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Chat Radio 7 -
It's Peep-tacular < /sarcasm >
posted : 05/30/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.
Now that we're caught up on all the ones we missed throughout April and May, we can hopefully get back on the weekly routine. We might miss one or add an extra one in somewhere. You never know with talk show hosts. Just to add onto that, we're still looking for more guests for the show. I know I posted this and 6 on the same day, but I figure that the more I say it the more likely someone will volunteer. I like having special guests. But not special guests who can exploit my weaknesses and/or aid in the makeing upping of stupid topics. I don't think that today's episode is much more interesting than #5, but there's a "lengthy" discussion about Peeps marshmallows at the end. And if that alone isn't enough to get you to read this, I don't know what is. So kindly E-mail me what is. Please? I'll do anything to please my audience. Just look at that skit I did in Drama class last year. ...Oh yeah, you probably didn't see it. To sum it up, I lost my pants. But enough rambling about my desperation for groupies. On with the show!

You know me, a crature of habit. I don't think that I really have to tell you that I'm the one in cyan letters. And my co-host seems to have found permanent residence with his white font.

Explosive tendencies : Hey everyone!

RyanMan SP: Hey all

Explosive tendencies : Today is going to be one more Chat Radio to try and chatch up to all the ones we missed

RyanMan SP: Yeah... I think this is it then. We didn't miss that many

Explosive tendencies : Really?

RyanMan SP: Nah

Explosive tendencies : Great. So as soon as my printer is done, we'll get underway. I think the first segment is weather, so you can deal with that

RyanMan SP: Yep. Today was very nice out. Sun shining, birds singing, bees buzzing. You know, the general spring/summer stereotype. Yesterday was pretty much the same, but it got colder later on in the day ...I just realized something

Explosive tendencies : What might that be?

RyanMan SP: I'm doing almost the exact opposite of normal weathermen. I tell the past weather, they try to predict the future weather

Explosive tendencies : Yup. But it's always good to be original

RyanMan SP: Indeed

Explosive tendencies : Even if it means being useless

RyanMan SP: Yup. Well, I guess one day we might look back and say, "That was a nice day, wasn't it"

Explosive tendencies : Very true. And this way people know what the weather is like in our part of Canada

RyanMan SP: That too, although, 1)We pretty much covered that lest episode and 2)for the people that read this, less than 0% will care

Explosive tendencies : Is that possible? I mean, can you really have negative caring?

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : I suppose it could be considered hate...

RyanMan SP: Just accept it and move on. It'll hurt your brain less

Explosive tendencies : Okay, so let's move on. Word of the Day is, again, your part of the show

RyanMan SP: Oi. No breaks for the... uh... something. I'll go check the mail

Explosive tendencies : Alrighty

RyanMan SP: While I'm doing that, you ramble on incessantly

Explosive tendencies : Okay... Sounds like I can do that pretty well. Yup, I am the master of incessant ramblings. *sigh* It's a lot harder when you try to ramble with nothing to ramble about... Oh! My site is well near construction! Go to here.

RyanMan SP: segue \SEG-way; SAYG-way\, intransitive verb: To proceed without interruption; to make a smooth transition. I'm pretty sure you all know this word, as I use it often enough

Explosive tendencies : Oh! That's what that means...

RyanMan SP: Well, the rest of you anyway...

Explosive tendencies : Should we have an example anyways?

RyanMan SP: So with that said, let's segue into the Software review!

Explosive tendencies : Alright. Well, today I have a programming language instead of actual software. It's called PHP, I can't for the life of me remember what is is un-abbreviated, but in any case... It's for making web pages, and currently it makes up the major foundation for my site

RyanMan SP: Well, I don't know it, so you'd better handle this on your own. I'll stick to good old HTML

Explosive tendencies : Okay. It's great, very easy to use if you already know C, C++, or Java. I reccomend it to anyone who knows HTML and one or all of those languages. It's hard to debug, but if you have an FTP program and Notepad or it's Mac equivalent, you're well on your way

RyanMan SP: I can only do a little HTML. You've all seen my site

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, but it's still not too bad. For those of you interested in learning PHP, get a PHP enabled web server. That's all i've got about it. (I need to find some new software...)

RyanMan SP: Don't we all..? I really should map that phrase to a shortcut key. I use it often enough...

Explosive tendencies : Oh yeah, you've got that DMSN don't you?

RyanMan SP: Nope. M$N Plus!

Explosive tendencies : Oh.

