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Chat Radio 8 -
I've got nothin'
posted : 06/01/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.
Ummm, just another ordinary day here at the offices. Though, it's a little bit dirtier than usual as we "explore" the more adult-oriented spam E-mails. Otherwise, you're looking at another episode with nothing big or new, just the usual topics and some mindless chatter. It's episode eight, so that means we're getting close to ten. If we make it that far, my mission will be a complete success. I should also warn you that at this point we didn't really finish it because my connection got screwed. So I wrote a temporary ending. I may or may not update once we write the real ending.

Duh. Me cyan, he white. You know by now. Get to read.

Explosive tendencies says: Hey everyone!

RyanMan SP says: Hey again

Explosive tendencies says: Today's Chat Radio is only 2 away from the tenth.

RyanMan SP says: Yes indeed

Explosive tendencies says: I think we should do something interesting on the 10th episode.

RyanMan SP says: Like?

Explosive tendencies says: Not too sure... I don't think there's much to do...

RyanMan SP says: Another guest? I like guests

Explosive tendencies says: We could do another all-nighter...

RyanMan SP says: Maybe. But the first one didn't go too well

Explosive tendencies says: That's true. But hey, I'll get some energy drinks. With "jen-sing" or whatever it's called.

RyanMan SP says: OK

Explosive tendencies says: Oh, I've got a few shedules printed out for you, ask about them at school tommorow, I keep forgetting to tell you.

RyanMan SP says: OK. Speaking of which, I've been "working" on my History project all day

Explosive tendencies says: How much is done?

RyanMan SP says: About 3 pages. Or slides, if you will

Explosive tendencies says: Out of?

RyanMan SP says: 60, for full points

Explosive tendencies says: You've got to be kidding...

RyanMan SP says: It's in PowerPoint. We can use that for the software review

Explosive tendencies says: Oh, well, that's not too bad... Certainly. And with that, we'll get this thing underway. Time for the weather.

RyanMan SP says: OK. It was kinda nice out today, if not a slight bit chilly. I was at a church picnic for about an hour and some berries fell of a tree and hit me, but I don't know if that counts as weather. Maybe a tasty hail

Explosive tendencies says: Raining berries... works for me. Have you deleted your Word of the Day E-mail today?

RyanMan SP says: Yup. So I'll just pick a random word from the dictionary, provided by our good friends at Larousse

Explosive tendencies says: Looks like today's word of the day is going to be pulled straight from... okay

RyanMan SP says: Well, it seems that French-English dictionaries aren't very good at definitions, so I'll just go find the Scrabble dictionary

Explosive tendencies says: Works for me.

RyanMan SP says: introfy; verb; -to increase the wetting properties of

Explosive tendencies says: Hmm... I introfied the sponge?

RyanMan SP says: Uhhh... I'm not sure, but let's just pretend it makes sense

Explosive tendencies says: Okay. So, now it's my turn. Software review...

RyanMan SP says: Microsoft PowerPoint?

Explosive tendencies says: Ah, in that case, feel free to do this one.

RyanMan SP says: Mwahahahaha! OK. Back to reality here... PowerPoint is a pretty neat tooly thing to use. It's got lots of options and neat little bells and whistles. And it's easy to learn how to use to boot. I've taught myself how to use it in the past 4 hours, but I still can't figure one thing out...

Explosive tendencies says: Which is?

RyanMan SP says: How do I make it so that clicking anywhere won't go to the next slide?

Explosive tendencies says: I'll find that out for you.

RyanMan SP says: My presentation is a little more complex than page-click-page-click-page-click. It's more like a wee little website

Explosive tendencies says: Go to 'slide show' then 'slide transition', there should be an option in there to not use mouse clicks.

RyanMan SP says: Hmmm.. I swear I'd looked there, but I seem to miss little things a lot more than I should

Explosive tendencies says: Well, I've got PPXP so it might not be there for you.

RyanMan SP says: Oh it's there

Explosive tendencies says: Okay, great.

RyanMan SP says: I got my PP in the Office XP

Explosive tendencies says: Oh. Okay then

RyanMan SP says: Yup

Explosive tendencies says: Next time you delete your Word of the Day E-mail we can just go to the site. They seem to have it...

