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Chat Radio 10 -
We've come a long, long way
posted : 06/25/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.

Finally! The 10th episode of Chat Radio! Actually, it's not that big a deal. We had a couple ideas for this episode, but in the end, they all flopped. So, uh, no special guests, no special topic, no real anything special except for a little game I thought up. But it's kinda stupid. Hell, it's not even the longest episode. Maybe we should quit while we're ahead.

Today I've decided to change it up a bit. I'll be known as RyanMan.EXE now, and I'm using a red font instead of cyan. Edwin is white as usual. Don't worry, I'll go back to cyan next time.

Explosive tendencies : Hey everyone!

RyanMan.EXE : Konnichiwa. At least, I think that's how it's spelled

Explosive tendencies : If not, I'll have to take a gun to your head. Good ol' socom

RyanMan.EXE : Uh.. why?

Explosive tendencies : So, we're at the 10th episode!

RyanMan.EXE : Sure... Aren't we happy

Explosive tendencies : We are indeed. A milestone in Chat Radio

RyanMan.EXE : Yeah, small milestone. Just like my site, I never thought it would last this long

Explosive tendencies : And to celebrate, we're doing another all-nighter! 12:17 - 5:43 hours remain

RyanMan.EXE : OK! You kow who else doesn't sleep?

Explosive tendencies : A rock?

RyanMan.EXE : That bad guy from Die Another Day

Explosive tendencies : A rock doesn't live much either in retrospect...

RyanMan.EXE : Yeah. That was a pretty good movie

Explosive tendencies : Rock? I guess so... But he never did anything exciting...

RyanMan.EXE : No, Die Another Day. I never thought much of Halle Berry before that swordfight scene

Explosive tendencies : I have difficulty recalling it...

RyanMan.EXE : Actually, I have a much bigger respect for all the characters who were in swordfight scenes. Not including Madonna

Explosive tendencies : Like Inigo Montoya!

RyanMan.EXE : Sure

Explosive tendencies : He was the greatest movie character ever...

RyanMan.EXE : Okay

Explosive tendencies : In depressing news, my download of Tron has been haulted momentarily...

RyanMan.EXE : Aw, what a shame. Not really though, becasue Tron sucks

Explosive tendencies : Ah, here comes a new stream of data! You shut your mouth!

RyanMan.EXE : Never! Wait... okay.. hehehe

Explosive tendencies : Just for that, I'm downloading Kazam!

RyanMan.EXE : Kazam sucks! Tron sucks!

Explosive tendencies : I'll still download them both!

RyanMan.EXE : And I didn't say a word... Muahahaha!

Explosive tendencies : Blah blah blah. You know what sucks more than both of those combined? Viewtiful Joe! Hahahaha!

RyanMan.EXE : Ha. You could only wish. Joe ownz yo azz

Explosive tendencies : Sure he does...

RyanMan.EXE : Note to self; Never use "cool net-speak" again

Explosive tendencies : (Me thinks Ryan's gone loopier than a box of dunghts)

RyanMan.EXE : WTF iz a dunghts? Damn! done it again!

Explosive tendencies : What can I say, I hate hooked on phonics... *ate

RyanMan.EXE : O.O

Explosive tendencies : It was quite the tasty treat

RyanMan.EXE : Back to the point at hand

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, before either of us gets too mad at the other...

RyanMan.EXE : Since it's the 10th episode, and we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for new ideas, and I've thought up a little game

Explosive tendencies : Hmm... I wonder if we have Pop-Tarts?... Yes we are

RyanMan.EXE : We each thought up a thing (movie, game, etc) and will make allusions to it during the course of the show. At the end, we guess what the other's topic was

Explosive tendencies : That pretty much sums it up...

RyanMan.EXE : But they can be very subliminal, I've already made at least two

Explosive tendencies : Yes, so you'll have to be super smart to spot these little clues

RyanMan.EXE : Yup. Or you have to know aa lot about what we're talking about

Explosive tendencies : I'm of to make a super drink that'll keep me awake tonight.

RyanMan.EXE : OK. I'll put a little warning when we reveal if you want to guess first. So, now that that's out of the way, it seems I'm going to be a lone wolf for a little while. Seeing as weather is usually my topic, I'll just do that. For the past while, it's been really hot out. Of course, I don't usually complain about the outside temerature becasue it could be a lot worse.

Explosive tendencies : Alright. Super drink created

RyanMan.EXE : *clap*

Explosive tendencies : It's based on the syrup triad.

RyanMan.EXE : Oh my. Sticky?

