special guest today

RyanMan SP: Yes indeedy

Innocent_babi : Should I introduce myself? Or do you do that?

Explosive tendencies : Sure.

RyanMan SP: Go ahead

Innocent_babi : OK then... I'm Piriya. And its pronounced "preeya". lol

RyanMan SP: OK

Explosive tendencies : As usual, I'm Edwin

RyanMan SP: I think the screen name tells all

Explosive tendencies : And now we'll start with Ryan and the weather

RyanMan SP: Well, to tell the truth, it's not a whole lot different than it was yesterday. Nice and sunny

Innocent_babi : Weather from there?

Explosive tendencies : Yes.

Innocent_babi : OK

Explosive tendencies : Indeed it was. Uh... are we going to leave it at that?

Innocent_babi : Leave it at what? (Wow... I'm very confused...)

RyanMan SP: Is there much more to say about the weather when you have no instruments of weather-telling?

Innocent_babi : lol

RyanMan SP: I say what I see and that's all that I see

Explosive tendencies : ...Yeah

RyanMan SP: Or say...

Innocent_babi : "Or say..."?

RyanMan SP: I dunno which would end the sentence better

Innocent_babi : Um... So onto the next thing...

Explosive tendencies : Onto the word of the day I suppose

RyanMan SP: I concur. Oh... I guess that's me again

Explosive tendencies : Yup

RyanMan SP: Just a sec

Innocent_babi : Oh. Umm, can I make a rule?

RyanMan SP: Sure

Innocent_babi : No big words

Explosive tendencies : ...We'll try

Innocent_babi : lol. OK

RyanMan SP: But that's what Word of the Day is for!

Innocent_babi : Haha... What? The no big words part?

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, to help expand one's vocabulary

RyanMan SP: hugger-mugger \HUH-guhr-muh-guhr\, noun: 1. A disorderly jumble; muddle; confusion. adverb: 1. In a muddle or confusion.

Innocent_babi : lol

Explosive tendencies : example: I am in quite the hugger-mugger

Innocent_babi : So is the confusion part the hugger or the mugger?

RyanMan SP: Both?

Explosive tendencies : it's a contracted word. it's sort of both together

Innocent_babi : Ooooh. Meaning: I am in quite the confusion?

RyanMan SP: That would be right

Innocent_babi : Haha. Oh! Guess what

Explosive tendencies : Explosives are down 10%? Booya!

Innocent_babi : A hot guy just came out of the house in front of us..*hehe*

RyanMan SP: OK

Innocent_babi : lol... Sorry, I'll shut up

RyanMan SP: I guess that might have been better classified under weather

Innocent_babi : Haha. Maybe I shoulda talked when u were talking about that

Explosive tendencies : Since we are both guys ourselves, it doesn't really matter to us...

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : The whole heterosexual thing and all...

RyanMan SP: Yeah. And since I have no windows in the area, I can't see what's going on outside

Innocent_babi : No windows?!?

RyanMan SP: Nope

Innocent_babi : A place with no windows!?!?

RyanMan SP: Basements usually don't have a lot of 'em

Explosive tendencies : I can, but it's horribly blurred thanks to a hoard of spiders that have now created a large web outside my window

Innocent_babi : Hoard?

RyanMan SP: Horde

Innocent_babi : Horde?

Explosive tendencies : Large group. Gathering

Innocent_babi : Oh. Right

RyanMan SP: Exactly

Innocent_babi : You guys sound too professional. I feel stupid..

RyanMan SP: Meh. It's my job to sound professional

Innocent_babi : Haha

RyanMan SP: At least while chatting online...

Explosive tendencies : I just sort of wing it myself...

Innocent_babi : I'll just go on pretending I got that part about sort of winging it..

RyanMan SP: Me too

Explosive tendencies : Me three.

Innocent_babi : Hah

RyanMan SP: ...

Innocent_babi : What?? You too?

Explosive tendencies : Sure.

RyanMan SP: I think it was a joke of some sort

Innocent_babi : Oh

Explosive tendencies : At least an attempt

Innocent_babi : I see

RyanMan SP: *Gold Star*

Innocent_babi : Haha

Explosive tendencies : Sweet!

