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Chat Radio 9 -
Are we getting old already?
posted : 06/22/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.

We did this one so long ago, I forget what it's about. June 5th, to be exact. I think it's just another one of those ordinary ones, but there may or may not be a higher level of comedy. We've noticed that Chat Radio is getting a bit monotonous and we're trying our hardest to think up new ideas that will make it better. Not that you can really make something like this better, but we're trying. Just wait until the next episode, we're gonna have to do something for that. Not much else I can say about it. Get to reading.

I think you know who we are by now, but for the sake of redundancy, I'll tell you anyway. I'm the guy in cyan, he's in white. See, you knew that, didn't you.

ChatRad8: (June 5th, 2003)

Explosive tendencies : Hello everyone.

RyanMan SP : Umm... Wait... I know I'm the host but now I'm confused. Are we finishing 8 or starting 9?

Explosive tendencies : Oh crap... Starting 9

RyanMan SP : OK

Explosive tendencies : I put the whole typo thing in the header...

RyanMan SP : Yeah

Explosive tendencies : So, you have the schedual, and I don't have one.

RyanMan SP : Hoi! Typing with one hand is hard!

Explosive tendencies : What is your other hand doing?

RyanMan SP : Holding a taco. What were you thinking?

Explosive tendencies : Well, me being me, I was thinking about nothing...

RyanMan SP : Good

Explosive tendencies : But, I'm going to start talking about this awsome drink which I have drunk...

RyanMan SP : That taco needed more tomatoes

Explosive tendencies : So, this thing is flavored green apple like, and it seems to have been manufactured by Jones soda.

RyanMan SP : Sounds kinda shady to me

Explosive tendencies : It's in a beer bottlish bottle...

RyanMan SP : Hmmm

Explosive tendencies : But it's awsome, they have different pictures on the labels, so if you want you can send your picture in, and get your face on a bottle. Inside the cap they have great fortunes. Mine said I'm going to go sit on the North Pole, or... "the top of the world"

RyanMan SP : Oh. Sounds... Fun

Explosive tendencies : Next to the fortune it reads: "We swiped this from a fortune cookie, send your quotes to www.jonessoda.com"

RyanMan SP : Hmmm. I told you they were shady. Stealing from the Chinese...

Explosive tendencies : The back of the bottle is better "Ya gotta make a living somehow; we chose the beverage world. At Jones, we want you to buy a lot of soda and recycle the bottles. The labels are kinda like our minds -- always changing. Run with the little guy... create some change." So these people seem cool.

RyanMan SP : Sure

Explosive tendencies : If I die tommorow, don't drink it. If I don't die, drink it. Simple

RyanMan SP : I just spiked my little brother with a ninja needle

Explosive tendencies : Spiked? Ninja needle?

RyanMan SP : Or... Pen

Explosive tendencies : Ah, I see.

RyanMan SP : But I threw it pretty good

Explosive tendencies : But how good can a person really through a pen?

RyanMan SP : I threw it real good. Uh oh. Now I'm in trouble

Explosive tendencies : So is this Jones soda... They did a really bad job on the French part... Is there a word "Aimons" in French? I don't think that's how you conjegate "Aimer"

RyanMan SP : Sure it is. "Nous aimons"

Explosive tendencies : Oh... Well, in any case, it seems as though it was pumped through a translator. I'll save the bottle and show it to you some time this week. Or go to their site.

RyanMan SP : OK. So I guess we should get to the schedule

Explosive tendencies : That would be a good idea...

RyanMan SP : First up, as usual is weather. I think it was raining early this morning, but it cleared up by about 8 and last time I was outside it was sunny, but not too hot out

Explosive tendencies : That seems to still be true outside...

RyanMan SP : OK then. Hmmm, anything else I should say about the weather..? Let me think

Explosive tendencies : It might rain tommorow?

RyanMan SP : OK. Ah! I've got it! Since our last guest thought that people outside should count as weather, I'll work off that.

