All About Ryan

Written by Steve
Editing by Ryan

Ryan thinks you are fools, you cannot hurt Ryan for this, Ryan is just telling you what he is thinking. Please do not send Bess after Ryan, Bess is a scary dog and Ryan is not liking Bess too much, Ryan thinks Bess is foolish too. Ryan will now explain how he thinks nuclear power works. Ryan likes some dogs, but not Bess, Bess blocks Ryan even when he is doing nothing wrong, Bess is mean. When people ask Ryan what he thinks of the color red, Ryan enjoys explaining that red is a good colour, but also a bad colour, red is okay but not great. If someone said to Ryan, "I built you a nice red house?, I would say thank you, but I would rather have a blue house. If the person did not re-paint the house, Ryan would be a bit disappointed, but repaint the house, he would be careful not to pick red as a color because Ryan is not really liking red as a color, at least not for a house that he would have to see everyday. If the person got angry at Ryan, Ryan would wait until they where sleeping and then if they had a house that was not red, Ryan would steal it, or at least the paint on it, and replace it with his house. Nuclear is made from two words, nuke and clear, what I think happens is, well, what do you call nuking something, you call it microwaving it, and have you ever noticed how microwaves have tinted windows, well if some thing was nuke-clear, it would be like a microwave with a door with no tinting, the microwaves could escape if they wanted to. Why do you insist on keeping the microwaves in jail, what did they do to you? If I put you in jail for no reason, and kept you there and you didn't even have a clear window, would you be happy? No. Brown on the other hand is not a great colour, but not a bad one either, Ryan would be too lazy to repaint a brown house should he be presented with one, Ryan would think that brown is good enough. One day Ryan was eating an apple when suddenly it turned into an orange, it did not actually turn into an orange, but its colour changed from red to orange. Ryan was disappointed because he liked the colour red. The "orange" (not actually an orange but an orange apple) then created an interdimensional vortex witch Ryan used to travel to the past. He saw dinosaurs there and decided to fight one, Ryan won easily and the dinosaur got angry. It's even worse that you put lots of microwaves in such a little box, it's like if we put a rhinoceros in a cage that was just big enough for him, and then kept putting more rhinoceroses in. The dinosaurs tried to attack Ryan while he was drinking juice. But Ryan was way too smart. Ryan can lift an elephant. I'm glad you brought up elephants because I have some questions about them.321546 8888 546213 21654854 8545 124 58854 6541216 5485 8548749878546 51324685746985 4654211321546532 132465 4654 3623215 46546588798 6542 16548 4654652 146 5469857469 8574 6546 521354 876546 521324 136548576 546216545746846 98574654321545 7485765 4321324 6 5467498 46543 2154 65698 76 9546513 2136546 5 746546 2132 165465 4321321 32165 4 654362 132465462 13 265432 132 456 6568 54. Try and crack the code. Ryan gives Hint 8888 = Ryan. In Ryan's idea, blue is by far the best color if you hate blue, Ryan hates you. When the dinosaurs charged Ryan, I moved away and instead of hitting Ryan the dinosaur got hit by a meteor. That is how dinosaurs are no more alive. Ha ha ha Ryan has fooled you there is no code, only random numbers, you are all fools before my superior intellect. After the dinosaurs died, Ryan got bored and built Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. For a short time, Ryan was the real King of Spain. What did microwaves do to you, did they steal your food, no, they did not, then why are you punishing them by squeezing them into a box full of rhinoceroses. When the aliens asked Ryan to go to Canada Ryan did, but only in exchange for a spaceship. Grey on the other hand, is just that, it has no personality. When the sun was about to explode, Ryan used the spaceship to help stop the explosion. microwaves are not your enemy, why do you treat them so bad even murderers get their own cell to sleep in, imagine the protests if we started cramming all the criminals into one cell. It would be really cool if a cow was blue, not light blue, but a nice dark blue that almost looked natural. Ryan once ate a whole watermelon. Ryan never did finish the "Orange" (an orange apple) because although he enjoyed the taste of the orange, he could not get past its new color. Why do elephants get trunks, I mean I know they have no fingers, but it still seems kind of unfair to Ryan that they have trunks. After saving the world, there was a huge celebration, but then the few remaining dinosaurs (they where hiding under rocks) got jealous and plotted his demise. And Elephants also get tusks, man it'd be cool if I had tusks, I could fight other elephants on equal ground, because where I would have normally had no tusks, I would now have tusks. Yellow is a fool's color. Anyone who likes yellow is a fool. The evidence to this is just look at it, anyone who thinks something yellow is cool, a car by example, is a fool in Ryan's mind. Just because the microwaves don't have rights doesn't mean you shouldn't give them any, they work hard and should at least have the right to escape from the prison you made for them, what did they do to you? Remember when Ryan fooled you with that phony code, that was funny, when Ryan thinks about it he laughs at your foolishness, you probly even tried to start solving it too, didn't you. Ha, I knew it. The best color to Ryan is blue, then it's green, then grey then yellow, then red. If you think Ryan missed orange, you are wrong, orange is just a color between red and yellow, Ryan does not like either, so Ryan does not like orange. (yellow isn't as bad, but red is just awful). The dinosaurs thought for a long time about how to get Ryan back for making them extinct, and then they had a good idea, they painted his house blue. Ryan liked the color, but he did not like the fact that they did not ask permission first, so he was angry for a while. Keeping the microwaves in prison is against the Geneva Convention. Ryan demands their immediate and unconditional release.