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Chat Radio 11 -
It's been a while but we back
posted : 10/04/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.

We're back and about the same if not slightly worse than ever! I really don't know what I should type here. It's been so long. Actually, this one isn't very long. We'd both forgotten what we were supposed to go over, and it all seems to come together. If you'll take note, the font is a little bit different than usual. I don;t know why, but I'm certaily not going to waste my time finding out. I already wasted enough writing and editing this thing. If anyone cared, original transcripts are no longer available unless they're there for download. I lost all of them in the great HDD crash. Except 11, becasue we just did it today. So whatever, I'll quit now so you can get to reading.

I know it's been a long time since we did a Chat Radio, but there were two more spaces to fill, and I'll be damned If I'm gonna let them stay empty. So once again, I am RyanMan.EXE in the cyan lettering and Edwin is the guy with the red lettering, just incase you couldn't tell. On to the chattage!

Edwin: Hi everybody!

RyanMan.EXE: Hey! Long time no see

Edwin: Yes, a long time it has been.

RyanMan.EXE: Indeed it has. But we owe at least two more of these things, so let's do it

Edwin: Okay! So... what comes first?

RyanMan.EXE: Um. I think it was weather.

Edwin: I'll let you handle that one as usual

RyanMan.EXE: Ah, good old weather. As September usually is out here, it's been frequently switching between warm and chilly. Nothing I can't handle though. Today it's nice out. And as for outside eye candy, there hasn't been much to speak of. At least not around my front window.

Edwin: A sad reality of fall and winter: no good looking girls are visible.

RyanMan.EXE: Heh heh heh. But I must say, there seem to be a lot of them at football games, and that isn't even counting the cheeleaders.

Edwin: Due to my family's dislike of football, I have not witnesed this first hand of course...

RyanMan.EXE: Mmmmm... Gotta love the sporting events

Edwin: So. what is next on the itinerary

RyanMan.EXE: I dunno. It's been months since we did this last. I figured it was dead

Edwin: Yeah... I can't say I've got the file. So should we just go through and talk about random stuff or try to piece back the topics by memory?

RyanMan.EXE: I guess we could try to salvage what we can remember

Edwin: Alright

RyanMan.EXE: So since it's invading my mind at the moment, let's do music

Edwin: Alright. I'll lead off this one

RyanMan.EXE: Go nuts

Edwin: My new favorite band is called Just. Very good music. Very hard to find.

RyanMan.EXE: I see.

Edwin: I haven't heard a song by these guys that wasn't top notch. Just before passing control to RyanMan, look for the songs on the site. some are full downloads

RyanMan.EXE: Ok. My favorite band is still Queen, but I have heard a lot of good songs within th months. Just to name a few; "Bleed for Me" by Saliva, "Suckers" by Reel Big Fish, "I Won't Spend Another Night Alone" by the Ataris, and "Metal Gear May Cry", a medley of the Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid themes. Go check OCRemix for that last one.

Edwin: 'Metal Gear May Cry' should be good then

RyanMan.EXE: Oh it is

RyanMan.EXE: Pretty much anyhting on OCR is great. OK, so now that that's settled I guess the classic game review is next

Edwin: Sure

RyanMan.EXE: What shall I pick today? Hmm, since I've been playing them obsessively lately, let's look at Super Punch-Out!! and StarFox

Edwin: Makes sense

RyanMan.EXE: Super Punch-Out!! is just as good, if not better than, it's NES brother. And pretty much everyone in the history of NES has played that game. And everyone loves it. So, everyone should love SPO!! as well. The only problem with both games is that the opponents gradually get wilder and crazier super attacks that are near impossible to dodge, thereby making the game(s) incredibly difficult

Edwin: As one would think should happen

RyanMan.EXE: As for StarFox, it's just good old shoot em up action. Only it's polygons before polygons were popular. One thing I remarked lately is that it's got really great music. I've been playing the Corneria theme in my head for a few days now. I told you it was getting to the point of obsession.

Edwin: The only music I can remember from StarFox is the death music...