Explosive tendencies : Wha? Did she?

RyanMan SP : Remember that mysterious "hot guy" that we had no interest in?

Explosive tendencies : Vaguely.

RyanMan SP : Anyway, all week there have been lots of good looking girls outside my house. Which is strange, because I don't know of any good looking girls nearby

Explosive tendencies : Week? Really?

RyanMan SP : Maybe it's cause I don't hang out in front of my house a lot, but it's been a nice change, so say the least

Explosive tendencies : I need to stop by then.

RyanMan SP : And the other day there was a lesbian convention a few houses over. I know I mentioned it before, but I thought the readers should know. Or at least I was led to beleive that it was a lesbian convention

Explosive tendencies : You could have gone out to ask...

RyanMan SP : Nah. Either way I would have looked like a fool. And getting in undetected wasn't an option either. The pillow only works as camoflauge while I'm on the couch.

Explosive tendencies : How far down was it?

RyanMan SP : 3 doors down...

Explosive tendencies : I see...

RyanMan SP : *surpressing irony*

Explosive tendencies : So the little fort wouldn't have givin a proper view...

RyanMan SP : Nope. I was thinking about making one of those "bush" disguses, but I didn't feel like actually going outside

Explosive tendencies : Irony?

RyanMan SP : 3 Doors Down. Band. See?

Explosive tendencies : I thought so. They're gay? Hmm... Who would have thought

RyanMan SP : No... it's just kinda funny. See, I like the band and lesbians, so it's kinda ironic

Explosive tendencies : In any case, are there still good looking girls about down by your house?

RyanMan SP : I dunno, they were the come-and-go type. I don't think they live around here

Explosive tendencies : Hmm... Well, anyways. Onto the next topic for now.

RyanMan SP : Yup. Word of the Day. Since I don't have the e-mail, feel free to check dictionary.com

Explosive tendencies : I subscribed to the E-mail, as a back up for the inevitable.

RyanMan SP : Oh good

Explosive tendencies : specious \SPEE-shuhs\
adjective: 1. Apparently right; superficially fair, just, or correct, but not so in reality; as, "specious reasoning; a specious argument."

RyanMan SP : Hmm... Kinda hard to use

Explosive tendencies : So, it's specious that all those girls were lesbians.

RyanMan SP : Umm... More like speculation

Explosive tendencies : Tut tut, I made the example, no fixy!

RyanMan SP : Whatever.

Explosive tendencies : So what's next on the chopping block?

RyanMan SP : Did you ever watch the cartoon "Mummies Alive!"?

Explosive tendencies : Unfortunately yes...

RyanMan SP : I didn't. I'm not sure why I asked, but it just popped into my head. Damn... Now I feel the urge to download the theme song

Explosive tendencies : Ah. Do you remember 'Bonkers'?

RyanMan SP : Yeah. Good ol' Bonkers

Explosive tendencies : I also remember the comical bob-cat

RyanMan SP : Yup. Good times

Explosive tendencies : So uhh... What is next?

RyanMan SP : Software review. See why I was stalling?

Explosive tendencies : Oh! great news (and mostly unexpected) i'm making a new CDP-Windows (for the second time)

RyanMan SP : That was unexpected!

Explosive tendencies : This one has a better save system, and can save and import bitmaps.

RyanMan SP : Sounds good

Explosive tendencies : Yup. I've gotten a lot done, but there's still lots to go.

RyanMan SP : I see

Explosive tendencies : So we'll see how it'll be when I'm done

RyanMan SP : Oh no!

Explosive tendencies : What?

RyanMan SP : I just realized that when my hard drive crashed, I lost all my VB6 games!! Poor hangman...

Explosive tendencies : No more Rock-Paper-Scissors for you

RyanMan SP : And Rock-Paper-Scissors 2! It was so much better than the first...