RyanMan SP: (And I'm not happy about it, M$ just likes to add "!"'s to their "Plus"'s)

Explosive tendencies : God damn IE, Opera can make the text the right color, why can't you?!?

RyanMan SP: Wha?

Explosive tendencies : Oh... Well, you know how at the bottom of the page it says how old the file you're viewing is on my site? For some reason, Interent Explorer shows it as green...

RyanMan SP: What?

Explosive tendencies : Blah! Go to my site

RyanMan SP: In IE?

Explosive tendencies : Yeah...

RyanMan SP: OK. In a minute. I'm uploading CR5

Explosive tendencies : CR5?

RyanMan SP: Think about it

Explosive tendencies : Cruchy radiation?

RyanMan SP: You'd better be joking

Explosive tendencies : Uh... Captain rotation?

RyanMan SP: You're not joking....?

Explosive tendencies : Only a little... I'm making random guesses

RyanMan SP: Oh. So you do know what I'm talking about?

Explosive tendencies : No, drawing a complete and total blank to be honest. Is it spelt 'grey' or 'gray'?

RyanMan SP: You know, it's really hard to show sarcasm over the internet. "Gray"

Explosive tendencies : Oopsies... That's why it looks screwed up... heh heh heh...

RyanMan SP: Oi

Explosive tendencies : So, what is CR5?

RyanMan SP: Imma give you one last chance

Explosive tendencies : Ummm... What has five different games... Under the same first name... Crummy Rummy 5? I give up

RyanMan SP: Just a second...

Explosive tendencies : There we go, the site looks right now.

RyanMan SP: Good for you

Explosive tendencies : Thanks.

RyanMan SP: And here's the answer to your big mystery

Explosive tendencies : Wow, don't I feel dumb...

RyanMan SP: You'd better *virtual slap*

Explosive tendencies : *virtual block!*

RyanMan SP: *virtual Hadoken*

Explosive tendencies : You've got me beat at that, I don't even know what that is...

RyanMan SP: Yes! Fireball. Street Fighter. Duh.

Explosive tendencies : Oh... Never played that game...

RyanMan SP: Tisk tisk. If there's one good traditional figting game, it's Street Fighter (or it's many sequels)

Explosive tendencies : You think a trash can lid would deflect that?

RyanMan SP: No

Explosive tendencies : Damn... Not even a little?

RyanMan SP: Actually yes

Explosive tendencies : Sweet! *Trash can lid blocker attack!* We should be on to music review by now

RyanMan SP: So instead I'll launch a Power Geyser

Explosive tendencies : I'll just dig a hole and sit in it. That should help me out a little against this geyser thingy...

RyanMan SP: That won't save you from something that travels across the ground!

Explosive tendencies : What if I went deep enough?

RyanMan SP: No. Cause then it would just go down the wall

Explosive tendencies : Damn... Well then... umm... Time of the music review!

RyanMan SP: Yes

Explosive tendencies : The Hell? Someone who isn't in my list wants me to go to some porn place... Little_girl: hey come and check my web cam at http://webcamonline.by.ru

RyanMan SP: Oh my

Explosive tendencies : I'll ask the question "ping?" and see what comes back

RyanMan SP: Do I smell virii lurking around the bend?

Explosive tendencies : Blah! No Street Fighter! Music!

RyanMan SP: What?

Explosive tendencies : "Virii"?

RyanMan SP: And my last move was from Fatal Fury

Explosive tendencies : Oh... oops. I don't care for blood up the carpet with the opponent games.

RyanMan SP: "Virii", my friend, means multiple viruses

Explosive tendencies : Oh... I see... I'll do the music review then... I'll just go look for a CD...

RyanMan SP: Right. I think we got a bit lost

Explosive tendencies : I found the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the Super Mario Bros. movie. I'll just put it in computer and take a listen

RyanMan SP: As in you actually own it?

Explosive tendencies : Yes...

RyanMan SP: Holy kcuffin' crap!!!!

Explosive tendencies : It was the first CD I ever owned

RyanMan SP: What's on it?

Explosive tendencies : Roxette, Divinyls, The Goombas featuring George Clinton...

RyanMan SP: Oh. So I'm not exaclty missing out

Explosive tendencies : No... But still, it was my first CD... I love it. Even though the music isn't great.

RyanMan SP: Crappy soundtrack for a crappy movie

Explosive tendencies : There's 'Walk the Dinosaur' on it. Hey! That was a great movie!

