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Chat Radio numero 2! It keeps going and going and going and going and going
written : 03/20-21/03

Welcome to Chat Radio! It's like Talk Radio except there's no radio or talking involved. It's all done in MSN Messenger, with a little help from Notepad. Basically, it's just me and my friend chatting about nothing in particular. There's a few different segments to each show, including Tech Tips, Music, Software, ASCII Art Lessons, Word of the Day, and more. We might think up some more, but the longer the session, the more editing I have to do. As you may know or find out soon, editing makes one very bitter.

So this is the second one. Somewhere I said it was going to be a weekly thing, but when push comes to shove, that has nothing to do with this. While I did figure out a way to cut down on a good amount of editing, there was still a lot to do. And once again, I can't sleep. I don't blame this anymore, because I have this gut instinct that it's something deeper. In any case, I was getting tired of playing Beyblade for PSX(look for it in a future article), which, by the way, sucks complete and total arse. But that's another story. For now, I'll just let you read what we talked about tonight.

One last little thing, so as to further avoid confusion. Host #1, Ryan Man(me) will be represented by this colour. Host #2, Edwin the Great will be using this colour. Good thing I found an easy way to do that! Or else I'd be hanging myself instead of writing this.

Edwin The Great : Hello again!

Ryan Man: Howdy! (For lack of better greeting)

Edwin The Great : Today will be an ad-lib sort of show. we don't have anything planned

Ryan Man: I do

Edwin The Great : Really? Well done

Ryan Man: Let's start with the Word of the Day, seeing as my E-mail is open at the time

Edwin The Great : sounds like a good place to start

Ryan Man: Today's word is... Virago. Not to be confused with Viagra

Edwin The Great : Nothing should be convused with Viagra. Stupid Tums...

Ryan Man: virago \vuh-RAH-go; vuh-RAY-go\, noun: 1. A woman of extraordinary stature, strength, and courage. 2. A woman regarded as loud, scolding, ill-tempered, quarrelsome, or overbearing.

Edwin The Great : What opposite definitions...

Ryan Man: Indeed. Well, now that that's out of the way, what do you say I do the weather repot?

Edwin The Great : Please do

Ryan Man: OK! Today was pretty snowy, but cleared up at regular intervals of every half hour. I can't tell you what it's going to be like out tomorrow, because my dad is watching CMT

Edwin The Great : I'll check for us.

Ryan Man: But if it's anything like today, it'll be good no-jacket weather. Now to Edwin the Great with the traffic report

Edwin The Great : Hmm... +2 degress outside. Oh! Hey! Well, to be honest, net traffic is quite hard to check... So all I can say with certanty, the school's website will have no visitors tonight or ever for that matter

Ryan Man: Ha ha ha. You are quite the joker. I guess since I'm listening to music, we'll do music now

Edwin The Great : Seems appropriate

Ryan Man: Since about 5:00, I've been listening to the soundtrack from the Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker on Planet GameCube Radio

Edwin The Great : I've been listening to a combination of A Newfound Glory and MxPx all day, everyday, for a solid week

Ryan Man: Not By Choice is better

Edwin The Great : Wait... Come to think of it... I don't listen to it at school... Ah well... Back to PGCR

Ryan Man: Yes. I hope it stays on until the game is released

Edwin The Great : what's the address?

Ryan Man: Here. Try that (the link won't give you the Zelda soundtrack anymore, turns out it was only for that day)

Edwin The Great : Not bad

Ryan Man: According to RealPlayer, I've been listening for 2 and a half hours since I took a break

Edwin The Great : That's one devoted listener...

Ryan Man: Well it's good stuff. I think right now it's playing the ending music. I've always liked game music

Edwin The Great : Not bad. Now onto... something...

Ryan Man: Yes. How about Classic Gaming?