Explosive tendencies : Anyways... A nice little notice to anyone who cares... I GOT 106.7% IN MY COMPUTER PROGRAMMING CLASS!!!

RyanMan SP : *jaw-dropping emoticon*

Explosive tendencies : Yup, top of my class... of 3 people

RyanMan SP : I'm the top of my French class. Of 11 people!

Explosive tendencies : Oh pssh... French... Who needs French?

RyanMan SP : French people

Explosive tendencies : That's true...

RyanMan SP : And I'm almost at the top of my History class. If only I had done more of my homework...

Explosive tendencies : Oh, I'll be right back, I'm going to go microwave my Marshmallow Peeps. Or 2 of them anyways... So start Tech Tips, I'll be back in 2 minutes

RyanMan SP : OK. Hmmm. What the Hell? No Tech Tips mail!? ...No Tech Tips E-mail either!??! Oh woe is me! Either people don't need help any more or we give out such bad advice that they've stopped asking us! I'll guess the former. Our advice isn't that bad, is it?

Explosive tendencies : Well, after the experiment the subjects swelled to twice the size of a standard Peep...

RyanMan SP : Oh God. You sick freak. Give up on the damn Peeps!

Explosive tendencies : I will not! I bought them for 45 cents, I'm going to have fun with them damn it!

RyanMan SP : 45 cents?? Where!?

Explosive tendencies : Safeway. They're tring to get rid of 'em

RyanMan SP : Sweet. I'm staying at school tomorrow. I'll get money. I'll buy Peeps. We'll have fun

Explosive tendencies : My mom's not going to be happy when she has to wash this plate...

RyanMan SP : Foolish child. That's why you get paper plates

Explosive tendencies : Oh... That would have been a good idea... Well, I'm off to put it back in the sink

RyanMan SP : Have fun. ~Gotta get to edge of soul, to carry on da da da-da da da word word word~

Explosive tendencies : Soul? Da da da? World?

RyanMan SP : It's a song

Explosive tendencies : Sure it is...

RyanMan SP : Called "Edge of Soul" apparently from the game "Soul Edge"

Explosive tendencies : Wow, isn't that original... I guess it's the music review now?

RyanMan SP : Ok. From what words I can make out, it's Engrish-tastic

Explosive tendencies : Always good.

RyanMan SP : It's pretty good. Maybe a bit slow and female vocals

Explosive tendencies : I just got a forward of "the top 19 things to do in a bathroom stall"
"7. Grunt and strain real loud for 30 seconds and then drop a canteloupe into the toliet bowl from a high place and sigh relaxingly."

RyanMan SP : Seen it. Funny.

Explosive tendencies : I see... It's a so-so song...

RyanMan SP : Ooh... Found the lyrics here if you care to find out

Explosive tendencies : Not right now.

RyanMan SP : Well, I've prepared a better song in the case of "Edge of Soul" being so-so

Explosive tendencies : Oh? What song?

RyanMan SP : "Nightwish" by ...Nightwish

Explosive tendencies : ...? Another original title.

RyanMan SP : It's really cool. Fast, metal, and really odd but fitting vocals

Explosive tendencies : Okay.

RyanMan SP : Well, I really like it anyway. Theres an AMV of Rockman.EXE that uses it, and it's pretty cool

Explosive tendencies : Oh yeah, MegaMan anime

RyanMan SP : Yup. I wish I had the WB channel so I could watch the English version

Explosive tendencies : I wish this damned headache would go away!

RyanMan SP : Maybe you shouldn't be listening to metal then...

Explosive tendencies : Maybe I should sleep.

RyanMan SP : That could help too, but you're in the middle of something, and I want to put off my History project as long as possible

Explosive tendencies : Okay, what's the next segement?

RyanMan SP : Technically, music, but I think we've covered that

Explosive tendencies : I think so... Next then?

RyanMan SP : Classic Game Review

Explosive tendencies : Ah, while we're on this topic, how many shines do you need to get in SMS?