RyanMan SP: I like it as a Nintendo hardcore, but as a movie critic, it was a crappy movie

Explosive tendencies : Best game based movie

RyanMan SP: No way, the Mortal Kombat movies owned

Explosive tendencies : Mind you, I liked Kazam...

RyanMan SP: Oh dear

Explosive tendencies : I really want it to rain candy... Just once... In any case, the music isn't nearly as bad as I remember...

RyanMan SP: But to change the topic, the Matrix: Reloaded's theme is one of the best songs I've ever heard

Explosive tendencies : Send it over

RyanMan SP: Maybe it's just the P.O.D. fan in me talking, but I think it's an incredible song

Explosive tendencies : So, I reccomend the SMB Movie soundtrack... Download it, 'cause you'll never find it...

RyanMan SP: And I reccomend what I know of the Matrix: Reloaded's soundtrack *P.O.D.- Sleeping Awake*

Explosive tendencies : Oh, I know this song... I personally don't think it's great, but that's just me. Mwahahaha! Walk the Dinosaur! Ha-cha-cha!

RyanMan SP: How long is it?

Explosive tendencies : 4 minutes 8 seconds

RyanMan SP: 4:23 will do then...

Explosive tendencies : Okay...?

RyanMan SP: D/Ling it, and all the files have different times

Explosive tendencies : Okay

RyanMan SP: That's the closest I could get with a decent quality

Explosive tendencies : So, we're on the game review... I read your review for Batman: Dark Tommorow by the way.

RyanMan SP: Good good. But at the same time, not good

Explosive tendencies : Indeed... I also read a little on the Bomberman game

RyanMan SP: Don't EVER play that stupid Batman game

Explosive tendencies : Diarrhea is a funny idea for a status effect

RyanMan SP: I gave it that name

Explosive tendencies : Good choice

RyanMan SP: I think... Maybe the instruction boolet did

Explosive tendencies : Drop the bomb litterally... Heh heh

RyanMan SP: I'll go check. ...Yep. The actual term is "Loose-bomb disease". I guess it made me think of loose bowels

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. So, you uploaded ChatRad5?

RyanMan SP: I did send you the link

Explosive tendencies : No... In e-mail?

RyanMan SP: Scroll up... Don't make me bust out the Burning Knuckle

Explosive tendencies : Oh, okay

RyanMan SP: Yeah

Explosive tendencies : So, we're done the game review?

RyanMan SP: It never started

Explosive tendencies : Well, we sort of did... But go ahead if you've got something to talk about

RyanMan SP: OK. Castlevania(NES). For it's time, it was pretty good. Seems it was pretty popular, so I guess I can't argue. But in comparison to the more recent ones, it's crap

Explosive tendencies : Hey, there's some queen on this CD...

RyanMan SP: Nice. That instantly makes the CD worth owning

Explosive tendencies : "Tie Your Mother Down"

RyanMan SP: Sweet, that's an awesome song! OOH! Then I'll add that "The March of the Black Queen" is a great song too

Explosive tendencies : Anyways... Anything else worth saying about Castlevania?

RyanMan SP: Umm.. it's really tough, and anyone with a GBA should buy the newest one, Aria of Sorrow, which kicks complete and total arse on so many levels. I just got it today

Explosive tendencies : Did you buy it? Or did the parents?

RyanMan SP: Me. Had to spend that last paycheck sooner or later

Explosive tendencies : Dammit! did you save 10$?

RyanMan SP: I still have some cash, but my mom's birthday and Father's Day are coming up, plus MegaMan: Network Transmission and MegaMan Battle Network 3. Though I think I'm just gonna wait and get MMBN3 for my birthday

Explosive tendencies : As long as you save 10$, I have no quarrel over what you waste your money on

RyanMan SP: OK. Stupid couch. Can't we just take one from behind the store?

Explosive tendencies : if they have some sure.

RyanMan SP: Sweet. Saving $10 is always good

Explosive tendencies : Save 10$ anyways(and I'm going to keep putting my '$' at the end of my numbers, like a good French Immersion stufent)

RyanMan SP: Pffft... We're not talking in French, so it doesn't go there

Explosive tendencies : It makes sense to put it at the end...

RyanMan SP: Yes, but the English world begs to differ

Explosive tendencies : Damn English and it's internationalisim... I don't think that's a word... Is it?

RyanMan SP: Sure. So what's next?

Explosive tendencies : Uhh... Links.

RyanMan SP: Oh. Hmmm... Well, I've just been doing my rounds(GameFAQs, PGC, X-E) lately

Explosive tendencies : And?