Innocent_babi : Yes... Double

RyanMan SP: For me! I was right

Innocent_babi : Haha

Explosive tendencies : Boooo!

Innocent_babi : You guys should become news casters or reporters or whatever they're called... It'd be hilarious

RyanMan SP: I'd like to thank the academy, and my feet

Explosive tendencies : And all of the people you had to step over to get it. Namely me!

Innocent_babi : lol.. Your feet? For what?

RyanMan SP: Getting me from my bed to the PC

Explosive tendencies : Oh crap! Time to get back on topic

Innocent_babi : Haha. Oh right..

Explosive tendencies : Uh... now it's the software review! My section!

Innocent_babi : I can't comment on that since I know nothing on that..

RyanMan SP: Indeed it is. Time to hand over my spotlight

Innocent_babi : Ummm.... To Edwin?

RyanMan SP: I would think so, seeing as you just said you know nothing on that

Innocent_babi : OK

Explosive tendencies : I'm out of software...

RyanMan SP: Doomsday has come

Innocent_babi : lol

Explosive tendencies : No, wait! RealJ! Its use: to help make java programs.

RyanMan SP: Ooh! Somebody say "Doomsday" when we get to the classic game review

Innocent_babi : I'll say it

RyanMan SP: Good stuff

Explosive tendencies : It's okay... But it has so many glitches, and it doesn't help much. I have to say it's crappy all 'round

Innocent_babi : *news: the hot guy went back inside the house*

RyanMan SP: *news: still straight*

Innocent_babi : What?

Explosive tendencies : Yeah... I don't plan on going gay anytime soon. So it still doesn't matter

RyanMan SP: That about sums it up

Explosive tendencies : Not that I have anything against gay people. I just personally am not

RyanMan SP: *agrees*

Innocent_babi : Wait wait!! Lemme read what u wrote about them

Explosive tendencies : About who?

RyanMan SP: Dare I say "uh-oh"?

Innocent_babi : Oh, OK. I got it

Explosive tendencies : Okay

Innocent_babi : Uh-oh?

RyanMan SP: It sounded like an uh-oh moment

Innocent_babi : Oh

Explosive tendencies : I think I've summed up RealJ. It's crap. I don't know what I said about it before. but it's just awful...

RyanMan SP: OK

Innocent_babi : lol

RyanMan SP: Just like that... ummmm... I got nothin'

Innocent_babi : Do u guys still have snow over there?

RyanMan SP: Not for a while

Explosive tendencies : Heck no! It's been gone for at least a month!

Innocent_babi : But I thought you were the snowy people

RyanMan SP: It's Canada, yes, but we do get some snow-less time

Explosive tendencies : No... We are the 'cold in the winter, hot in the summer' people

Innocent_babi : Yes but it's not summer yet..

Explosive tendencies : The worst of both worlds

RyanMan SP: The Russians are the snowy people. And the Eskimos

Explosive tendencies : And the people way down at the bottom of South America

Innocent_babi : And plus... You guys are close to Montréal/Toronto..(I think) meaning Montréal didn't lose its snow there yet (I think).

RyanMan SP: "Terre de Feu" It's right near Antarctica

Innocent_babi : You're near ANTARCTICA?!?!

RyanMan SP: No

Innocent_babi : Oh. Then?

Explosive tendencies : We are VERY far away from Toronto. we are in Winnipeg. That's near the western boarder of Ontario

RyanMan SP: Yep. And the Eastern border of Saskatchewan

Innocent_babi : Oh

RyanMan SP: More like right in the middle of the two

Explosive tendencies : Yeah...

Innocent_babi : Well I know nothing about their climate..

Explosive tendencies : It's hot in the summer, and cold in the winter. That's all there really is to know... It's kind of sad really

RyanMan SP: Take Cadieux's geo class and you will

Innocent_babi : I don't think we have that here..

RyanMan SP: No. After all, he doesn't travel 'n teach

Explosive tendencies : Vancouver is great in comparison...

Innocent_babi : Great!??!

RyanMan SP: Rain rain, and more rain. I don't see what's so great about it

Explosive tendencies : Winnipeg is horrible if you like to be outside... From what I've experienced there, it's good.