RyanMan SP : Like the total number, or to finish the game?

Explosive tendencies : Finish the game

RyanMan SP : Get the seventh Shine in every level, and the last one will open up

Explosive tendencies : Every level? Oh God... How many levels are there?

RyanMan SP : There's only like 7. Or was it 8?

Explosive tendencies : that's still... 56!

RyanMan SP : Let's see here... there are
1.Bianco Hills
2.Ricco Harbor
3.Gelato Beach
4.Pinna Park
5.Noki Bay
6.Sirena Beach
7.Pianta Village
Yup.. 7

Explosive tendencies : Ah crap... I'm at Gelato Beach...

RyanMan SP : It's not that hard

Explosive tendencies : That's true...

RyanMan SP : How many Shines?

Explosive tendencies : Me? 9 I think...

RyanMan SP : Sweet baby Jesus!

Explosive tendencies : Well, I don't play it all day like some people.

RyanMan SP : Well you've had it for at least 30 Shines now

Explosive tendencies : I've played it maybe 6 times total. In about 30 - 40 minute intervals I'm going to assume a shine is a day...

RyanMan SP : Ummm... No, just by this time you should have about 30 shines. Not 9!

Explosive tendencies : Ah well, wacha gonna do... You and Steve need to come over again so we can play MGS:Substance again.

RyanMan SP : I've been waiting for you to say that

Explosive tendencies : Good. This weekend is a bad time. But next would be good.

RyanMan SP : I love VR Missions. I'd buy a PS2 just for Substance and War of the Monsters

Explosive tendencies : See, the snakes have taken over the house, and we've been waiting for the shot-gun we mailed for to come in...

RyanMan SP : I vote to have that last remark stricken from the record

Explosive tendencies : Batjew?!?!?!

RyanMan SP : I an not clicking that link!

Explosive tendencies : It's not bad... It's the Batman logo with a menorah.

RyanMan SP : Sweet baby Moses!

Explosive tendencies : Indeed. Much better than those rotten flesh links I sent a while back...

RyanMan SP : See, it's clever cause I switched the name "Jesus" with "Moses" becasue Jewish people seem to like Moses and not Jesus

Explosive tendencies : Yes, I did notice that... Very clever...

RyanMan SP : *smaaaaaart*

Explosive tendencies : I feel a need to repeat the last statement "Much better than those rotten flesh links I sent a while back..."

RyanMan SP : What?

Explosive tendencies : Well, remember when I was looking up banana packs?

RyanMan SP : No?

Explosive tendencies : Oh. Well I did. And came across pictures of people who had the IV tubes instered wrong, and got gangrene. Then I sent you the pictures. But in all fairness, you did send me your CDP files of female genitalia.

RyanMan SP : Heh heh heh. I had to do a project on Gangrene so I'm good

Explosive tendencies : SWEET! MGS2 music on live365!

RyanMan SP : Cool. I've got the theme song. That's all I need. Anyway.. back to my game review

Explosive tendencies : So, what are we on now?

RyanMan SP : I still haven't reviewed a game

Explosive tendencies : Oh. Well, go ahead.

RyanMan SP : OK. I recently downloaded a pack of 600 NES ROMs, so I'll review that

Explosive tendencies : Oh yes... I remember you saying that.

RyanMan SP : It's hard to say that they're mostly crap, becuase a lot of them present good ideas and fun gameplay, but they're too freaking hard. I can't beat the first level of a lot of these games. It doesn't help that I can't use the A or B buttons while moving diagonally either. Stupid keyboard. I need a new gamepad

Explosive tendencies : So, how big is your pack-o-ROMs?

RyanMan SP : 600

Explosive tendencies : Megs?

RyanMan SP : Oh. I'll go check

Explosive tendencies : Indeed you shall. Must... Resist... Urge to fall asleep... Must break bad sleeping cycle!