RyanMan SP says: Yeah.

Explosive tendencies says: In any case... Time for the music review.

RyanMan SP says: OK. Seeing as you haven't done much yet, go nuts

Explosive tendencies says: Ah crap... Well, I've taken quite the liking to the Super Mario Sunshine background music. It's all happy and such. I'm not too sure if they've actualy made a soundtrack CD yet, but I'd reccomend tring to find it

RyanMan SP says: Ah yes. They made a Metroid Prime soundtrack, so I'd suppose that an SMS one exists somewhere

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah.

RyanMan SP says: It is pretty good. I myself love the "sub-world" music

Explosive tendencies says: Sub world?

RyanMan SP says: The little challenge stages. I had that song once and I just set it on loop for hours

Explosive tendencies says: Ah yes. Those are good. Well, no results for Super Mario Sunshine...

RyanMan SP says: Damn. Check on PGC, they used to have a couple

Explosive tendencies says: Okay. What's the address? Nevermind...

RyanMan SP says: Yeah

Explosive tendencies says: PlanetGameCube.com

RyanMan SP says: Yup

Explosive tendencies says: Shall we see what PGC had to say about Batman: Dark Tommorow?

RyanMan SP says: We already saw that a few episodes back

Explosive tendencies says: I know, but if you hated it, let's see if the people who checked it out hated it too...

RyanMan SP says: Yes he did. Sorta

Explosive tendencies says: In any case... it's time for the game review.

RyanMan SP says: We're moving along awfully fast today

Explosive tendencies says: So we are... But hey, random insanity is where we make up for it.

RyanMan SP says: Yes, but usually we stop in between every topic for a while

Explosive tendencies says: Blender Bros.?!?

RyanMan SP says: Wha?

Explosive tendencies says: I don't know... Here... Hehe! "ChuChu Rocket: The awesome puzzler from Sonic Team makes its way to the Game Boy Advance!"

RyanMan SP says: Yup. Long time ago. Actually, I think it was one of the launch titles

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah... They have all the games ever reased in this section.

RyanMan SP says: Well, I think they got rid off ALL their SMS media...

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah, I looked... Anyways, game review is your section...

RyanMan SP says: Oh... Let's see. Haven't played many classic gmaes lately. Ah, here's a winner! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project(NES)

Explosive tendencies says: I really wish I had a NES...

RyanMan SP says: Oh yes you do. Anyways, TMNT3 wsa a great game. NES-wise, it probably the game I've played the most. It's another side-scrolling beat 'em up, but the Turtles charm makes it fun like you wouldn't beleive. Though some may say that TMNT2 was better, it had no surfing. At least not to my knowledge

Explosive tendencies says: Oh. My. God. There's someone with a commercial for Super Mario Bros. 3!

RyanMan SP says: Yeah... I have a Capn' Crunch commmercial. Actually, X-E has a ton of old commercials

Explosive tendencies says: Really?

RyanMan SP says: Yup. At least 100. ...I think

Explosive tendencies says: I'll check there too... I think old game commercials are great. What's the address?

RyanMan SP says: ...X-E

Explosive tendencies says: Thanks

RyanMan SP says: Ever seen the one for the first Legend of Zelda?

Explosive tendencies says: nope.

RyanMan SP says: It's ... enraging... yet, loveable

Explosive tendencies says: They... changed the site...

RyanMan SP says: How long has it been since your last visit?

Explosive tendencies says: About 2 months...

RyanMan SP says: Hmmm... I thik they changed it around January

Explosive tendencies says: Oh dear... I suppose I haven't been here in a really long time

RyanMan SP says: I'd say so.

Explosive tendencies says: That's what it's called! the "PLAY DOH FUN FACTORY"

RyanMan SP says: OK...?

Explosive tendencies says: I've had it for years! I didn't know what is was called... I think I broke the box when I was 7...

RyanMan SP says: OK

Explosive tendencies says: Oh, are we done the game review?

RyanMan SP says: Yes

Explosive tendencies says: Oh... Now it's links...

