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Game Review
Shadow of the Colossus

CD Review
Letter Kills - The Bridge

CD Review
HIM - Dark Light

TV Reviews
'05-'06 newbies

Film Review
FF7: Advent Children

Game Review

CD Review
Span - Vs. Time

Game Review

Game Review
Yoshi Touch & Go

Easter 2004

Film Review
Dawn of the Dead

Film Review
Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Game Review
True Crime: Streets of LA

Game Review
Piglet's Big Game

Film Review
28 Days Later

The Incredible Articles!


Monster Hunter
Dynamic Hunting

Parallel Lines:
Guitar Hero/MegaMan Battle Network

Super Mario Galaxy 2
I love them sequels

An article about it

Silent Hill
Shattered Memories

23 Days of Materialism
- The Xmas '09 Special

Bargain Shop Fiesta!
$15 worth of candy!

Guitar Hero
Smash Hits

Cleaning the Closet
An old junk roundup

Virtual Console Wishlist 2008
The Super NES Edition

Banjo-Kazoie: Nuts & Bolts
A shot at new games journalism

Mass Review 3:
Fargo '08 "Shopping Spree"

Double CD Review:
20th Anniversary Rockman 1-6

X-mas 2007
Gift Roundup

Remebering the Cottage
Part One

2007 Top Seven:
Virtual Console Wishlist

Game review on the half-ass

The Ten Greatest Games of 2006
Shockers ahoy!

Super Princess Peach review
WARNING: Contains distasteful jokes!

Steambot Chronicles
The good and the bad

Another Surprise bag article draws near!
At least that's what I want you to think

An internet enigma appears...
The Super Smash TV review!!

TE makes pancakes!
ShadowMan helps!

The worst game review yet...
6 widdle PC games!

TE's Hat Collection
Headwear for all occasions

Juiced Up Power Pigs
A short candy review

Mate1.com Hates Everyone
Luckily, it's mutual

TE's Top Ten
Fun Video Game Moments

Ryan Against The World 1:
The Death Of Aeris

Rocky Snow Ice Pops
Whole lotta colours goin' on

Mass Review 2
The Free Optical Super Wonder Dealie

TE's mortal enemy:
The Boyfriend

Mass Review 1
Bust A Haunting Walk Gear

Adventures in Cooking:
The Great Ramen Fiasco

Another top ten list
Things I'd hate to be reincarnated as

Rant #3
I Hate Socks

The iPod nano
Money well misspent

A new surprise bag
Straight from 1985

Ryan's Ultimate Challenge
...Or is it?

The Ten Greatest Games of 2005
Just as boring as last year's!

The 2005 Christmas Special
This one makes it a trilogy

Rant #2
Big Trouble in Little Kitchen

Holiday Edition Viva Puffs
Click here if you like cookies

Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble
Are you ready to Henshin?

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Rage has never made me so happy

The Super Article...
Surprise bags of DOOM!

Eight Nintendo DS demos
Advance at full power!

The Corn Pops article
or so you'll call it in the future

Chicken wings: Food of the Gods
Brian Boitano surrenders

Kirby Canvas Curse
Into a world of paintings...

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith DS
Give in to the dual screen

Dick Turtle returns
He wants your soul

WarioWare: Touched!
Dual-screened wackiness

Another candy review? Sweet.
Pun totally intended.

StarFox: Assault
No longer just a fox in space

The 2004 Christmas Special
Oh crap! Not another one!

The Ten Greatest Games of 2004
Super-long review bonanza!

TMNT2: Battle Nexus
Metal Gear Turtles!

5 Namco arcade hits in one!
And a little more, too...

A second surprise bag
Starring a turtle named Dick

My Disney World Adventure
The sixth day. If you are me, who am I?

My Disney World Adventure
Day five is here! Huzzah!

My Disney World Adventure
Woah, it's day four

My Disney World Adventure
The third day of stuff

Is it a duck or what?

My Disney World Adventure
The second day

The World's Biggest McDonald's
With clickable pictures!

My Disney World Adventure
Part one of seven six

Wario Ware GCN
So many games...

Ninja berserker rage!!

Metroid: Zero Mission
Another GBA review

Super Adventure Adventure
Short comic review

The cup
Well, it is a cup

Tyler's Guest Article
PC adventures exposed!

Back-to-Back ROM Review
Waldo Bubble?

The Squirrel Adventure
Based on a bad game

Super Back to the Future 2
Ain't too super at all

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Written by Edwin

The Hamburger Game
Pass the fries

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
The review.

The Top Twelve Reasons
To be a MegaMan fan

The Christmas Special
Ho ho and more ho!

Chatting with OliverBot
I need a life...

The Birthday Bash
Lookit all that crap!

Animal Crossing
Imma goin' huntin'!

GCN Demo Disc
Our first taste of Joe

3-Foot 6-Pak
The first in a series of 2

Advance Wars 2
Black Hole Rising

My rantings
- Needed to blow off some steam

Choco Donuts
- Bad, bad, cereal

MegaMan 4
- It's about damn time!

The Hulk video game
- You wouldn't like him when he's mad

Nintendo Surprise!
- Collectible candy!

Wario Ware Inc.
- Madness, I tell you!

Hylian Idol
-Toys with no talent!

Easter Egg-stravaganza!
- My 10th article!

The Legend of Zelda cartoon - The Missing Link

Bots Master - Robots in 3-D!

My Very First Article!


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