RyanMan SP : Including 2 emulators that didn't come with it and one that did, approximately 151 megs

Explosive tendencies : That's not bad at all

RyanMan SP : Nope

Explosive tendencies : Does it have Metal Gear?

RyanMan SP : Yup. And Snake's Revenge. And Bucky 'O Hare

Explosive tendencies : Awsome. Now I just need Game Genie codes...

RyanMan SP : Too bad the emu I use doesn't support sharking... Or genie-ing

Explosive tendencies : Bucky 'O Hare... That sounds so familiar...

RyanMan SP : Space Rabbit. Fights evil space toads

Explosive tendencies : OH YEAH!

RyanMan SP : Jeez man.

Explosive tendencies : God... I barely remember that...

RyanMan SP : It's Bucky fricking 'O Hare

Explosive tendencies : ugre to fall asleep... growing...

RyanMan SP : I can barely remember too, but it's good memories. The game is pretty cool. Standard platformer.

Explosive tendencies : ZzZzZzZzZz...

RyanMan SP : *slap*

Explosive tendencies : Wow, those Zs look nice don't they?

RyanMan SP : Sure...

Explosive tendencies : Alright.

RyanMan SP : I have one thing to say about that

Explosive tendencies : So, what game of your Rom-pack will you be reviewing today?

RyanMan SP : Uhhh.. I kinda reviewed the whole thing, but if I had to pick one to review, it would be Sky Kid. It's pretty funny, you're this little guy named Baron and you fly around shooting stuff and dropping bombs on targets

Explosive tendencies : You have enough games to last over a decade, and you threw away the oportunity?! Think about it! Play one a week!

RyanMan SP : One a week...

Explosive tendencies : Indeed. Out of your 600 games, you could review one a week.

RyanMan SP : Yes I could. But what are the chances that we'll be doing this even 200 weeks from now?

Explosive tendencies : Not sure, but still. What topic are we one now?

RyanMan SP : Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom! Boom, boom, ackalacka boom boom! Links

Explosive tendencies : Any suggestions? Penny Arcade?

RyanMan SP : Yes. Of course. I love Penny Arcade. Best online comic out there

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, and I just finnished stealing 60 comics.

RyanMan SP : Speaking of online comics, I finished reading the entire archive of PVP Online, which is like 5 years worth of comic strips

Explosive tendencies : Oh my God... Yeah... That's just crazy...

RyanMan SP : Crazy like a fox!

Explosive tendencies : If you say so.

RyanMan SP : I highly suggest follouing suit. They're pretty damn funny

Explosive tendencies : Who is this 'suit'?

RyanMan SP : Errr.. It's a figure of speech or something like that

Explosive tendencies : I see... So, who is suit?

RyanMan SP : It means do the same

Explosive tendencies : I see... So this suit guy, he isn't really a person?

RyanMan SP : No

Explosive tendencies : You sure?

RyanMan SP : I think so

Explosive tendencies : Alright.

RyanMan SP : I don't have a suit, so I can't even pretend he's real

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, I do, but I don't want to...

RyanMan SP : Oooh. I just remembered, go to I-Mockey. They have a contest to win some kind of game

Explosive tendencies : Some kind of game? Far too sleepy to care...

RyanMan SP : PC game, I think it's called "Blood Zero!" Actually, you can download it, but it'll cost to register and get the full version

Explosive tendencies : I see...

RyanMan SP : I think that about does it for links. I'm really running out here

Explosive tendencies : Ahh... sesory overload ought to keep me up and at-'em. Of?

RyanMan SP : Links. I visit the same sites every day. Never really look for anything new

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, I don't even visit sites. I'm running out of software... There isn't much out there.

RyanMan SP : Last new site I found was PVP, and only because Penny Arcade told me to go

Explosive tendencies : Heh heh, good old Penny Arcade.

RyanMan SP : There's a picture of a lobster if you go today. It'll only be there for a cuople days and I suggest you see it now. It's quite humourous

Explosive tendencies : ~I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world~

RyanMan SP : Dear God

Explosive tendencies : Good 'ol MXPM...