Edwin The Great : Certainly. I know nothing about most of it due to being deprived my first 10 years on this planet

Ryan Man: Ah. Then I shall ramble on about the ups and downs of... *looks for suitable game*

Edwin The Great : don't look at me

Ryan Man: MegaMan 4, due to it is the best of the NES Mega Man games because it's got Skull Man in it

Edwin The Great : Can you tell us a little about Skull Man?

Ryan Man: Well, he's by far the coolest Robot Master ever

Edwin The Great : I see... Does he have flame cannons?

Ryan Man: No

Edwin The Great : Does he have a jet pack?

Ryan Man: He's Skull Man, not Fire Man or Tengu Man. But I don' think Tengu Man had a jetpack...

Edwin The Great : What sort of robot master is this? He doesn't shoot fire, or fly!

Ryan Man: He's got a Skull Barrier

Edwin The Great : I suppose that's not bad...

Ryan Man: He shoots the same thing MegaMan shoots, so that's gotta count for something and he's got a red button on his ribcage

Edwin The Great : Blue plasma?

Ryan Man: Yellow

Edwin The Great : Good enough. He's cool

Ryan Man: It also helps that he's got the best .EXE reincarnation

Edwin The Great : .EXE?

Ryan Man: Yes, from MegaMan Battle Network(GBA), or if you prefer, (the Japanese version) Rockman.EXE(GBA or anime)

Edwin The Great : The computer reference is duely noted, it's got a few more points in my book.

Ryan Man: Play MMBN, you'll be overwhelmed by computer references

Edwin The Great : Perhaps I shall, perhaps I shall...

Ryan Man: Mostly because half of the game takes place in the internet

Edwin The Great : Yhat does make sense...

Ryan Man: And MegaMan is no longer a blue robot, but a program shaped like a blue robot!

Edwin The Great : Now that's just plain odd... A program doesn't have a shape!

Ryan Man: They do in the future!

Edwin The Great : Or... Maybe it does in the future... It's scary when we think the same thing...

Ryan Man: And in Reboot

Edwin The Great : Hey! That's true! I could go for some season 3 right about now...

Ryan Man: But I never liked Reboot, so back to MM4

Edwin The Great : Alright...

Ryan Man: While the star was obviously Skull Man, we also saw some of the other great Robot Masters, such as Pharaoh Man. He always killed me good

Edwin The Great : Since I have no idea what your talking about... I'll just agree...

Ryan Man: MM4 also marked the appearance of the chargeable Mega Buster. I think Mega had evolved the "slide" ability in MM3 though

Edwin The Great : I'm off to get food again

Ryan Man: OK. That means it's time for Tech Tips! Unfortunately, I don't have any questions for today, so I'll just wait here and sing a song!

Edwin The Great : I'm back, but I still want to hear the song

Ryan Man: *Swing your arms, a-from side to side, come on it's time to go, do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. let's do the Mario, all together now!*

Edwin The Great : I knew you'd do that... Mmmmmm... cheese...

Ryan Man: OK, I'm done

Edwin The Great : Alright

Ryan Man: Do you have the questions today?

Edwin The Great : Nope

Ryan Man: OK. Then no tech tips today, since nobody has any problems

Edwin The Great : Not me anyways.

Ryan Man says: Well, that means it's time for the software review

Edwin The Great : Alrighty! I'll take this one. Today, i recommend the Opera web browser. Don't let the name fool you, it's truly amazing

Ryan Man: DAMN YOU SKULL MAN! AND YOUR SKULL BARRIER! *gets killed again* Yes. Opera [the browser] is very good

Edwin The Great : With its clever layout, and loads of quick shortcuts, it makes surfing the web much better and easier

Ryan Man: I'll be back in a flash!

Edwin The Great : It also sports an effective pop up blocker

Ryan Man: And I'm back

Edwin The Great : Unfortunatly, the free version does have an ad, but it's worth it.