RyanMan.EXE: I see. It makes sense. POW!

Edwin: Yeah... I wasn't too good at games when I was 10.

RyanMan.EXE: Meh, I always had trouble with the level before Venom on Easy mode. I guess that more or less takes care of my "reviews"

Edwin: Yeah

RyanMan.EXE: So, willing to do the next one, whatever it may be?

Edwin: Software it shall be. The only truly amazing thing I've found since last time is the new messenger. It's great beyond anything I expected from Microsoft.

RyanMan.EXE: Yep. And Messenger Plus! is great, and it's developped by some other guy

Edwin: Integrated games, with a system that allows them to add games without you needing to update

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah. That's my favorite part

Edwin: You can change window background pictures.

RyanMan.EXE: And the personal display picture! Much like my message boards

Edwin: And have an avatar (a picture of something that represents you)

RyanMan.EXE: Exactly what I just said

Edwin: Yeah, that'd be the one. If you have an older version of Messenger, there's no reason not to get this one

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah. Half the poeple on my list still don't have the 6.0 or whatever it is. Considering that that's only like 4 people, I guess it's not so bad

Edwin: yeah. it's 6.0

RyanMan.EXE: As for me, I've taken an unexpected shine to Windows XP. And the term "shine" is a bit of a pun, as I currently have a Super Mario Sunshine background picture

Edwin: And I currently have... Nothing as mine.

RyanMan.EXE: Actually, mine changes randomly between the SMS and the boxart for RockMan.EXE3 Black, which is really really cool

Edwin: brb

RyanMan.EXE: OK. Ooh! That meansd it's time for Tech Tips

Edwin: Do you like the look Windows XP?

RyanMan.EXE: I certainly goes well with the SMS background

Edwin: I see. I still prefer the classic look. If I had XP on my computer, I'd use Winblinds to change it to suit me better

RyanMan.EXE: I didn't like it at first, but things tend to grow on me rather quickly

Edwin: You should look up Winblinds (could be Window blinds) it's amazing. It's used to completely change the look of XP

RyanMan.EXE: But this is hardly Tech Tips, it more of like a "Trading Windows"

Edwin: Oh. What problems are you having?

RyanMan.EXE: Oh crap. I just made a joke out of "Trading Spaces". Uhg. I hate that show. But as for Tech Tips, everything's fine for me, but it seems that we got a letter

Edwin: Okay

RyanMan.EXE: It's from Tom T. and says "My speakers are emitting this horrible static noise! It goes away when I turn down the digital volume in the Volume Control, but then everything else is muted as well! Do I need new speakers?"

Edwin: It's probably something wrong with the speakers. I can't think of anything else that could cause it.

RyanMan.EXE: Hmmm. That sucks. Now poor Tom will have to shell out a wad of cash for new ones if he's ever to play his RAUMEZ (in-joke alert) without static buzz.

Edwin: Steve's got it even higher... It's either that, or he uses earphones

RyanMan.EXE: Earphones, eh?

Edwin: Yeah, they'll work instead

RyanMan.EXE: I see... *runs off to look for earphones with a long cable*
*comes back empty-handed and frustrated* OK, so now that we've "solved" that problem, you know of anything else we should be doing?

Edwin: Not really... There were a few more topics, but I can't remember them

RyanMan.EXE: Well then, let's just do nothng in particular until one of us remembers something

Edwin: Sure. Sounds good

RyanMan.EXE: Ooh. I know something funny.

Edwin: What?

RyanMan.EXE: So some guy was surfing Rareware.com, and he's looking at the source. He comes upon this gif called "kevin spacey.gif" and goes crazy looking for it. After a long time of searching, he finally figures out that it's just a spacer. Then he wrote in all angry and such because they actually named a spacer.

Edwin: Ugh. He's rather foolish...

RyanMan.EXE: Yup. You know how lots of theme park rides are based on movies?

Edwin: Yeah. like 'Superman'

RyanMan.EXE: Well, Disney is making a movie based on it's "Haunted Mansion" ride. It seems to have Eddie Murphy in it.