RyanMan SP says: Great! Right away I give my Site of the Day award to PVP Online

Explosive tendencies says: PVP online?

RyanMan SP says: Online comic. The only one better is Penny Arcade

Explosive tendencies says: I'll take a look in a sec. ...That's pretty funny.

RyanMan SP says: I'd suggest starting to read from the beginning. It's like a big ongoing story

Explosive tendencies says: Oh. I see. The Mac switch mock commercial is great.

RyanMan SP says: Yup. Well, I have to go have dinner now, so it looks like you get to do Tech Tips

Explosive tendencies says: Uh... Okay. So, Tech Tips... I'm the problem solver damn-it! Not the problem-requesting-solutionner... Well, uh... What do I have trouble doing...? I think I'm going to have to resort to asking a question about a Mac. Umm... Oh! Tod from Toad Hollow asks:"I just got a Mac, and I don't know how to launch programs." Well Tod, I really have no freakin' clue how to do anything on a Mac. So your guess is as good as mine. I really want a Mac... *sigh* Maybe an eMac... they seem awesome. At least you can burn CDs now. Those first iMacs were crap. You needed to buy an external floppy drive. That really seemed dumb... Man, I wish Ryan was here with a question about computers... I'm nothing without questions to answer. *tear* I'm so lonely. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

RyanMan SP says: Joe from Japan asks:"My mouse is broken! What can I do (to use my PC) until I get a new one?"

Explosive tendencies says: YAY! Alrighty. Use the 'Tab' key to move around in windows.

RyanMan SP says: And various Alt+/Shift+ to do stuff

Explosive tendencies says: Use the SpaceBar to click. and use Ctrl+Esc to open the start menu.

RyanMan SP says: Or the Windows key, if you want

Explosive tendencies says: And 'Alt+Tab' to move between windows. Oh, use 'Alt' to get into menus. That'll help you do at least something

RyanMan SP says: Yup. And if you do simple stuff, like browsing the net or playing emulators, you should be just fine

Explosive tendencies says: Ahhh... You should never let me do Tech Tips by myself ever again!

RyanMan SP says: Why?

Explosive tendencies says: Let's just say I went a little crazy...

RyanMan SP says: ...So I see

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah... I'm not too proud of it...

RyanMan SP says: Just make something up. that's what I do

Explosive tendencies says: I see...

RyanMan SP says: Check this out

Explosive tendencies says: HAHAHA! Good 'ol fart jokes...

RyanMan SP says: Yup

Explosive tendencies says: So, we're onto Spam E-Mail. We'll just check what's in the 'ol inbox...

RyanMan SP says: Mine's empty... All 5 of 'em

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah, I've only got one good one... "From: Classic Waldorf Salad-R4L Subject: Do you have ringing in your ears? Well, STOP IT!"

RyanMan SP says: Salad?

Explosive tendencies says: "Recipe4Living delivers the tastiest offers on the web. We respect your privacy. If you no longer wish to receive these yummy offers, see the removal instructions at the bottom of the email. Do you have ringing in your ears? Well, STOP IT! With ring stop you can have the ringing in your ears literally gone forever. Ring Stop has helped thousands of individuals around the globe live without the constant Nagging ringing. If you have ringing or buzzing in your ears, you are not alone. Over 50 Million people suffer from Tinnitus in some form. Join with the other who have taken Ring Stop" Haha! it rhymes with ring-pop

RyanMan SP says: Ha... That almost looks like Tetanus

Explosive tendencies says: Well I thought it was funny... That's all I got...

RyanMan SP says: OK. That didn't go too well today

Explosive tendencies says: No. I deleted them all... Wait a sec! Didn't clear the trash out...

RyanMan SP says: There ya go

Explosive tendencies says: One subject reads: "Check Out These Sleeping Teen Girls Being Screwed From Behind"

RyanMan SP says: ...

Explosive tendencies says: They really can sleep if they can sleep through something like that...

RyanMan SP says: You'd think that they would wake up. Screwdrivers are noisy

Explosive tendencies says: Indeed...