RyanMan SP: Ummm.. I dunno. If there's a cool site on Classicgaming.com called The Mushroom Kingdom, but I don't have the link on me right now, and I've got too much stuff open right now to check for it. But that's what get's my Site of the Day award

Explosive tendencies : Tisk tisk, I only have 3 programs open right now

RyanMan SP: I only have 4, but Opera and Kazaa don't like to be opened at the same time. Especially with 2 conversations and a Windows Explorer open. Actually, it seems Opera doesn't like to be open at the same time as any other application

Explosive tendencies : Really? It's open right now on my computer. Oh wait... I have twice the RAM you do...

RyanMan SP: That might be a factor

Explosive tendencies : It usually is... Unfortunate really...

RyanMan SP: Oh well. I'll continue trying to convince my dad to buy more. Maybe for Christmas. So.... what comes after Links, Mr. Holder of the Agenda

Explosive tendencies : Special topic... So, "Compare Spam" time. I'll look for a good one. Oh! A great one, right off the bat!

RyanMan SP: That's permanent now!?!?!

Explosive tendencies : I thought it was funny, so I think it'll stay for at least a little while. This one is from: "Convienent drug tests"

RyanMan SP: Um... does that mean the other one is permanent too...?

Explosive tendencies : Meh, it doesn't have to be. If you want it to be, i don't have a problem with it. Subject reads: "Are your children on drugs?"

RyanMan SP: Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom!

Explosive tendencies : Yup.

RyanMan SP: Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom! This song is great!

Explosive tendencies : "have a job interview? Suspect your kids are on drugs? Need to test employees? Know the answer. A home drug test with results as quick as 3 minutes". I can just see a drug dealer checking if his stuff is authentic with this stuff

RyanMan SP: Oi. The Cycling Dealer...

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, that was just sad...

RyanMan SP: OK, my turn?

Explosive tendencies : For?

RyanMan SP: Spam

Explosive tendencies : Sure, go ahead

RyanMan SP: Okay, let's try to find one that isn't porn...

Explosive tendencies : Hard to find... Like a needle in a magazine...

RyanMan SP: Uhhh.... OK

Explosive tendencies : You keep getting distracted by all the pictures...

RyanMan SP: Here we go

Explosive tendencies : Alright

RyanMan SP: "Find Seized and Unclaimed Property"

Explosive tendencies : Sounds rather humourous... I got one from "Stuffed Snapper/Red Fish-R4L "

RyanMan SP: Nope... just for a police auction. I really gotta get aroung to going to one of those

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. Oh, here's a funny subject: "Your favorite poem could be worth $10,000!!"

RyanMan SP: Uh...

Explosive tendencies : I think my favorite poem is already copyrighted...

RyanMan SP: "Wow! Can I have a lick?"

Explosive tendencies : :O

RyanMan SP: From "lolli72H@stiffyprductions.net"

Explosive tendencies : I'll check that site out

RyanMan SP: ...Yet another blocked address

Explosive tendencies : Wait... Is it porn?

RyanMan SP: Take a guess

Explosive tendencies : I'll just assume it's a yes...

RyanMan SP: Actually, I never opened it. I generally don't unless it sounds at least 98% legit

Explosive tendencies : I'll take a quick peek. ...It doesn't exist...

RyanMan SP: Oh. Did you put an extra "o" in prductions?

Explosive tendencies : Oh well, no big deal...

RyanMan SP: Cause there's not supposed to be one

Explosive tendencies : Got another idea for a topic?

RyanMan SP: We'd better finish this, because Messenger keeps signing me out

Explosive tendencies : Uh... Okay... I have nothing to go out on... Wait! I've got something.

RyanMan SP: OK

Explosive tendencies : Try peeps in other holiday shapes! Christmas, Halloween, and of course Easter

RyanMan SP: Ummm... Okay

Explosive tendencies : I read it on the box of Peeps!

RyanMan SP: Really?

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, and there's Peeps Points too

RyanMan SP: Woah

Explosive tendencies : I think you can get stuff... I'll go get the box

RyanMan SP: Peeps? What the Hell could you want to have Peeps on it?

Explosive tendencies : Oh, there's Valentine's Day peeps too...

RyanMan SP: Are they all little chicks?

Explosive tendencies : No idea. "And to learn more about the magic Marshmallow Peeps, visit us on the web at www.marshmellowpeeps.com"

RyanMan SP: I'd rather not, but the suspense is killing me

Explosive tendencies : I'm looking it up. I think I typed it worng... Oh...