Ryan Man: Oh well

Edwin The Great : get Opera7 from Opera.com. That's about all I have to say about it. The rest is left for the user to marvel at

Ryan Man: Indeed. And Marvel you shall. It's so much better than DC. I mean, yes, Batman and Superman are cool, but they've got nothin' on the X-Men and Spidey

Edwin The Great : Speaking of that, I have a Spiderman poster in my basement. You should see my basement, it's awsome! It just needs some good audio/video equimpent

Ryan Man: You (readers) should see my future bobblehead Link

Edwin The Great : Yes. It is quite the chunck of plastic with a spring...

Ryan Man: Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I finally beat you Skull Man! And now I get the Skull Barrier! I think that deserves a "w00t"! Look at the little skulls fly in a circle.... :)

Edwin The Great : I won't bother asking you to stop, it is rather hilarious, cutting in unexpectdly with Megaman playing updates

Ryan Man: You know, this is awfully similar to the Wood Shield

Edwin The Great : Where's our link to bobble Link?

Ryan Man: I guess sice you asked, we'll go to the "Links" segment now. Get it? Links?

Edwin The Great : Har, har. I suppose it would be appropriate

Ryan Man: Here Is bobble Link, and some other Wind Waker art/goods. And if you want to see him [Link] in Soul Calibur 2, click here. I would buy the game just because Link's in it. Make sure you have Win Media Player!

Edwin The Great : Poor Mac users... Now that's the Link my hosehold knows and loves. "soul caleebah tew". Good old Japanese English(or Engrish, if you will)

Ryan Man: Nooooo! My energy has run out! No more swirly skulls for me... NOT THE RUSH COIL! ACK! *dies*

Edwin The Great : *death music*

Ryan Man: Score! Extra life! Now it's one for one, you stupid game.

Edwin The Great : So, are we on to useless babble yet?

Ryan Man: What do you think?

Edwin The Great : Seems a good time to spew into that section...

Ryan Man: NO! I forgot Site of the Day

Edwin The Great : Oh yeah. Uhhhh... IGN.com? For all your free game vids?

Ryan Man: They don't want you to have them for free... Ryan's Site of the Day 03/20/03 award goes to... OverClocked Remix 3! Nothing beats remixed video game music!

Edwin The Great : What's the site?

Ryan Man: OCRemix3

Edwin The Great : Hmm... Not bad. Lots of games...

Ryan Man: Yeah. I specifically recommend "Little Mac's Confession" from Punch-Out by Game Over

Edwin The Great : [It's] pretty good

Ryan Man: Now, which boss does the Skull Barrier work on?... Is it Toad Man? Or maybe Dive Man? Whos' to say? Capcom. That's who. Well, since Toad Man's a wuss, he's next on the chopping block

Edwin The Great : This song isn't bad either...

Ryan Man: Since PGCR seems to be offline now, I gues I'll find some other music. Oh, and "Brainsick Metal"(or something to that effect) from MegaMan X is really good too

Edwin The Great : "* Please feel free to use this code on your own website free of charge. You can also distribute and modify this source code as long as this copyright notice remains intact and that you send me notice that you intend to use this code on your website."

Edwin The Great : I really like the OC Remix site now

Ryan Man: OK. I'll let ToadMan live for now, but on Saturday, him and his buddies are going down! *SaveState saved*

Edwin The Great : Erm... OverClocked Remix... Oh wait, they are OC Remix!

Ryan Man: Yeah

Edwin The Great : Hehe...

Ryan Man: Too bad I can't use my "2 out of 3 clocks agree" joke again, that was gold

Edwin The Great : Time to wrap things up?

Ryan Man: In about 15 minutes

Edwin The Great : Okay, sounds good

Ryan Man: Today I will go to bed at a decent time

Edwin The Great : You'd better

Ryan Man: As long as I don't realize I have homework

Edwin The Great : It's best not to try and remember then. Or you'll die of sleep deprivation or something related to it...

Ryan Man: Oh well. Everyone's gotta go sometime

Edwin The Great : That's true

Ryan Man: But I had 2 naps today, so I won't die yet!

Edwin The Great : 2???