Innocent_babi : That's Vancouver for you! Maybe you got lucky..

Explosive tendencies : That's always a possibility

RyanMan SP: I think Barbados is pretty rainy too, if the season finale of Friends is anything to go by

Innocent_babi : Where's Barbados?

Explosive tendencies : No clue.

Innocent_babi : lol

RyanMan SP: Somewhere in Central America I think

Innocent_babi : Is that where Friends got filmed?

RyanMan SP: I don't think they actually filmed it there...

Explosive tendencies : Anyways... Time to kick this gig back on track. Onto the music review!

RyanMan SP: Yeah...

Innocent_babi : lol... Right

RyanMan SP: So I heard a pretty cool song today

Innocent_babi : What is it?

RyanMan SP: No I didn't

Innocent_babi : lol

RyanMan SP: I haven't listened to any music today

Explosive tendencies : Neither have I for that matter...

Innocent_babi : But you can never get through a day without listening to music!! You must've heard music during the day!!

Explosive tendencies : Well, any good music

RyanMan SP: For one, all the music on my PC is gone. So I can't very well listen to that

Innocent_babi : Why? What happened?

RyanMan SP: Hard Drive went nuts

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, the majority of his computer metaphorically exploded

Innocent_babi : But every household has a radio!

Explosive tendencies : Meh, I don't use mine

RyanMan SP: Yes, but it's nowhere near where I am. And I'm too damn lazy to tune it

Innocent_babi : But that's why you have your feet... The ones you thanked!

Explosive tendencies : Alright IB, you can do today's music if you want. Neither me nor Ryan have anything

RyanMan SP: Yeah

Innocent_babi : OK then Um... Let's see. Well I'm not really good at commenting

RyanMan SP: Make it good

Innocent_babi : Yes... That makes me feel confident! lol

Explosive tendencies : I think we'll take anything at this point

RyanMan SP: So just say a band or something and I'll comment

Innocent_babi : But I don't think you've heard this song. Oh! I'll talk about another one!

RyanMan SP: I'm always open to new stuff

Innocent_babi : We had air band at lunch today

RyanMan SP: Is that anything like air guitar?

Explosive tendencies : *puts head on keyboard* hyujnjhmnmumkhhjn

Innocent_babi : No.. lol

RyanMan SP: Oh. Attention fading.....

Innocent_babi : Attention fading?!?! What are you talking about?

RyanMan SP: I like air guitar...

Innocent_babi : Never heard what it sounds like

RyanMan SP: Umm... Just pretending to play a guitar. Like in Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure

Innocent_babi : Oh

Explosive tendencies : Great movies

Innocent_babi : Never watched that but I get what you mean

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : So, music review?

Innocent_babi : Oh right. Its a show done by the students (talent show kinda thing except its music talent... dancing, lip syncing, that kinda thing)

RyanMan SP: Oh. We have a lip sync show. I was gonna enter it

Innocent_babi : Um, anyways the grads were doing a dance show kinda thing and the theme was "the battle of the sexes". And so they did their own thing (the guys, and the girls)

Explosive tendencies : Good 'ol sex... (The funniest thing about that comment is I'm still a virgin)

RyanMan SP: I see

Innocent_babi : And then at the end they had the graduation song..and they were..lol

Explosive tendencies : Were good/bad/in between?

Innocent_babi : Anyways, they were hugging and everything and grads from the audience were all coming on the stage and it was nice

RyanMan SP: Oh

Innocent_babi : Yes..

RyanMan SP: Bo-ring

Innocent_babi : Grr

Explosive tendencies : The music was? Good? Bad? Iffy?

Innocent_babi : Oh... Well they had different music... I like some... Not all

Explosive tendencies : Best part was?

Innocent_babi : Oh god!! Do I suck that bad? lol

RyanMan SP: As I was saying, I was gonna enter the lip sync thing, but I couldn't decide on a good song

Explosive tendencies : *clump*

Innocent_babi : The best part was the last part... The grad song thing. ...Clump?

Explosive tendencies : Uh oh! I _hink I broke _he '_' key!

RyanMan SP: It was between Barry Manilow's "Copa Cabana", Saliva's "Your Disease"(acoustic version!) and Tesla's "Love Song"

Explosive tendencies : Jus_ a sec...