Explosive tendencies : Very. Maple, chocolate, and corn syrup went into this little number. I'm afraid to try it. It's 10 ml at best, but still...

RyanMan.EXE : I'll just continue with my own path now. We got a little shower today,. but it came and went in about 10 minutes. Other than that, to my recollection it's been awfully dry here for a while

Explosive tendencies : Oh good God this stuff is sweet...

RyanMan.EXE : I would imagine

Explosive tendencies : A single sip will keep me awake for hours. So down the hatch with the lot of it!

RyanMan.EXE : Perhaps I should concoct something of the like

Explosive tendencies : My training to eat whatever I want has payed off. A normal man would have gagged long ago.

RyanMan.EXE : My training to get stronger is slowly but surely working. Yup, just the thought of getting stronger keeps me going

Explosive tendencies : I'll off to get some milk...

RyanMan.EXE : Ah, milk, good for the bones. An excellent source of calcium! Like fish! Masa would be proud of me, except for I don't like fish

Explosive tendencies : I think I may try the whole strengthining thing. Or endurance, that's always good...

RyanMan.EXE : Yeah. I think I should make some kind of attack, just to say I have one

Explosive tendencies : I've already got one.

RyanMan.EXE : Perhaps a Hurricane Punch?

Explosive tendencies : That would be useful...

RyanMan.EXE : Or maybe a Tiger Kick? No, that's already been used at least thrice

Explosive tendencies : Not sure...

RyanMan.EXE : Well, I'll find it later. Maybe it'll just come to me while I'm training

Explosive tendencies : Yeah..........

RyanMan.EXE : Or, 'working out', if you will

Explosive tendencies : How often does that happen?

RyanMan.EXE : At least once a day

Explosive tendencies : I see. I shall attempt to better you over the summer.

RyanMan.EXE : Oh really?

Explosive tendencies : Sure, always good to have competition...

RyanMan.EXE : Yup. Another thing to keep me going.

Explosive tendencies : Damn I hate typing the dark...

RyanMan.EXE : I'm in semi-dark

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, well, my sister decided to sleep in the basement... So the lights are all off.

RyanMan.EXE : Oh

Explosive tendencies : So what section are we on now?

RyanMan.EXE : Well, I'd say Word of the Day. You said earlier that you had one, so go ahead

Explosive tendencies : Okay. My word of the day is 'quintile', which means a piece of a pie chart. Or a slice, if you will.

RyanMan.EXE : Ah yes. I wish I had some pie

Explosive tendencies : Uggh... I think the sugar's gotten into my blood stream...

RyanMan.EXE : How so?

Explosive tendencies : Well, have you ever seen me eat something sweet?

RyanMan.EXE : Not that I can think of

Explosive tendencies : Well, I'll spasim and make an odd sound... And right now I feel like i'm going to have a seizure...

RyanMan.EXE : That would be not good

Explosive tendencies : No, not really, but oh well...

RyanMan.EXE : So if I fed you say, a mint, you'd make a funny sound?

Explosive tendencies : No, something sweeter. Like a teaspoon of honey

RyanMan.EXE : Oh. Very well. I shall treat this "honey" as currency and use it to make you produce funny sounds

Explosive tendencies : Meh, I'd do it. Free glucose. If only I were a bug

RyanMan.EXE : If only we were all bugs, but back on track

Explosive tendencies : So what was your word of the day?

RyanMan.EXE : You said it, not me. And I don't wanna go looking through my chat archives for it, so if you wanna use it, you'll have to find it

Explosive tendencies : I don't get it... But okay.

RyanMan.EXE : ...I'll go back to those push-ups then. Exercise makes for good awakeness

Explosive tendencies : Alright. Have fun

RyanMan.EXE : Okay, that's 20, only 180 more to complete the days quota!

Explosive tendencies : 20?!?

RyanMan.EXE : Yeah... Actually, I just strated

Explosive tendencies : Started?

RyanMan.EXE : Like you never make typos

Explosive tendencies : But 'strated' seems like a word...

RyanMan.EXE : Add 'ca'

Explosive tendencies : Anyways. I don't think I can do 20. At a time I could, but that was 6 months ago...

RyanMan.EXE : I could have gone to 30, but must get back to typing!

Explosive tendencies : Anyways... What's next up?

RyanMan.EXE : No second word?

Explosive tendencies : Wasn't that your part? I only had the one

RyanMan.EXE : Whatever. I'll go find the thing

Explosive tendencies : Alrighty

RyanMan.EXE : Apparently it's the Software Review that's next. Now all I need is a pen

Explosive tendencies : Uggh... I never have anything for this part...