RyanMan SP : Eh

Explosive tendencies : MxPx. Band. Musical.

RyanMan SP : I know. I said "eh"

Explosive tendencies : Oh...

RyanMan SP : Not "eh?"

Explosive tendencies : "Eh" means?

RyanMan SP : Like "meh", but less mainstream

Explosive tendencies : Oh. Damn underworld meh... Trying to confuse me...

RyanMan SP : Other alternatives include "feh"

Explosive tendencies : Feh?!?!?!

RyanMan SP : Same deal

Explosive tendencies : Like 'What the feh?'

RyanMan SP : No, like "I'm gonna eat your goldfish!" "Feh."

Explosive tendencies : Oh... So not 'What the feh is wrong with you?!?!'

RyanMan SP : No. That would be "kcuf". I coined that word. It's the word that can replace any swear

Explosive tendencies : I'll stick to feh...

RyanMan SP : Whatever. Got any spam?

Explosive tendencies : I have a truck and a half of it...

RyanMan SP : I had one, but there was no content

Explosive tendencies : Oh.

RyanMan SP : Oi

Explosive tendencies : Okay, well, I'm lazy today, so I'll take one.

RyanMan SP : OK

Explosive tendencies : From:LF Subject: Stop paying, start playing "hey qb_master Look at this...Get out of debt for up to 70% LESS TODAY! Sign up for FREE today and reduce your monthly payments, REDUCE or ELIMINATE your interest rates, and have one LOW monthly payment. This service is FREE with NO OBLIGATION. Dont consolidate ELIMINATE!! Takes less than ONE minute! Click here."

RyanMan SP : That's not so funny

Explosive tendencies : How the Hell can you play with no debt? How?

RyanMan SP : Huh?

Explosive tendencies : Okay, so it was weak, but as I've said 4 times eariler, I'm sleepy

RyanMan SP : Are you sure it's 4?

Explosive tendencies : I took a number...

RyanMan SP : Reasonable.

Explosive tendencies : Speaking of crazy ideas... I'm going to make you out of 4 pencils, a soup can, and a baloon

RyanMan SP : We need a Special Topic. We're running out of gas. Oh dear

Explosive tendencies : It says "I'm Ryan" in moderately large letters.

RyanMan SP : OK

Explosive tendencies : We can market it as the RyanMan action figure

RyanMan SP : No no. That would need a helmet, and a buster gun, and muscles, and one of those ammo-belt thingys

Explosive tendencies : Nah, soup can!

RyanMan SP : Bah!

Explosive tendencies : Okay, so that'll be you. What will I be made of? The same thing?

RyanMan SP : How about a wet sponge and some pipe cleaners

Explosive tendencies : What will I have as a head?

RyanMan SP : Wet sponge

Explosive tendencies : My head can't be a body too!

RyanMan SP : Wet sponge

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, but I still think I need a head... a ping-pong ball?

RyanMan SP : And we'll call you SpongeEd NormalPants

Explosive tendencies : But that's an obvious rip-off of that other lovable spongy character.

RyanMan SP : Dollar stores get way with it. Why can't we?

Explosive tendencies : Well, you're not a rip off of anything! You're a freakin' soup can with a balloon head

RyanMan SP : So?

Explosive tendencies : Why do I have to be? I'd love being a rock...

RyanMan SP : RyanMan is an originalish character

Explosive tendencies : Rocks are nice... I have originalish ideas!

RyanMan SP : Yes, but it would be a rip off of Blocky and every other character who's a rock

Explosive tendencies : Oh... I see... A bicycle tire?

RyanMan SP : Like Geodude, and the "Golem" enemy from every RPG

Explosive tendencies : Wait, something small...

RyanMan SP : Does it have to be inanimate?

Explosive tendencies : I'd prefer it to be...