Ryan Man: I've missed 3 meals in a row, and if you don't count the Frosted Flakes, 5

Edwin The Great : But you have eaten right?

Ryan Man: Yes. I missed dinner and lunch yesterday, and (b)reakfast this morning

Edwin The Great : Hehe! Reakfest! (I know, but I added the 'e' 'cause it's funnier)

Ryan Man: Actually, it's "reek"

Edwin The Great : Damn it!

Ryan Man: So 6 days...

Edwin The Great : 'Till? ...never mind...

Ryan Man: Zelda. Good thing I'm not gong to France

Edwin The Great : I knew that was coming...

Ryan Man: They leave Tuesday, Zelda comes out Wed. Saved by the poorness

Edwin The Great : Yeah...

Ryan Man: Although I'm sure that overall, going to Europe would be a much better experience than Zelda, I have my priorities

Edwin The Great : Meh, Europe's not so great. You see old stuff, and famous stuff... Sure it's an adventure of a lifetime and all. If you never travel again in your life. We've got famous stuff right here in Canada damn it! Why does no one here care!

Ryan Man: I still have fond memories of Giant's Ridge. That was fun

Edwin The Great : Yeah

Ryan Man: For some reason I really love hotels

Edwin The Great : I like to get free stuff, so hotels are great

Ryan Man: Hmmm... Love hotels....?

Edwin The Great : Free toothbrush x3, free toothpaste, apple sauce

Ryan Man: Free soap

Edwin The Great : Cream of cauliflower soup...

Ryan Man: And continental breakfast, with all the stale donuts you can eat! And soap

Edwin The Great : Yup. Free soap too.

Ryan Man: As in Mr.Bubble

Edwin The Great : Free TV, free lamp, free light bulbs. Just pay in cash, and leave during the night

Ryan Man: But Mr. Bubble is dead now, and only lives on in comic book ads, trying to sell Mr. Bubble t-shirts. Speaking of cool t-shirts, you (readers) should check out the i-Mockery Squigly fish store

Edwin The Great : Squigly fish? That rings a bell somehow...

Ryan Man: From SMB2. Actually, his name was really Trouter, but Squigly fish is funnier.

Edwin The Great : Oh yeah. Anyways

Ryan Man: Squigly store, Squigly Fish Racer.

Edwin The Great : I think my dad wants to use the computer, so I'm going to end tonight's show

Ryan Man: OK

Edwin The Great : Well, it's that time of the show, where we say something meaningful

Ryan Man: Ummm... Let's ask Amanda, she has lots of good stuff to say at the end of her show

Edwin The Great : Good idea.

Ryan Man says: Wow. I could have sworn a mock/insult was in store for making that reference

Edwin The Great : Wait... who's show?

Ryan Man: Oh. Here we go. Amanda's show

Edwin The Great : T?

Ryan Man: What about T?

Edwin The Great : Which Amanda?

Ryan Man: The one on TV

Edwin The Great : Oh. Good plan

Ryan Man: Always

Edwin The Great : I need a fax machine... Then I'll know this stuff. Anything good to go out on?

Ryan Man: I'm thinking

Edwin The Great : I've got one!

Ryan Man: Shoot

Edwin The Great : Alphabet pasta is the food of kings

Ryan Man: No. Spaghettios is. But it works. Goodnight everybody!

Edwin The Great : Seeya!

Ok. Another day, another lack of dollar. Well, lack of sleep too. I really need some sedatives or something of the sort. But from now on, I hope to keep it down to once a week, so as to lighten the work load. It's a good thing that it's Friday and I have Monday off. Today is gonna be so slack it's not even funny. Math is always a joke, in Bio, we're watching a stupid cartoon, and in History we've got a sub. That means I don't have to pay attention, which in turn means that the lack of sleep won't affect my day at all! I still wish I wasn't so nocturnally aligned. At least the PGC Radio is back to keep me company...

Update - If you want to read the original, unedited transcript, click here.


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