RyanMan SP: Oi

Innocent_babi : Ha ha ha! lol

Explosive tendencies : 67gry7gtg! Ah ha! The 't' key is back!

Innocent_babi : lol

RyanMan SP: Grrrreat.

Explosive tendencies : I'd say so.

RyanMan SP: Mmm... Wish I had some Frosted Flakes

Explosive tendencies : Lots of words need the letter 't'

Innocent_babi : Yes they do indeed

RyanMan SP: I'd say so

Explosive tendencies : I'll go get some food. I'll be right back

Innocent_babi : You might wanna bring me some

RyanMan SP: Awww... that means Tech Tips

Innocent_babi : OK, I can sure use some of those... More like a lot!

RyanMan SP: OK then. Today's letter comes from Yertle in Barbados: "My music won't work! Help me!" First things first, make sure the volume is set to ON

Innocent_babi : Hahahaha!

Explosive tendencies : Mmm.... Cheerios...

Innocent_babi : And that they press the play button!!

RyanMan SP: If that doesn't work, make sure whatever you're using(speakers, radio) is plugged in

Explosive tendencies : Of the Honey Nut variety

Innocent_babi : lol. Glad ur back

RyanMan SP: I gotta get me summa those

Explosive tendencies : That's the usual stuff. Even the Windows Help deals with that

Innocent_babi : Does it?

Explosive tendencies : I'd recommend going back to the store and buying a new computer

RyanMan SP: Well I know someone who had that problem and the volume was off

Innocent_babi : Are you serious?

RyanMan SP: Yup. And she wasn't blond or nothin

Innocent_babi : lol. No?

Explosive tendencies : Hey, if I don't feel like helping, it goes back to the store. Even if it doesn't have to

RyanMan SP: OK. That's probably the least helpful advice you've ever given

Explosive tendencies : Indeed

Innocent_babi : lol

Explosive tendencies : Was she that girl who always says hi to you?

RyanMan SP: Nope

Explosive tendencies : You know, she's not that bad looks wise... Not the best in the world, but not ugly.

Innocent_babi : Somewhere in between then?

Explosive tendencies : I'd say so.

RyanMan SP: Yes, but there was a time. If I wanted to do anything, it'd have been done then

Explosive tendencies : You know Ryan, I think you should rekindle that pre-school romance

RyanMan SP: OK, so maybe it wouldn't have been done... but I stick by my point

Innocent_babi : Rekindle?

RyanMan SP: And it wasn't pre-school. We... or I anyway, was at least in grade 2

Explosive tendencies : Time to spew into a new section! romance tips for Ryan!

RyanMan SP: Oh no...

Innocent_babi : Alrighty!

Explosive tendencies : Blah-hahahaha!

RyanMan SP: *Goes into introvert mode* Whatever...

Innocent_babi : So Ryan... What type of guy are you? (Shall we play matchmaker, Ed?)

RyanMan SP: Whatever...

Explosive tendencies : Short... Even more shy than me.

RyanMan SP: Whatever...

Explosive tendencies : Sort of a loner...

Innocent_babi : Who? Ryan?

Explosive tendencies : Yup. Poor, poor, Ryan

RyanMan SP: Whatever...

Innocent_babi : No... We'll have a girl for him soon

Explosive tendencies : I think the one that says hi is a good choice. Wait... Introvert mode?

Innocent_babi : Meaning?

RyanMan SP: *also known as Squall mode* Whatever...

Explosive tendencies : Ah! I get it! Hahaha!

Innocent_babi : Tell me!!

Explosive tendencies : Well, she sort of has a unique dress sense... Seems... Not too weird.

Innocent_babi : Who is SHE?

RyanMan SP: (Introvert means not too sociable, shy, that sort of thing)

Innocent_babi : Ohh. Thank you for informing me Ryan

Explosive tendencies : Ryan at school mode!

RyanMan SP: Whatever...

Innocent_babi : And what is his school mode?

Explosive tendencies : Introvert

Innocent_babi : Oh. I get it. *I think*

RyanMan SP: Same deal... Perhaps a little more energetic if a topic comes into play that I know about

Explosive tendencies : That's true.