RyanMan SP : I was gonna say a fox with 2 tails, but that's taken

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, that's Knuckles...

RyanMan SP : No, Tails

Explosive tendencies : Damn... Right again...

RyanMan SP : Knuckles is an echidna

Explosive tendencies : I think I'll just be a soup freakin' can

RyanMan SP : Whatever

Explosive tendencies : Or a freakin' soup can if you will.

RyanMan SP : I'll make my own action figure

Explosive tendencies : Alright. I have lots of pens if you need any.

RyanMan SP : You know, at first I read that as "I have lots of penis if you need any."

Explosive tendencies : I do, but none for you.

RyanMan SP : He'll be a program. RyanMan.EXE

Explosive tendencies : That's so crappy... It just might work.

RyanMan SP : It did for MegaMan!

Explosive tendencies : yeah...

RyanMan SP : Now how do I make one of those PET things....? That would be the first step

Explosive tendencies : PET things?

RyanMan SP : PErsonal Terminal, it's what the little .EXE characters live in. And all the main characters have one so they can either cause trouble or fix said trouble. I really should send you the first episode of RockMan.EXE

Explosive tendencies : I say a cardboard box, some glue, sparkles, and macaroni

RyanMan SP : I think I'd need at least a computer chip too

Explosive tendencies : Uh, a piece of paper with sparkles drawn on it would work...

RyanMan SP : Ah! Speaking of anims, I found out that the Fatal Fury movie I saw and love so much is the 3rd one!

Explosive tendencies : I see...

RyanMan SP : And then I downloaded the first and second, but they weren't as good

Explosive tendencies : :! YES!

RyanMan SP : Still good, but not "greatest movie ever" quality

Explosive tendencies : Alt+2+5+4! :

RyanMan SP : OK. Or you could just use a "P" like everyone else

Explosive tendencies : Press 'n' hold Alt. Then type 2, 5, then 4. Then let go. :

RyanMan SP : I know. I had to learn that to do my project... which is due tomorrow

Explosive tendencies : Booga Booga! But other people might not know...

RyanMan SP : Oh right

Explosive tendencies : How much of your project is done?

RyanMan SP : Almost all of it. I just have to type some more info in. And find a way to stretch it over about 6 more pages

Explosive tendencies : ...How much more info? Oh God! Poor, poor Ryan...

RyanMan SP : 6 pages worth. But after that I still need 6

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, 6 pages is quite a bit.

RyanMan SP : But in like font size 24

Explosive tendencies : Oh. I see...

RyanMan SP : On a PowerPoint slide, so it's not that much

Explosive tendencies : A freakin' soup can...

RyanMan SP : Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom! Boom, boom, ackalacka boom boom!

Explosive tendencies : 2 can play at this game! (3 or more would be far too many...)

RyanMan SP : I found some Mario Sunshine music

Explosive tendencies : a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... a freakin' soup can... Oh.

RyanMan SP : Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom! Boom, boom, ackalacka boom boom!

Explosive tendencies : that's great

RyanMan SP : Boom, boom, ackalackalacka boom! Boom, boom, ackalacka boom boom! TEH WARP ZONE MUSIC RETURNX0RS!!! YEAH!

Explosive tendencies : Sweet

RyanMan SP : Loop time

Explosive tendencies : So does my headache... You know, if you had some crazy ideas once in a while, it would be funnier...

RyanMan SP : I haven't been good at crazy ideas for some time now...

Explosive tendencies : So I've noticed...

RyanMan SP : I'm past my prime. I'm not 13 any more

Explosive tendencies : Yeesh, I'm not, I'm still pumping out dumb ass ideas! The last crazy idea you had was when you made that Lego crapfest...

RyanMan SP : WOAH THERE! That "crapfest" was a fortress of super awesome powers!

Explosive tendencies : ...Wha? Oh yes...

RyanMan SP : I'm not too good at making Engrish...

