Anime Sucks

Written by Steve
Editing and Afterword by Ryan

I realize that this article will probably be quite hated by most of the people who will read it, but I really don't care if you like it or not, it's my opinion. Getting on to my point, anime in general is one of the worst forms of media currently in existence. While I acknoledge that there is some anime that is perfectly good, such as most of "The Animatrix", most of anime however, is pretty awful. I suppose there are several reasons for my hatred against the genre of film, from the fact that they are simply inferior to regular film, to my disgust for what they create; Disgusting legions of anime fans.

When you make something and try to pass it off as something better, you are a type of criminal, a type including anime producers. Imagine for a second if the Terminator series of movies was done entirely in animation, pretty crappy eh? When I see an anime advertized on TV, it's like an instant indication the the movie sucks, their script was rejected from whatever decent studio they submitted it to, and so they have a very small budget with which to make their insult to the world of cinema. There are always exceptions to this theory, but by and large, the very fact that a movie is animated is an indicator of it's poor quality. A common point brought out by advocates of anime is that you can do things in anime that you can't do in live action movies. This is true, but if a movie's that good, it will get a large budget, and the only limit to what you can do in a live action movie is what the actors are willing to do. The fact is, the average anime is saturated with things that no self respecting actor, or more commonly actress, would do. Now actors are not usually the most conservative of people, so if they couldn't find an actor who will do what they want them to do, I probably wouldn't want to see it done. As for some of the fight scenes in anime that "can't be done in live action", I think the matrix, as well as a volley of other films prove this theory wrong, as the scene ends up looking much better in live action.

The second, more prominent reason that anime sucks lies in what it does to people. Ever see an anime convention? It is a pretty disturbing scene to say the least. To summarize one of these horrible occurances, a bunch of people, most of them unattractive, dress up like their favourite anime character and while away their day pretending to be something they're not. What these people do is stupid to say the least, to be so obsessed with any form of media is a severe weakness in any person. I used to think Star Trek fans were the worst, but at least they weren't so obsessed that they forgot how unatractive they were, at least they don't try and dress like some Japanese schoolgirl when they weigh in at like 300 pounds.

To conclude, perhaps anime isn't so bad... Well, that's what I'd be saying if it wasn't for the two points listed above. For the most part, it is not only inferior in quality, but also in moral standards to live action film and is thus one of the worst forms of media ever concieved.

Strangely, the focus of this article was less about anime than animation in general. This irks me slightly, as I have a possible future in the biz. And I do have to stand up for it a bit though, as there is a certain style that cannot be achieved within the boundaries of our world (see Viewtiful Joe for a prime example). And for the record, all those fancy effects these days are achieved through digital animation. Look at Sky Captain. Save the actors, it's all animated. While I'm not a true fan of anime (I really only like Rockman.EXE), I do have to stand up for animation. And for the record, Star Trek fans are the worst. You don't see people getting surgery to look like catgirls, but we do have Vulcan-wannabes roaming among us.