RyanMan.EXE : Then review MS Paint. I have to go find a pen to check off these boxes

Explosive tendencies : Nah, I'll give an update on CDP-WIndowsV3. I've added one nice feature, now it is possible to add any picture file that can be viewed by MS Paint. So, if you want to turn part of a wallpaper into a tile, you can

RyanMan.EXE : Too bad nobody knows what it is

Explosive tendencies : Ah well, I'll get it out by the end of summer. Then they'll know what it is.

RyanMan.EXE : Okay. I found a pen. It's blue. I also found a stuffed Jawa. He'll be good to talk to during the long, long night

Explosive tendencies : Jawa... seems an okay idea. The only stuffed anything I have is a bear, and he's nowhere to be found

RyanMan.EXE : Whee! Now he's playing GameBoy! I gotta get a pic of this!

Explosive tendencies : Oh dear... While you were off finding a word I checked how many push ups I can do. I can do 22 at very best. And I assume it's just thanks to the insane energy boost...

RyanMan.EXE : Yeah, I wasn't finding a word

Explosive tendencies : Oh? "Whatever. I'll go find the thing"?

RyanMan.EXE : The schedule. I didn't know what was next

Explosive tendencies : Oh! Okay. Are we on music now?

RyanMan.EXE : Wow. Watching myself type is not as much fun as I thought it would be

Explosive tendencies : Yeah, I did it. It's far from a barrel of laughs

RyanMan.EXE : Damn webcam! You promised good times! *thinks of Hulk article and Jawa pic* Oh... I guess there were good times, then

Explosive tendencies : Send Jawa pic!

RyanMan.EXE : It'll be on the edited Chat Radio 10. That would be right under this sentence if this is the final copy.

I told you it was dark

Explosive tendencies : Okay

RyanMan.EXE : Hey! He's playing with scissors! Look out little guy, those things are dangerous!

Explosive tendencies : ...So, we are on music right?

RyanMan.EXE : Ummmm. Just let me finish with the pic first

Explosive tendencies : Alright. I'm no feeling so good...

Choppy choppy!

RyanMan.EXE : Poor you. Music it is!

Explosive tendencies : I think we should finnish up the topics, then I'm going to bed.

RyanMan.EXE : The Hell? So much for that plan

Explosive tendencies : Well, I'll go until I pass out.

RyanMan.EXE : That's better. Make sure to fall on the keyboard and press enter when you do. Just so I know

Explosive tendencies : I'll try my best. So for music, I reccomend 'Space Robot 5' by Saint Saturn

RyanMan.EXE : I like "Keep On Calling" by I don't know who. It's a pretty cool song, and as my latest foray into alternate music goes, sung in the Japanese language

Explosive tendencies : I see. Sounds... Different.

RyanMan.EXE : If you say so. You making sure to keep your references going?

Explosive tendencies : Nope

RyanMan.EXE : Awww...

Explosive tendencies : My eyes are falling out of their sokcets

RyanMan.EXE : So what? I'm playing a game with myself now? Other than the one you're thinking

Explosive tendencies : And let's not forget my little black bowler.

RyanMan.EXE : That better be one

Explosive tendencies : (The hat, not a person who bowls)

RyanMan.EXE : It's much better to play these kind of games with two players. It's more fun that way

Explosive tendencies : Yes... So when's random insanity?

RyanMan.EXE : After the Classic Game Review, Links, Spam, and Special Topic

Explosive tendencies : Rats. I'll get the spam secion ready. I've got a lot of E-mail to sift through...

RyanMan.EXE : Before we move on though, I want to say something else about music

Explosive tendencies : Go ahead

RyanMan.EXE : But what it is, I can't remember. Gimme a sec. *Searches through music library*

Explosive tendencies : Good God I have a lot of spam...

RyanMan.EXE : Oh yeah! Styx!

Explosive tendencies : They've always got good stuff

RyanMan.EXE : I've been listening to a lot of Styx lately. They're really great. ~Iiiiiiiiiiii'm sailing awaaaaaaaaaayyy, set an open course for the virgin sea~

Explosive tendencies : I like Cartman's version better

RyanMan.EXE : Bah. Usually the original versions of songs are the best

Explosive tendencies : If you think so, go right ahead

RyanMan.EXE : With one exception; Cyndi Lauper's "The Goonies R Good Enough". The cover by Not By Choice is so much better. It doesn't make my ears want to get into a fight just so they could get beaten unconscious

Explosive tendencies : That's a funny mental picture

RyanMan.EXE : Anyway, Styx good. ~Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me~

Explosive tendencies : I'm figuring out my mortgage. Oh wait... Loan eligablility

RyanMan.EXE : Okay. So then we can go to the Classic Game Review, it doesn't need too much input from you

Explosive tendencies : Nope

RyanMan.EXE : Today I'll opt to cover a newer game, but not that new

Explosive tendencies : "Thank You For Your Application! A bank rep will contact you with competing rates."