Explosive tendencies : Sure it was... With it's 3 hellicopter roters... "That "crapfest" was a fortress of powers super awesome!" Move one word around, and it's Engrish. Bada bing, bada boom.

RyanMan SP : Eh

Explosive tendencies : I especially liked 'bada bing, bada boom.'

RyanMan SP : Oh no! Computer is in unhappy state of badness!

Explosive tendencies : That's the way.

RyanMan SP : No really

Explosive tendencies : Oh... All your base are belong to me! Mwhahaha!

RyanMan SP : That is so 1999

Explosive tendencies : And I still think it's funny. Oh! Dating things is so, 1980s

RyanMan SP : Damn you Kazaa, why have you no function loop?!

Explosive tendencies : Because it's a crappy, crappy program that has lots of users...

RyanMan SP : But I wanna loop the Warp Zone music

Explosive tendencies : Well, you'll have to open it somewhere else...

RyanMan SP : Damnit

Explosive tendencies : Indeed. Hmm... I need to think up something crazy to jump start this show... AH! flavored salt! When you want your fries to taste different from potatoes...

RyanMan SP : No no no! I can't evn see what I'm typing anymorw!

Explosive tendencies : Good God... what the hell... Someone's hacked you me thinks...

RyanMan SP : It's all Kazaa's fault!

Explosive tendencies : Oh. Okay

RyanMan SP : Maybe we should end this before we get a replay of last time

Explosive tendencies : Nah, last time ended funny

RyanMan SP : Cause it didn't?

Explosive tendencies : Exactly. And I hit myself with ham. Delicious ham...

RyanMan SP : OK, how about this, I'll smack you with a virtual fish. It's almost ham

Explosive tendencies : I suppose fish is a step up from ham...

RyanMan SP : No, steps down

Explosive tendencies : The pig of the sea!

RyanMan SP : Ham is so much better

Explosive tendencies : Ya think?

RyanMan SP : I don't like seafood

Explosive tendencies : I prefer fish...

RyanMan SP : Lobster looks OK, but I've never tried it

Explosive tendencies : It tastes like dirt. Delicous dirt...

RyanMan SP : Hmm. Ok, having a real problem with this "can't see what I'm typing" thing

Explosive tendencies : why can't you?

RyanMan SP : It's not there

Explosive tendencies : The fudge?

RyanMan SP : I'd send you a print screen, but the Start bar won't open

Explosive tendencies : ctrl+esc no worky?

RyanMan SP : Well, technically it opens, but the things only appear when you put the mouse over them, and the sub-folders don't appear at all. I think I need to restart

Explosive tendencies : You need to take a print screen! Or close Kazaa... Here, we'll see if this works... file://c:/windows/pbrush.exe.

RyanMan SP : Oh dear

Explosive tendencies : Still no worky?

RyanMan SP : Nope

Explosive tendencies : It works until I press Enter... http://c:/windows/pbrush.exe

RyanMan SP : *bludgeons you with a virtual jackfish*

Explosive tendencies : Ooh! Bludgeons!

RyanMan SP : OK, that's the show for tonight!

Explosive tendencies : That didn't work either...

RyanMan SP : Hey! Be more unconscious!

Explosive tendencies : *EXPLODES*

RyanMan SP : Now that that's over with, I'll end the show before my PC ends itself. Oh how I need a Mac... Good night everyone!

Explosive tendencies : Good night!

RyanMan SP : Dammit! Be more dead!

Well, that's it. And I still don't think Peeps are that great. They're just sugar-coated sugar. What good does that do? I'm in the middle of writing a new GBA article, so I've got that new project planned out, and it should be done soon after Chat Radio 10 is up, which should be sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. ...I just noticed that my conclusions are more like news posts than actual conclusions...

Anyway, the next episode is the 10th, and if it goes badly, I might just give up on this whole Chat Radio thing. Even I'm finding it kinda dumb and boring now. A good word from even one reader would instantly change my mind though, so...


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