RyanMan SP: Yeah, it's "marshmallow"

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. www.marshmallowpeeps.com. They're so happy...

RyanMan SP: Better, but I could have fixed it in the editing process

Explosive tendencies : Ah well... Good God...

RyanMan SP: What?

Explosive tendencies : Go to the site... It's scary that a marshmallow treat could have such a big site...

RyanMan SP: Ca creve les yeux

Explosive tendencies : That means it's obvious...

RyanMan SP: Yeah, I know. But *painfully* obvious; it sticks out

Explosive tendencies : I guess a lot of people buy Peeps during Easter so they can keep going off those funds all year

RyanMan SP: I told you everyone loves Peeps

Explosive tendencies : Oooh! 50th anniversary Peeps!

RyanMan SP: My articles don't lie. Everyone loves the little buggers

Explosive tendencies : Woo hoo! look at that happy mallow gingerbread man!

RyanMan SP: Show your Peeps® pride by saving Peeps Points for one of a kind, Peep-tacular merchandise. I don't think Peep-tacular is a word

Explosive tendencies : Meh, it's Peeps, you can't judge Peeps.

RyanMan SP: I'll judge whatever the f*** I want

Explosive tendencies : *on merchandiase* Sweet! like?

RyanMan SP: Clock, shirt, keychain

Explosive tendencies : Ooh! Peeps clock!

RyanMan SP: It's got no numbers on it!

Explosive tendencies : Holy moly! Screen savers and E-cards!

RyanMan SP: PEEPS FAN CLUB!? They're taking it too far!

Explosive tendencies : Nah, it's Peeps man, they're great

RyanMan SP: I don't like 'em that much. They're just sugary little marshmallows. Normal marshmallows are better. At least you can put 'em in hot chocolate

Explosive tendencies : rotflmao! I'm so funny!

RyanMan SP: May I ask why?

Explosive tendencies : I personally think it's funny that i sent you an peeps e-card.

RyanMan SP: ...That is ... ... Beyond words. *!* Screw Peeps, the same company makes Mike&Ikes!

Explosive tendencies : "Introduced in 1940, Mike and Ike® delicious chewy candies are loved by kids and adults alike. Throughout the years, Just Born expanded its candy production with different flavors. Although not marketed under the Mike and Ike® name, the look and feel of the products were identical. We offered such flavors as Root-T-Toot(root beer flavored), Jack and Jill(licorice flavored), Cool Kids(spearmint flavored), and Jolly Joes(grape flavored), right alongside the popular Mike and Ike® Original Fruits."

RyanMan SP: Yeah...

Explosive tendencies : How can you not love this brand!? Ooh! Jolly Joes!

RyanMan SP: Mike&Ikes are one of the top candy contenders

Explosive tendencies : "In the 1980's as consumer demand for flavors changed, we replaced Root-T-Toot, Jack and Jill, and Cool Kids with Strawbana(strawberry and banana), Lem and Mel(lemon and watermelon), and Cherri and Bubb(cherry and bubble gum)."

RyanMan SP: To Hell with them. Root Beer is the best flavor ever. Period.

Explosive tendencies : If you call it root ale, it sounds funnier

RyanMan SP: Sure... Weren't we finishing up?

Explosive tendencies : But I've been filled with a new want to talk about candy!

RyanMan SP: Well you can tell someone who cares

Explosive tendencies : I wondered who makes those cinnamon heart candies!

RyanMan SP: I want to go back to playing Castlevania/go to bed

Explosive tendencies : Okay... I guess once again my words to go out on have gone to waste... Have a Peep'n good night everyone!

RyanMan SP: No. Now everyone knows that there were Root Beer flavored Mike&Ikes. Later, peeps!(pun intended)

I told you there would be Peeps. Lots and lots of Peeps. I really don't like them that much, why does everyone else? Now that I mention it, they really don't taste that great at all. Peeps suck. *Prepares a flame wall for the two readers who will get mad at that comment* So... I guees I might do a review of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, but not anytime soon. I have a big history project due somtime in the next two weeks and I've only got the title page done. It's pretty nice though. So yeah, expect that and the Musical Theater presentation to be within the next 3 or 4 articles. Oh, and if "Musical Theater presentation" confused you, read the fricking News page! That's what it's there for! Oi! Actually, I'll do the Aria of Sorrow review after I get my GameBoy Player, so I can get proper screenshots. It comes out sometime in August I think, so maybe it won't be within the next few articles.


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