RyanMan SP says: Oh... Damn my naiveness...

Explosive tendencies says: Anyways... The really funny thing I find is all the creative words for penis they've thought up. "See How Amazed She Gets After She Sees Your New Dip Stick"

RyanMan SP says: Yeah

Explosive tendencies says: "Rip Her Twat Apart With Your Walloping Sized Meat Wrench" (there's more)

RyanMan SP says: I have a "comprehensive list of ham sandwiches" somewhere in one of my accounts

Explosive tendencies says: "Get Her Excited With Your Massive Size Rod" "She’ll Beg For You To Stop After You Show Her Your New Joystick"

RyanMan SP says: Is this all the same one?

Explosive tendencies says: I didn't open them... It's all the subjects that have to do with the same topic.

RyanMan SP says: Oh. I see

Explosive tendencies says: "Have Her Begging For More With Your New Monster Prick"

RyanMan SP says: They're all the same thing with different words!

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah. I'm saying it's funny how many ways they said penis. I wonder if they payed someone just to do this...

RyanMan SP says: True

Explosive tendencies says: "Pound Her Cunt With Your Enormous Johnson" I think that's the last one.

RyanMan SP says: That's quite enough

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah...

RyanMan SP says: This is supposed to be family-friendly!

Explosive tendencies says: Oops... I forgot about that...

RyanMan SP says: Oh well.

Explosive tendencies says: So, we're onto random insanity again...

RyanMan SP says: Yes indeed

Explosive tendencies says: YES! SMB3 Commercial! In 7 minutes...

RyanMan SP says: Enjoy the wait

Explosive tendencies says: I will, I've got commercials to keep me company. I'm watching the Atari one now.

RyanMan SP says: Oh dear

Explosive tendencies says: Indeed...

Explosive tendencies says: C-3P0's breakfast cereal!

RyanMan SP says: Yay!

Explosive tendencies says: Good old Kellogs...

RyanMan SP says: Mmmm.... pizzalicious

Explosive tendencies says: Nintendo: Now you're playing with power.

RyanMan SP says: Yay! Again!

Explosive tendencies says: Odd Zelda commercial... Oh well...

RyanMan SP says: Ugh

Explosive tendencies says: Still 3 more minutes until the SMB3 commercail...

Explosive tendencies says: I have to leak. Be back in 3 minutes

RyanMan SP says: OK. So, anyone out there in Internet Land played Anaconda? I'm sure you have. Though it was probably named something different. It's that little game where you have to make the snake eat apples without eating himself. Very addictive. Wait a minute... 3 minute leak? Not even Adam Sandler could beat that. Freak.

Explosive tendencies says: Yeah, I've played it. Brian has that on his cell phone.

RyanMan SP says: The only redeeming quality of a cell phone. Well, unless if it has a vibrating function...

Explosive tendencies says: ...yeah...

Explosive tendencies says: So the SMB3 commercial is pretty good... But very short by today's commercial standards.

RyanMan SP says: Most old commercials are. Or so it seems, anyway

Explosive tendencies says: yeah

*At this part my PC went nuts, disconnected me, and made it impossible to sign in again or use the internet. So, until we can finish this, I'll just write a temporary ending*

~Temporary ending~

Explosive tendencies says: So I'm a big buffon, eh?

RyanMan SP says: You sure are, spaz.

Explosive tendencies says: I'm gonna smack meself in tha head with a ham

RyanMan SP says: Go nuts

Explosive tendencies says: *Smacks self with ham* OW! Jeez that was stupid. Oh no. I am losing consciousness. Faint.

RyanMan SP says: Oh dear. It seems that I have been left here all alone since my co-host has fallen unconscious. I guess I will have to finish the show without that palooka. I jope you enjoyed todays show. If you did send me money. And if you didn't, send me money anyway. I need money pretty bad right now. So send me all your money, or just $50 will do if you don't wanna send all of it. Well, this is the smart one signing off. Goodnight everybody.

Explosive tendencies says: *gurgle gurgle....*

... Screw it. I'm not even gonna try writing a conclusion this time. You're on your own. Good night. I'm sleepy.


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