Innocent_babi : So do we need a non-shy person or a shy person for him?

RyanMan SP: *exits introvert mode, enters defensive mode* None

Explosive tendencies : Well, shy with shy gets nowhere fast... but if he wants a long term relationship...

Innocent_babi : Haha. Hard choice..

RyanMan SP: Rrrrrr....

Innocent_babi : But since you know him better, I'll let you make the decision

RyanMan SP: I need a girl version of me. Preferably with less facial hair

Explosive tendencies : I'll see how the thing with that girl goes. He's not there at lunch anyways...

Innocent_babi : Haha

RyanMan SP: Go half-days!

Innocent_babi : Time for some detective work. ...Half days?

RyanMan SP: Nope. No need. Just put away the magnifying glass now

Explosive tendencies : I'll let you explain that

RyanMan SP: I only have to go to school in the morning. I have no afternoon classes

Innocent_babi : Oh. Lucky bum

RyanMan SP: Yup

Innocent_babi : So do you go home?

RyanMan SP: Most of the time. I plan to stay for lunch a little more now that it's nice out

Innocent_babi : I see

Explosive tendencies : You'd damn well better. A think tank isn't a think tank with only 2 thirds of it's members

RyanMan SP: What?

Innocent_babi : I wouldn't go home if I had no afternoon classes 'cause my parents would probably have chores for me to do

RyanMan SP: My parents are at work

Explosive tendencies : Think tank... People sit around an make up ideas all day

RyanMan SP: Oh. Pretty sad think tank if you ask me

Explosive tendencies : Well, we are amongst the more creative in the grade

Innocent_babi : Who is we?

Explosive tendencies : Me, Ryan and Steve

RyanMan SP: OH. MY. GOD.

Innocent_babi : What..?

Explosive tendencies : It's true

RyanMan SP: *Is very ashamed of peers*

Innocent_babi : Ohh

Explosive tendencies : Meh, I've been ashamed of our entire generation for some time now...

Innocent_babi : Why?

RyanMan SP: Yeah. I just think that people as a whole suck

Explosive tendencies : But it's best to think of them as normal and us as above normal

RyanMan SP: Don't go getting an ego now

Innocent_babi : Haha

Explosive tendencies : It's been there for some time now... He has no intention of leaving

Innocent_babi : What?!

RyanMan SP: Right

Innocent_babi : Who is he?

RyanMan SP: His ego

Explosive tendencies : My ego

Innocent_babi : Ohh. lol

RyanMan SP: I have an Eggo. Which is much better

Innocent_babi : Haha. And very tasty

Explosive tendencies : Delicious ego... I don't think I want to fix that typo

Innocent_babi : Maple syrup tops it all with butter

RyanMan SP: I agree wholeheartedly. It's of the blueberry variety

Innocent_babi : Strawberry's good too

RyanMan SP: I'll be right back... nature's calling *sets status to "on the phone" to be funny and confuse people*

Explosive tendencies : On the phone?!?

Innocent_babi : No, no, Edwin!!

Explosive tendencies : Nature really IS calling!

Innocent_babi : It's called the washroom

Explosive tendencies : Look at his status

Innocent_babi : I don't see anything...

Explosive tendencies : "RyanMan SP may not reply because he or she is on the phone"

Innocent_babi : Oh... I didn't see that... I guess my guess was off then..

Explosive tendencies : It's the status indicator, one of the more humorous features in MSN Messenger

Innocent_babi : Oh. What does the < P > stand for?

Explosive tendencies : 'start new paragraph'

RyanMan SP: Back. With a popsicle

Innocent_babi : Am I the only one with no food!?!?

Explosive tendencies : Yes. I still have the Cheerios

RyanMan SP: It seems so

Innocent_babi : brb... Im gonna go grab something to eat

RyanMan SP: Here's a virtual popsicle for you *hands out virtual popsicles*

Explosive tendencies : I think it's high time to move onto the game review

Innocent_babi : Virtual means not real right?

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : Indeed

Innocent_babi : Then I don't want it. Thank you for offering though

RyanMan SP: Fine. More for me

Innocent_babi : More virtual or real?