RyanMan.EXE : It's probably the best multiplayer game I have (aside from SSBM), Bomberman Generation! Of course, it's a Bomberman game, and the general Bomberman rules apply. Blow stuff up, find power-ups, kill enemies, solve puzzles, finish level

Explosive tendencies : Ooooh! "Find out if you have an FBI file! Click here now!"

RyanMan.EXE : But as all the recent B-Man games have, there are "charabomb" creatures hidden throughout the game. Each one gives you a special ability, but you can only use one at a time. These abilities are usually used to solve the many puzzles in the game. Overall, it's a really fun game, but as most are today, too short. You could beat it(not 100%) in one sitting if you really wanted to. But it would still take a good amount of time. About 6 hours if you knew where everything was. Some of the bosses are really hard, but that's a good thing in my book. It's also the game that taught me to love cel-shading. And of course, there's the great multiplayer mode

Explosive tendencies : "Dear Interactive Spy, I want to thank you guys a lot for helping me out. I had used your website to find my real mother. I found out about 6 years back that my foster parents which I thought were my real parents had admitted the truth to me. I was so upset, words couldn't even begin to explain what I was feeling. Anyway ... to make a long story short, I had found my real..." blah blah blah

RyanMan.EXE : Not yet you fool!

Explosive tendencies : "People That Want Sex: Make your own sexual reality by meeting real women who want sex now and f*** them wherever you want!" As if that could really happen...

RyanMan.EXE : I'm trying to review here! Spam is NEXT!

Explosive tendencies : Oh. I see. Where are we?

RyanMan.EXE : Still reviewing. Actually, I might just do an article on B-Man Generation. I love the game, and it's got lots of pretty colors for the screenshots, so it might just happen

Explosive tendencies : I've never even seen this game...

RyanMan.EXE : I already wrote a multiplayer/minigame FAQ for my site and GameFAQs, so I guess I already did that though. In any case, great game. I'll have to bring it over some time. It would be good for the "Awake-a-thon"

Explosive tendencies : Yes, yes it would. When will that be?

RyanMan.EXE : Not sure yet. We need a commitment from Steve

Explosive tendencies : I really don't think that'll happen...

RyanMan.EXE : Awww.... Anyway, if you want to get back to your spam, now's the time

Explosive tendencies : This could quite literally take all night

RyanMan.EXE : Do what you feel is right

Explosive tendencies : Well, here's an odd one "Use your dick as a club"

RyanMan.EXE : Oh my. Let's go no deeper there

Explosive tendencies : It's already deleted

RyanMan.EXE : Good. Oh yeah! I've got spam today! Nothing great, but it kinda boggles the mind

Explosive tendencies : "Do you have heartburn? Get FREE samples and information! We can give you heartburn today! Take a free sample"

Explosive tendencies : I've got a lot more spam than you do.

RyanMan.EXE : That is wrong on so many stages. I have one, let me go

Explosive tendencies : I have 700+. Alright

RyanMan.EXE : "RE: Meeting Notice (verification)" from a "Gogi". The oddest thing about this is I sent no mail to Gogi to reply to

Explosive tendencies : Scary....

RyanMan.EXE : The inside is as follows: "Gogi here, I'm protecting myself from receiving junk mail. Just this once, click the link below so I can receive your emails. You won't have to do this again. http://spamarrest.com/a?286517903:597867 You are receiving this message in response to your email to Gogi, a Spam Arrest customer. Spam Arrest requests that senders verify themselves before their email is delivered. When you click the above link, you will be taken to a page with a graphic on it. Simply read the word in the graphic, type it into the form, and you're verified. You will only need to do this once per Spam Arrest customer. Webmasters help stop spam and make 50%. http://spamarrest.com/affiliates"
..."click the link below so I can receive your emails." This alone signifies trouble

Explosive tendencies : Yup. Here's a good one

RyanMan.EXE : I still don't think I ever E-mailed Gogi

Explosive tendencies : "Increased Earning Muscle" "Obtain the diploma you deserve based on your present knowledge and life experience. A prosperous future, money earning power, and the admiration of all."

RyanMan.EXE : Engrish strikes again?

Explosive tendencies : Nope

RyanMan.EXE : The title seems like it

Explosive tendencies : "No compulsory tests, classes, or interviews required" We'll sell you a diploma!