Edwin: So they're trying a 'Pirates of the Caribbean'?

RyanMan.EXE: I guess so. But I think Pirates was a movie before the ride and the Black Pearl movie is a new one

Edwin: Hmm... It may have been, but I don't think so

RyanMan.EXE: Well, in any case, I'm sad becasue I never saw the Haunted Mansion when I went to DisneyWorld. I closed my eyes the whole time. And before you judge, I was only 9 at the time. Well, I closed my eyes though the whole ride, that is

Edwin: I still need to go there...

RyanMan.EXE: But that's the biggest reason I want to go again. So I can do all the stuff I was too scared to do before.

Edwin: When was the last time you went?

RyanMan.EXE: Refer to second preceding paragraph to check age

Edwin: Okay

RyanMan.EXE: Anything you'd like to add to the conversation?

Edwin: I still want to go to a theme park...

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah. Although most of them don't seem to be "themed"

Edwin: Yeah. I still can't think of any of the old topics...

RyanMan.EXE: Oh! I got one. Links

Edwin: Ah. Indeed

RyanMan.EXE: I guess for the moment I'll just refer to Penny Arcade and PVP, as right now they're at odds with each other, and it's quite hilarious

Edwin: Heh heh

RyanMan.EXE: Only, PA won't be adding a new strip until Monday, and PVP will have 3 new ones up by then

Edwin: Cascade Failure is always a good read too

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah, except for it's weekly

Edwin: Indeed

RyanMan.EXE: PVP is great becasue it's a daily thing

Edwin: Cascade Failure is a maximum of a week between, sometimes he'll do one mid week

RyanMan.EXE: So would tri-weekly mean three times a week or every three weeks?

Edwin: 3 times a week. I think... oh wait. No, other way 'round

RyanMan.EXE: Sure? So that would make Bi-monthly every 2 omnths?

Edwin: Crap... I think so

RyanMan.EXE: Hmmm. Well, I'll figure that mystery out later

Edwin: All I know is 1/4 of a year = quarterly

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah, and some of the other more obvious ones. Less editing, we're at 6.2 pages right now.

Edwin: Well, FrontPage will take care of the spelling, caps, and colouring. So you'll have little to nothing to do

RyanMan.EXE: I'll have to do the sentence structure

Edwin: Ah. Well, all my sentences have been to my liking

RyanMan.EXE: Yes, but little things must be snipped here and there, you know

Edwin: Alright...

RyanMan.EXE: Something's coming back to me... What is it?

Edwin: Supper?

RyanMan.EXE: Ha ha. No. Ooh! The spam! Wait... That could be supper. Buit it wasn't.

Edwin: Okay. I'll take a peek at the ol' inbox

RyanMan.EXE: I'll check my ol' inboxes

Edwin: By the way, what is that hideous thing you have set as your display picture?

RyanMan.EXE: It's a monster from Doom 3

Edwin: Okay

RyanMan.EXE: Gottagetitgottagetitgottagetit. Needless to say, I'm excited.

Edwin: Ah, I've found a good one "Become the person you were years ago" Seeing as i'm 17 now, years ago could end up with me being 7 or 8.

RyanMan.EXE: Hey! I got an E-Mail from Amanda. It's been a while.

Edwin: Bah. I never get actual E-mail. Poor un-liked me...

RyanMan.EXE: It was just a forward... But I'll never drink and drive again.

Edwin: "Judy, make contact with that special girl" "Increase testosterone leves 254%" Yeesh. I think I've got plenty...

RyanMan.EXE: All I've got in the first account is porn and "free gift" crap, let's check the second... Second account has another guy asking for the Wario Ware ROM and... jackpot!

Edwin: Oh. We forgot Word of the Day

RyanMan.EXE: We'll get to that later

Edwin: Okay

RyanMan.EXE: Ever got one of those E-Mails where it's from some foreign ex-leader who wants you to go to their country and get the money from their account and get it out of the country?