RyanMan SP: Both

Innocent_babi : I'll still brb

RyanMan SP: K

Explosive tendencies : So will I, in a few seconds

Innocent_babi : So... brb

RyanMan SP: Awww.... I've been left standing all alone. Hey... that's a pretty good song. Cherry popsicles are yummy. I have a black marker and a dictionary. Helloooooo?

Explosive tendencies : I have found more food and am back

RyanMan SP: Oh. Piggy

Explosive tendencies : I'd say more of a glutton.

RyanMan SP: Whatever

Explosive tendencies : That shares food stuffs

Innocent_babi : I can't find the ground beef!!

RyanMan SP: What a shame

Explosive tendencies : M-E-H

RyanMan SP: Now you have less risk of Mad Cow disease

Innocent_babi : But I wanted to make tacos... Damn..

Explosive tendencies : Pigs aren't affected by Mad Cow Disease are they?

RyanMan SP: Beef is cows, genius

Explosive tendencies : I know, you called me a piggy, not a cow

RyanMan SP: But she wanted beef

Explosive tendencies : Oh... Damn... Now I feel very very dumb...

Innocent_babi : ...? I feel very very confused

RyanMan SP: Yes. And I shall capitalize on both of your un-good states of mind

Explosive tendencies : Meh, it's already past... maybe next time

Innocent_babi : Very confused indeed! I like that word..."indeed"

RyanMan SP: Aren't we all. Actually... I'm not

Innocent_babi : Makes me feel smart

Explosive tendencies : It makes people sound smart. Hmm... Thinking around the same tree I see

Innocent_babi : But it makes me FEEL smart

RyanMan SP: OK

Innocent_babi : Yes indeed we are

Explosive tendencies : I rhymed! I feel happy

Innocent_babi : With what?

Explosive tendencies : Or maybe a little slappy?

RyanMan SP: I reiterate my earlier point. Oi.

Innocent_babi : Reiterate?

RyanMan SP: Say again

Innocent_babi : My rule has no effect over you people does it?!?

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. Not yet...

RyanMan SP: Big words are built into me

Innocent_babi : lol... You guys say "say again"? We say "say what?"

Explosive tendencies : And I just use what comes to mind...

RyanMan SP: No no, "reiterate" means to say again

Innocent_babi : Ooooh

Explosive tendencies : Edwin likes not this "say what?"

RyanMan SP: I do. It's funny

Explosive tendencies : Edwin likes gooder... resay!

Innocent_babi : Gooder?!?

RyanMan SP: I like "Huh?"

Explosive tendencies : *Edwin goes back to 3 birthday old way of talking*

Innocent_babi : One day I shall become the host of a talk/chat show and I will make the rules which others will obey!!

RyanMan SP: OK. Just make sure I'm on it. I let you be on my show

Innocent_babi : Yes indeed

Explosive tendencies : Make understand easier

RyanMan SP: Score!

Innocent_babi : Score?

Explosive tendencies : Me want be on to?

RyanMan SP: As in "Yes!" "Alright!" etc. Or if you prefer "I SCOREd a spot on a talk show

Innocent_babi : Ohh. That makes more sense

Explosive tendencies : We fell into random instaity waaaaaay too early

RyanMan SP: Meh

Innocent_babi : How does that happen?

Explosive tendencies : Me no know

RyanMan SP: It doesn't matter. Where were we anyway?

Explosive tendencies : No know

Innocent_babi : Um, music reviews I think

Explosive tendencies : GamRev

RyanMan SP: Classic Game Review!

Innocent_babi : Oh no we weren't! We were where we were talking about Ryan's romance!!

RyanMan SP: Crap...

Innocent_babi : It's OK

Explosive tendencies : Oh... Well, I can't be talking like a kid now

Innocent_babi : Right indeed

Explosive tendencies : Hmm... I'm not too sure what type of person Ryan likes...

RyanMan SP: Let's keep it that way

Explosive tendencies : Do you still like that girl who name rhymes with barrel?

RyanMan SP: Let's not go there...

Explosive tendencies : Okay

Innocent_babi : Barrel?

Explosive tendencies : We're not going there

Innocent_babi : Shall I guess the name?