RyanMan.EXE : Why buy one when I could make one!?!?!

Explosive tendencies : Good idea
"==============Prizes And Savings Daily==============
YOU'VE WON! Click Below to Claim Your Prize!
Click Here: http://c.prandsav.com/maabbvwaaYH0naa2JRcbaarMGe/
Enjoy the Prize, Prizes And Savings" I'd really like to know what I won first...

RyanMan.EXE : Yeah. Oh shat! I forgot something for the music!. The "Sad Walking Away Song" from the Incredible Hulk TV series(I think). It's a great piano piece. Good for if you want to get depressed or just like slower music. (Can be heard/referred to on "Family Guy")

Explosive tendencies : Yeah. Depressing music. Hurray. Actually, usually that stuff isn't all that bad

RyanMan.EXE : It reminds me of Silent Hill for some reason

Explosive tendencies : I'm forwarding a funny e-mail

RyanMan.EXE : So I see

Explosive tendencies : "Expand Your Business, Accept Credit Cards!" I think I should expand my business, accepting credit cards is just what I need

RyanMan.EXE : Oh I suppose you think you're pretty funny; 'Ryan "Check More Often" T'

Explosive tendencies : Hey, you have 4 E-mail accounts, I put that so I'd remember which one you check more often

RyanMan.EXE : Oh. Seems more like a subliminal way of telling me to check my E-mail more often

Explosive tendencies : Hey! I never thought of that! I love being brilliant without trying

RyanMan.EXE : Eh. This E-mail isn't so funny. Or I don't get it. Poor oblivious Ryan

Careful, the answers to our guessing game will be revealed shortly. If you want to guess, now's the time.

Explosive tendencies : "Pay less! Buy Generic Prescriptions" And grow a third arm!

RyanMan.EXE : Maybe if it said "Genetic"

Explosive tendencies : Meh, you can never trust the generic...

RyanMan.EXE : I guess. I'll never eat "Cereal O's" again

Explosive tendencies : Hahaha!

RyanMan.EXE : Better be laughing at my funny joke. One of us has to work at comic releif. Every good group of characters has one who is mostly comic releif

Explosive tendencies : Going to sleep. Can't stay awake anymore. Nothing whitens teeth like sand paper. I was Mr. Potato Head

RyanMan.EXE : !

Explosive tendencies : Goddamn it! I can't escape!

RyanMan.EXE : Mr. Potato Head!?

Explosive tendencies : Outlook Express has locked me out of the abiliy to sign out

RyanMan.EXE : Bowler! That's it!?!

Explosive tendencies : And 'eyes falling out of sockets'. Pretty good eh?

RyanMan.EXE : Oh. Yeah

Explosive tendencies : I was expecting no, but I won't question it...

RyanMan.EXE : Eh. We missed Links. I'll tell you what mine is after we do that

Explosive tendencies : Okay. I really need sleep. I feel like dying... Speaking of that, we need to watch Short Circut 2 sometime this summer

RyanMan.EXE : Okay, then I'll just wrap this up as quick as it takes me to lose at an arcade game

Explosive tendencies : I hope that's fast...

RyanMan.EXE : My Site of the Day(which should be more like Site of the Week) is Homestar Runner.com!

Explosive tendencies : You've never been there before?

RyanMan.EXE : It's a great site with lost of Flash animations. The characters are great and it's ridiculously funny.
(chorus)~Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody!~
(Homestar)~Everybody! da doo doo dee da!~

Explosive tendencies : Anyways, I've used up my going out on phrase, so I'll just say that zombies could be vegetarians if they wanted to be

RyanMan.EXE : Holy crap, you are done aren't you? Uh... Well, in any case, my topicy thing was Fatal Fury. Kickass movie trilogy and fighting game series. Look for the clues, they're there. Lots are character traits though, so it's for hardcores only. If you want to, we can play a little game. You try to pick out all the references, then E-mail them to me. I'll rate your guesses and post your score on the page. Maybe I should make more contest-like thingys. It would be fun. Well, seeing as my co-host is dead, I'd better end this now. Poor fool. I'll find out exactly what happened and write it in the conclusion. Well, sayonara folks, I hope it's been more fun for you than it has for Edwin!

It seems that all that sugary crap had an opposite affect on his system and made him so hype that he was sleepy. Or, that's what I think. I'm really not the one to explain how the body and related things work. Even if I did take Biology, I never said I was paying attention. And while we're on that, it's quite nice to be out of school, except for my parents figure they can use me to do stuff now. Yeah right. Me lazy, no two ways around it. Since I'm lazy, I'll just end this here and now.


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