Edwin: No. Wait... maybe

RyanMan.EXE: Oh, they're great. I'll post a link in the final draft. Well, that's the gist of it, and if you "complete the mission" you get half of the cash. Penny Arcade made fun of these things once.

Edwin: That can't be safe

RyanMan.EXE: But they're quite funny to read and imagine suckers believing them

Edwin: Poor fools...

RyanMan.EXE: Yup. So, Word of the Day, you say?

Edwin: pejorative \pih-JOR-uh-tiv\,
1. Tending to make or become worse.
2. Tending to disparage or belittle.

RyanMan.EXE: "I'm pejorative when it comes to trying to solve a problem by talking to someone"

Edwin: I think it might be "I'm pejorative towards fools, they've gotta know they're fools"

RyanMan.EXE: Oh. Well I do tend to make most situations worse when I'm needed to make people feel better

Edwin: Luckily for me, 'tis the opposite

RyanMan.EXE: Coulda fooled me

Edwin: Oh, I know I could have but I didn't feel the need

RyanMan.EXE: Somehow I feel the tables have been turned

Edwin: It's one of the few time this will happen. So BOOYA!

RyanMan.EXE: This always happens

Edwin: Not by my graces

RyanMan.EXE: Must be me then

Edwin: Must be. Ah, you know if you always need an ego boost, we can play Minesweeper flags (MSN Messenger 6.0 game)

RyanMan.EXE: Heh heh. That last round was awesome

Edwin: I'd rather not talk about it...

RyanMan.EXE: He he. He was so far ahead, and then I made this kickass comeback and won by a single freaking mine! It was the happiest moment of the day. Perhaps even the week.

Edwin: Well, I suppose I am good at making people feel good. So that makes me happy

RyanMan.EXE: It was luck. I hit those last few mines without any hints

Edwin: Bah.

RyanMan.EXE: It just makes up for that time you smoked me in Smash Bros

Edwin: I don't remember that one...

RyanMan.EXE: You were Capt. Falcon, I was Dr. Mario (or maybe vice versa) and I was going for the kill, but you smashed me off into the sky

Edwin: Vise versa. I'm always the good doctor.

RyanMan.EXE: I thought that might be

Edwin: Well, by averages, you are better at that game than I am

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah. And about on par with Steve. Probably mostly because we have the game and you don't

Edwin: Nah, that's just crazy talk

RyanMan.EXE: Whatever you say

Edwin: Alright then. The sky is really green!

RyanMan.EXE: It could be, if it had been green kool-aid that was spilled (see my forums for in-joke reference)

Edwin: I need to post again. There's pleanty of stuff I could respond to now

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah... Steve made a lot of nonsense topics. I guess someone had to do it

Edwin: Yup. And I should blog more...

RyanMan.EXE: And i should update my news archive

Edwin: News archive?

RyanMan.EXE: On my site. September's over. Time to archive it

Edwin: Oh yeah.

RyanMan.EXE: Yeah. I was working on that new article today. It's almost done. So I'll have 2 new things to add tonight

Edwin: What's it on?

RyanMan.EXE: You'll see... Oh you'll see

Edwin: When will you be updating?

RyanMan.EXE: I'd say between 9:00 and 12:00

Edwin: Okay. Shall we wrap up?

RyanMan.EXE: I'm sure there was one more thing... Ah right... the Special Topic, but there was none for today's "show"

Edwin: Hmm. That's true...

RyanMan.EXE: So I guess it's time to say goodbye

Edwin: Indeed.

RyanMan.EXE: I'll leave with a piece of advice, square cups are a bad idea

Edwin: Don't eat erasers. It's just not a safe idea

RyanMan.EXE: Or snort them, as Sean proved the other day

Edwin: Bye everybody!

RyanMan.EXE: Adios!

So once again, not a lot happened, but it was certainly a lot more fun to do than it was when we were doing scheduled sessions. There really isn't a whole lot to conclude today, everything wrapped up nicely for a change. That sucks. I like writing the conclusion. But if it's not necessary, it's not necessary. So in that case, I'm outta here! Bye!


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