People Who Piss Me Off

Written by Steve
Editing by Ryan

I'm not a person that gets angry very much, at least not visibly, but I do a pretty good job of keeping grudges against people. I could probably sit here all day and rattle off names of people against whom I harbour this disdain, but in the effort of saving time, I'll just describe the types of people I hate. To make a short list, which I will expand on later, the following types of people are people that either in real life or in concept, I can't stand; People who discriminate against others who are different for no real reason, fat people, animal rights activists, "friends of the Earth", posers, and capitalists. This list probably encompases the majority of people in North America in at least one category, for this reason, I am almost constantly annoyed with my surroundings.

First on this list is really a type of person that I really don't have much contact with, but have been trained to hate. Racists, Fachists, and other hate groups are included in this category. So basically, this is a pretty standard hate for someone in my culture and anyone who reads this will probably understand me pretty much instantly, but just in case some piece of shit KKK member was able to stop yelling garbage for long enough to start reading this, I'll explain it anyway. To put it simply, anyone who thinks less of another person for something that the "hatee" cannot control is in this category.

The next category will probably piss a lot of people off at me, but I really couldn't care less. Just face it, if you're fat, it's probably your own fault, you lazy bastard. Actually, I'm going to expand on this category to include anyone who is stupid enough to damage their body to such an extent. I'm not talking about not being able to resist the occasional choclate bar, although I do respect people less for this. The people I really hate are people who do stuff like smoke, do drugs (the heavy stuff anyway), are anorexic or bulimic, or however else you can screw your body up. I don't care if it's addictive or not, it's a stupid thing to do and anyone doing it makes you stupid by association. Every animal on earth is programmed mentally to survive. In the wild, creatures that deviate from this train of thought in any big way die. Supposedly, people are smarter than animals, so, why are people still doing themselves damage? I'm not going to try to answer this question here, perhaps in another article. In any case, fat, addicted, or any other type of person that endangers their health with their habits has earned my contempt and deserves their imminent, premature death.

Animal rights activists, what a joke. I mean, I'm all for not killing animals needlessly, but shouldn't we worry about our own species first? There are plenty of countries where people die in gunfights and of starvation, shouldn't something be done about that first? Let's take a comparison; a whale, being shot with a harpoon gun will go through a fair amount of pain, but how long does this pain really last? A person dying of starvation has a more developed mind, and chances are, will go through a lot more pain over a lot longer time. On the other hand, why not kill the whale? We are the superior species, so as long as their death serves some purpose for us, why isn't it alright? Would the wales hesitate to kill us for something they don't really need if the conditions where reversed, like, say the bones in our ears? Of course not, they'd kill all they could, and then if they're smart, capture a few people for breeding to ensure futher profit. why should our decisions be any different? Animal rights people need to realize that animals simply aren't worth their trouble. Until then, they remain on this list.

I can't even keep a straight face when I'm talking to some fool who's worried about the Earth. The stupidest thing is when they try to make it seem as though the Earth is alive and we're killing it. Why is this such a bad thing? It's not like we're stuck here, after all, think how far we've come in space exploration in the last hundred years. If exploiting the Earth gets us off of it faster, then by all means, exploit away. There are plenty of very smart people who say that the Earth's capability of supporting us is not yet in danger, so as long as we're off by whatever time it is, we'll be fine. I figure it'll be max 200 years before humans can colonize other planets, and pollution restrictions continue to get more efficient, so the last century's pollution probably won't be doubled for several hundred years. So while we may condemn the Earth, we'll probably still get off in time, and there are people being payed to make sure we don't screw ourselves over, so "friends of nature" are completely unnessecary and foolish to be doing as they are.

On to the next category, posers. This one includes more people than you may think. Anyone pretending to be anything they're not has my contempt. Anyone. Kids who think they're cool (like child actors)? Of course. Transexuals? yep. I could keep going, but unless you're some kind of moron, you probably get the picture.

A lot of people say they hate capitalists, because they're thinking of their bosses when they say it. What they fail to realize is that they are someone's boss as well, usually not because they're better than their subordinate either. I don't mind admitting that I think communism would be a much better system, if only everyone wasn't so damn stupid. I'm not going to write much more on this topic, as it goes quite deep, sufficient to say, capitalists are lazy, greedy bastards and for that reason, I hate the mentality in general.

So there you have it, a semi-complete list of people I hate. Of course, I hate some more than others, so I really can't quantify my hatred for someone at this point. I'm tempted to say that, for most of these categories, there are exceptions, but I'm not going to do that. If you've got a problem with that, I'd be glad to discuss it with you and point out how much of an idiot you are.