Innocent_babi : Oh right

Explosive tendencies : No you shalln't

Innocent_babi : Oh... Why?

RyanMan SP: Grrrr....

Explosive tendencies : Well, would you like for everyone to know who you liked?

RyanMan SP: Everyone knows already

Explosive tendencies : How come I didn't?

RyanMan SP: I've openly admitted it more than once

Innocent_babi : Well it doesn't really matter since everyone does... Hmm... All three of us are in the same boat. Do you wanna know what his name is?

Explosive tendencies : I don't care... but go ahead if you want

RyanMan SP: ......

Innocent_babi : Well his real name is Tyler. But we call him Superman 'cause he has a Superman t-shirt which looks good on him..

RyanMan SP: I have a Superman shirt...

Innocent_babi : lol. I gotta go soon When is this over?

Explosive tendencies : Whenever it ends... No specific time. We'll carry on without you

RyanMan SP: Now where were we

Innocent_babi : Alrighty then. Shall I leave you two gentlemen?

Explosive tendencies : Well, this show needs to be ended... So if you want. yes

RyanMan SP: Yes.. I don't want another 40-pager

Innocent_babi : Alright. Bye bye..

RyanMan SP: Bye bye

Explosive tendencies : 40 pages? The "All-Night" Special?

RyanMan SP: We could say "screw you" to whatever we didn't cover

Innocent_babi : *Piriya will now leave the chat radio*

RyanMan SP: Maybe it wasn't 40 per se, but it was pretty long

Explosive tendencies : Okay. So, will we try to cover a few more topics?

RyanMan SP: I'll just say this for the classic game review: The Death and Life of Superman for SNES rocks. Net up?

Explosive tendencies : Blah? For me or for you?

RyanMan SP: Either...?

Explosive tendencies : For me... My internet is working... for you... I should hope so...

RyanMan SP: No! NEXT*

Explosive tendencies : Oh! Links. I got a site

RyanMan SP: Ummm. OK

Explosive tendencies : Just a sec. Here is a good place for Java games. Candy Train game!

RyanMan SP: What? Oh. I get it

Explosive tendencies : It's a game on the site

RyanMan SP: I see that

Explosive tendencies : Okay. Anyways, we're onto random insanity again...

RyanMan SP: Yup

Explosive tendencies : So... Want to keep on this? Or end it now. I'm ready to go for another hour

RyanMan SP: Hmmm... I could continue this, or go do something which could either end up being more or less productive. I don't wanna move

Explosive tendencies : Alright. Continue it is.

RyanMan SP: Well, perhaps we should end the show. Like I said, 40 pages is bad for my mental stability

Explosive tendencies : I can help a little with the editing. I'll pump it through spell check once

RyanMan SP: K

Explosive tendencies : But then again... Ending it now sounds good...

RyanMan SP: Ok

Explosive tendencies : To go out on today I choose; "The Bovine Phoneline 1-888-808-Milk (Manitoba residents only)" I am not making this up

RyanMan SP: I learned today that 90% of all hot girls live in England

Explosive tendencies : I thought only ugly people live there

RyanMan SP: Me too, but Mother Nature works in mysterious ways

Explosive tendencies : It's what I've noticed from random info. Lot's of hot girls over in other places of Winnipeg other than Transcona. Well, there's some good ones at Murdoch...

RyanMan SP: But they're *almost* all so very slutty

Explosive tendencies : Only a few... You'd be surprised.

RyanMan SP: Hey, I work on a prejudice system. At least when it comes to my peers

Explosive tendencies : Don't most people? Anyways... My words to go out on have gone to waste. So I'll just say bye

RyanMan SP: Yup. Adios

OK, so now that the trials are over, we'll never be reviving the "Romance tips for Ryan" topic. Ever. It's better that way, trust me. In any case, I think this episode went pretty well. And we're currently in search of our next special guest, so if you want to be on the show, just E-Mail me or Edwin and we'll arrange something with you. Also, I I had mentioned in a recent ad that I had sent out, if we develop a big enough following, we might spring to do a live internet broadcast. I'm not sure how well that would go, but I think it would be a pretty cool experience, and $7(I think) for a month's worth of airtime is really good. That's all for today. Later days.


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